Penguin Lodge Chat

If you want to discuss Club Penguin, join the chat on the left.
Otherwise, visit our new chat website: Lodge.


Club Penguin & Tracker Chat

  • This channel is for Club Penguin players.
  • Discuss the latest events in Club Penguin with others.
  • Chat safely with other penguins about anything!
  • Arrange meetups in Club Penguin with your friends.
  • Get notified when mascots log on Club Penguin.

We have moved the general chat to a new website called Lodge

Here are the rules that must be followed on the Penguin Lodge Chat. Please follow the rules for whichever channel you are in. If you break the rules, you will be removed from the chat, and repeated offenders will be banned.

#clubpenguin Rules

  1. Do not use inappropriate language.
  2. Do not be mean to or harass others.
  3. Do not discuss or post adult material.
  4. Do not spam, flood, or advertise.
  5. Do not bring bots into the channel.
  6. Do not ask to be an operator.
  7. Do not “backseat moderate”. Report and ignore.
  8. Do not use languages other than English.
  9. Do not use colors that are difficult to read.
  10. Do not impersonate others, including CP staff and mascots.
  11. Do not ask for or post anyone’s personal information or pictures.

You can view stats for #clubpenguin on the Lodge Chat Stats Page

Here you can modify some account settings including your nickname, channels, and memos.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) relating to the Penguin Lodge Chat.

How do I register my nickname?

Click the button at the bottom left of the chat and then click ‘Register Nickname’ and fill out the information.

It says my name is already in use. What do I do?

Type: /ns RECOVER nickname password

How can I be an operator in #clubpenguin?

Operators are chosen only when it’s deemed necessary. If you use good grammar, spelling, help out in the chat, and report rule breakers, then you could be a likely candidate for becoming an operator, however nothing is guaranteed. Asking to be an operator will ruin your chances of becoming one.

What makes something an advertisement?

Advertisements are used to promote something. Just because someone links to a website does not mean it is an advertisement. Users are allowed to link to content that is relevant or interesting, however if they are doing it with the intention of promoting something then it is an advertisement.

Can I own multiple nicknames?

Yes, you can group nicknames under the same account. Make sure you have a registered nickname first, then change your name to the nickname you want to add, then use this command (replace nickname and password with your main account’s information):

/ns GROUP nickname password

How do I register a channel?

First join the channel you want, then click the button at the bottom left of the chat and click ‘Register Channel’. Your nickname must first be registered (see above). Once registered, you will be the owner of the channel.

How do I message someone who is offline?

Registered users can send memos between each other. To send a memo, use the following command:

/ms SEND nickname message

If you have a memo you will be notified when you login. You can read and delete your memos with the following commands:



How do I redirect a channel?

First assign a bot to the old channel: /bs ASSIGN #oldchannel Computer

Then run this command: /cs MODE #oldchannel LOCK ADD +PlL 1 #newchannel

How do I add more owners/operators to my channel?

There are multiple ways to add additional owners. You can use either of the following commands.

/cs QOP #channel ADD nickname

/cs ACCESS #channel ADD nickname 9999

You can also add users of other access levels:

/cs abbreviation #channel ADD nickname

Chat Operator Info Voice Half Op Operator System Operator Owner
Abbreviation: VOP HOP AOP SOP QOP
Access Level: 3 4 5 10 9999
Symbol: + % @ & ~

How do I see what bots are available for my channel?

Type: /bs BOTLIST

How do I add a bot to my channel?

Type: /bs ASSIGN #channel botname

How do I enable a bot greeting?

Set your greet: /ns SET GREET greeting

Enable bot greet: /bs SET #channel GREET ON

How do I make my bot kick/ban for various settings?

Flooding: /bs KICK FLOOD #channel ON 3

Repeating: /bs KICK REPEAT #channel ON 3

Caps Lock: /bs KICK CAPS #channel ON 5

Bad Words: /bs KICK BADWORDS #channel ON 3

The number at the end of the command indicates how many times the bot will kick before banning.

Bad words can be added with this command (choose one between SINGLE,START,END):


How can I censor bad words from a channel?

Type: /cs MODE #channel LOCK ADD +G

If you want your bot to kick users who used censored words:

Type: /bs KICK BADWORDS #channel ON 3 Type: /bs BADWORDS #channel ADD *!@#$%*

Is there an app for the Penguin Lodge Chat?

Yes. The Penguin Lodge Chat runs on IRC, so there are many apps you can use to connect to the chat with. Search your App Store for “IRC client” and choose whichever one appeals to you the most (any one will work). Once you’ve installed the app, you’ll need to fill out some information to connect to Penguin Lodge. Here’s the information you need:


Port: 6667 (6697 for SSL)

Channel: #clubpenguin

You do not need a server password, however you can use your registered nickname with the app by filling out your account information as well.

