Recently, Megg published a brand new post on the Club Penguin What’s New Blog. In this post, she just gives a brief update on how this year’s Coins for Change is going, as well as some tips on how to earn coins faster so you can donate them.

So far, we penguins have donated over 9 billion coins in total. Yeah, you read that right – 9 billion. That’s amazing, especially considering Coins for Change only started a week ago.

Here are Megg’s tips on earning more coins to donate to Coins for Change 2015:

  • Decorate! We penguins can throw snowballs at the huge Christmas tree at the Forest. When these snowballs land on the tree, they turn into decorations!
  • Pitch! Throw snowballs into the Food Drive boxes at the Beach. These snowballs will turn into different types of food once they land in the box.
  • Jingle! You can ring the bells at the Plaza to earn coins as well. All you have to do is throw snowballs at them to ring them.

You can learn more about these activities in our Club Penguin Holiday Party & Coins For Change 2015 Guide.

So, how many coins have you donated so far, and do you think we can reach the last goal on the Coins for Change? Let us know in the comments below!