Club Penguin Brady and McKenzie Tracker

Brady and McKenzie are two characters from Disney’s Teen Beach Movie. These characters appeared in game on Club Penguin Island in celebration of the Club Penguin Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam Party. Unfortunately they are no longer online, so you cannot meet them.

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Club Penguin Brady and McKenzie Tracker

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  1. Blue Flash99

    actually there is going to be a TEEN BEACH MOVIE 2 and might be a returning party on CP. Plus there files are not deleted so there might be a chance that you can meet them again!

  2. They might visit cp soon. But just because their rare mascots, doesn’t mean they won’t visit again. Their might be another summer jam in july or june. I might be wrong. (Commenting right now).

    • i think its going to be in July because in June there is going to be the fifa 2014 party

    • Kenneth1126

      There is an upcoming sequel to Teen Beach Movie. There’s a chance they might come back to the island.

  3. Wildstyle

    Same here, I never even saw them :( .There rude that’s what they are!

  4. but brady and mcnzie are not in snow forts

  5. u had to go to the big mommas shack. and P.S they r ONE TIME mascots but however they might come back one more time. there’s a summer jam in June and a music jam in may.

  6. What is JavaScript?

    • Snow Ball4

      It’s something you use to add mascots as your friends. It’s very, very simple.

  7. lol i love this web so much lol lol lol help me out a bit more plz and im employy

  8. I meet to Brady and McKenzie 8 times.I have background and they added me at friend. :) 😀 😉
    Thanks Mike!These tracker are sooo good!

  9. I never met them, but I added them by JavaScript and got the background too 😀

  10. dot is an agent of club penguin epf [elite penguin force]like a spy just really hard to find but dot hasn’t joined club penguin yet

  11. rohaan05

    imet them thanks so much mike

  12. Chocky Bear

    They are coming back at the end of the year in the brand new party called The End of Year Celebration along with every mascot (including Cece and Rocky). And Dot will be meet able. So just wait till the end of the year to meet them :). So if you missed Herbert,Penguin band and other mascots just be patient and wait till the end of year celebration!!

    • Ncmpumpkin

      what makes u think that and u told u this cece and rocky r removed from the files

      • CeCe & Rocky are a dusty old bin what makes you think there coming back? Club penguin just don’t just email you randomly??? they wouldn’t come back cause the holiday party is coming at December these kind of Mascots are Limited and befriending Dot would make no Sense cause Dot Keeps Her Secret “Identity” Who know if Dot is around Shes not a stamp.

    • I meet them in big mommas shack performing

      • yes everyone can but not in person they got a show background and a friend background meet them backstage its the friend background meet them in big mommas it the show background get this show background common friend background ultra rare

    • Herobronze

      That is not true. Brady, McKenzie, CeCe, and Rocky have been erased from Club Penguin files. You can no longer meet them. That is why they do not have stamps.

    • Akantor Rapa

      that never happens and r will happen it will be EASY ho comes to end of the year celebration is aunt arctic, maybe penguin band and rockhopper

      • Mckenzie Brady CeCe and Rocky have been erased from cp files because they were there for one party only not like Gary, Aunt Arctic, Dot, Cadence, Rookie, Rockhopper and penguin band. Also who said there was going to be an end of the year party.

        • WaddleNHugs

          It was indirectly confirmed by Polo and Ninja, but neither of them said Cece, Rocky, Mckenzie OR Brady would appear. Besides, the overworld graphic never got “deleted”, just moved to a folder, like Herbert’s between his appearances.

  13. Mitchell

    I didn’t get to meet them! :(

  14. Tripwire

    I’m sorry for those of you who didn’t meet them but I met them on four different accounts so tell me if you want one ill find a way to give it to u in a secret

  15. jukebox45

    and.. the party if officially done!!!! next up… miedevel party!! and… rockhopper!!!!!

  16. Tripwire

    Mike the very first mascot I met was rookie but didn’t know about this site soo I had to use the club penguin official times but now that I found this site every mascot that comes on I’m coming here thanks mike

  17. Tripwire

    Fog right now!

  18. Tripwire

    I’m with them right now

  19. justdancebiggestfan13

    I’m with Mckenzie and Brady!!!

    • lillack1

      lucky when it said right now i went on and they werent there! i checked again it still said there there! can you try to update it plz!!

  20. Rockergirl13

    Does this mean they’ll be on Altitude?

  21. if any1 has a google laptop or pc got to youtube cp how to friend any1 and if u do watch it brady and mack are 31 and 32

  22. Dashing Mike

    then why did clubpenguin delete them?,cause their names dont show up on the friends list

  23. Ralphyo

    I’m on vacation so I can’t find them :(

  24. Ghal6742

    Hey penguins!

    I met Brady and McKenzie on their LAST day on Club Penguin! They were at French Yeti and at Backstage, so I managed to do a Backstage hack and I ACTUALLY GOT ON THE STAGE AND WERE ABLE TO DANCE WITH THEM! 😀 Even though we spoke different languages I still understood her and Brady! They ROCK! <3

  25. rohaan05

    mike when i went into an empty server i met brady and mckenzie and your tracker was not working it was really not working you should really fix your tracker

  26. Tripwire

    Tomorrow at 2:30pm sever fog PST time

  27. Popstarsun34

    this is a good tracker but it does not work ALL the time I just met Brady and Mach without this thing!

    • agustin

      which tracker have you used? i prefer this tracker but now it doesnt work too much. I found lots of characters here

      • Tripwire

        Guys it’s not all the trackers it’s just this one because they are new mascots so don’tput mike down just email club penguin for some times

  28. Tripwire

    How did the meet up time go that I gave some of y’all

  29. Tripwire

    Hello just met them but not from this tracker

  30. Yeah,I know right.

  31. i met cadence thanks to ur tracker mike , im your biggest fan

  32. they do take forever to come on

  33. Too tall

    Mack won’t add me but I actually met them twice neither time would she accept my request

  34. Sr Lemón

    Yeahh I meet them thanks Mike
    Wohooooo Thanks 😉

  35. misspink803

    i am mad because they were only there for a minuite

  36. misspink803

    almost got them

  37. Finasy1

    Thanks for the awesome tracker its really helpful to find Mascots 😀

  38. Glamorgirl17

    How was Brady on today if he went to a private concert then had to go to see 200 fans? Ik because my cousin went to see him!

  39. TheHintMan220022

    I just met them! I also met Cadence with this tracker. Thank you Tracker Bot! c:

  40. missed them by 5 secs. come on really dont care already met Cadence,Brady,and McKENZiE whateva

  41. Godard

    The party is coming to an end if you really wanna meet them well you better start refreshing the page more and go on the chat where the track bot will tell you every place they go to. Two more days hurry!!!!! I left them alone after I met them anyways my membership expired it will give you all a chance.

  42. Yes it does, IT TOTALLY DOES work! I met all the teen beach movie characters plus cadence with this! This tracker does work!

  43. Tripwire

    Torres Mackenzie wouldn’t add me either

  44. Ghal6742

    Hey guys don’t criticize Mike! He’s spent so much time working on the tracker and I met Brady and McKenzie because of HIM! Please don’t insult him guys! Just be grateful that he spent his time making a tracker so you peeps could meet them! :) If you’re gonna hate him, then at least thank him first!

    Ghal6742 😉

  45. Torres 126

    Yes. But not add them.

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