Where can I see more commands for the chat?

We have a page that lists some of the most popular commands. You can view it by clicking the Commands tab at the top of this page.

You can also use the command /help for more commands, or get help from a specific service (example: /ns HELP)

Here’s a guide on how to use the most commonly used chat commands for the Penguin Lodge Chat. If you have any questions about a specific command, you can usually get help with the help command (example: /cs HELP REGISTER), however any support questions will also be answered in the comments.

Many settings can soon be configured in a Settings tab rather than with commands

User Commands

The following are basic commands that perform simple actions.

Change Nickname:

/nick nickname

Join Channel:

/join #channel

Change Topic:

/topic #channel topic

Invite to Channel:

/invite nickname #channel

For a list of more user commands, use the command /help.

ChanServ Commands

The following commands are used to manage channels.

Register Channel:

/cs REGISTER #channel password description

Add Voices, Operators, etc via XOP: Add Voice:

/cs VOP #channel ADD nickname

Add Halfop:

/cs HOP #channel ADD nickname

Add Operator:

/cs AOP #channel ADD nickname

Add System Operator:

/cs SOP #channel ADD nickname

Add Owner:

/cs QOP #channel ADD nickname

You can also use access levels to add people.

Add Voices, Operators, etc via Access Levels:

Add Voice:

/cs ACCESS #channel ADD nickname 3

Add Halfop:

/cs ACCESS #channel ADD nickname 4

Add Operator:

/cs ACCESS #channel ADD nickname 5

Add System Operator:

/cs ACCESS #channel ADD nickname 10

Add Owner:

/cs ACCESS #channel ADD nickname 9999

Limit Channel to Registered Users Only:

/cs SET #channel SECURE ON

For a list of more ChanServ commands, use the command /cs HELP.

Fantasy Commands

Fantasy Commands are now enabled by default when you have a BotServ bot in the channel. Please note that these commands might not work if you are using a custom color.

Seen Command:

!seen nickname

Display Topic:


Kick User:

!k nickname reason

Kick/Ban User:

!kb nickname reason

Timed Kick/Ban User:

!kb +time nickname reason

time is given as a number followed by s/m/h/d to denote seconds, minutes, hours, or days. Example of a 3 day ban:

!kb +3d nickname Spam

For more fantasy commands, type !help in a channel with a bot.

NickServ Commands

The following commands are used to manage nicknames.

Register Nickname:

/ns REGISTER password email

Login Nickname:

/ns IDENTIFY password

Disconnect Nickname:

/ns RECOVER nickname password

Set Greet:

/ns SET GREET message

Change Password:

/ns SET PASSWORD newpass

Change Email:

/ns SET EMAIL newemail

Join A Nickname Group:

/ns GROUP nickname password

Delete Nickname:

/ns DROP nickname

For a list of more NickServ commands, use the command /ns HELP

BotServ Commands

The following commands are used to manage bots on a channel.

View List of Bots:


Assign Bot to Channel:

/bs ASSIGN #channel botname

Enable Fantasy (!) Commands (now enabled by default):

/bs SET #channel FANTASY ON

Enable Bot Greeting:

/bs SET #channel GREET ON

Enable Bot Kicks:

Run these commands if you want the bot to kick users who flood, repeat, use badwords, or caps. The number at the end of the command denotes how many times the bot will kick before placing a ban on the user.

/bs KICK FLOOD #channel ON 3
/bs KICK REPEAT #channel ON 3
/bs KICK BADWORDS #channelON 3
/bs KICK CAPS #channel ON 5

Add Word to Bad Word List:


Choose either SINGLE, START, or END to denote what kind of word it is.

Make the Bot Talk:

/bs SAY #channel message

Make the Bot Act:

/bs ACT #channel action

For a list of more BotServ commands, use the command /bs HELP.

MemoServ Commands

The following commands are used to manage memos, which are basically saved messages that can be sent to users when they are offline or unavailable.

Send Memo:

/ms SEND nickname message

Read Memo:

To read your last memo:


To read a specific memo:

/ms READ number

Delete Memo:

/ms DEL number

For a list of more BotServ commands, use the command /ms HELP

If you have a website and would like to include your own chat on your site, you can setup one quickly and easily using our chat code generator below. First make sure you register a channel name (instructions on that are given in the FAQs section), then select your settings for the chat and click “Generate Code”. You will be provided with code you can paste onto your website to embed your very own chat. More advanced users can also customize the code by adding more customization parameters.

Chat Settings

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