Club Penguin Cadence Tracker

Cadence was last on Club Penguin during the celebration of the Five Year Anniversary of French Club Penguin. The next time Cadence roams around in the game, you’ll be able to find her quickly and easily using this tracker.

Join our Club Penguin Tracker Chat to get live updates of Cadence’s locations in the game!

Club Penguin Cadence Tracker

Want to be notified whenever Cadence is found?

You can also meet Kermit the Frog in game with our Club Penguin Kermit Tracker


  1. mack and uh that other guy will never come back to cp

  2. Spiderghost1

    Yeah, Mike only tracks the mascots that’s why they are called “trackers” :D unfortunately mike can not decide when the mascots come on sorry :( . Wish you all very well in finding Cadence and Kermit ect… :)

  3. Mike is Cadence gonna be on at anypoint of the world tour? Please reply.

  4. cadence has a crush on franky XD well, you van meet her at may good luck finding her and good luck to cadence for getting her crush

  5. Punchball

    She is coming she coming on the show

  6. this mascot havent come ever since five days whats wrong with her

  7. Caliguin2

    Mike,I have met Cadence but I didn’t add her because my computer wouldn’t let me!…AND does anyone play Roblox?

  8. Nazib

    She’s not coming guys


  10. Cece and Rocky are also coming for Music Jam in May 2014 :D !

  11. Paperback3

    Hey Mike, you should stop the tracker now. i don’t think shes coming back on.

  12. Is Cadence gonna be on for the rest of the party?She hasn’t went on for the past three days!

  13. Cadence stays in one room for about 15 minutes!

  14. this site is really works. you got to try it. i meet rookie when i’am using it

  15. tr7uyhjyu

    do you know when cadence is coming on

  16. I need to find cadence!!!!!!!! Is she going to leave the server yeti or go back on? I met Kermit,constentine,and I want to find Cadence too all in the same takeover/party/world tour!

  17. Cadence is coming to the music jam in may. So be on the look out for Cadence at the music jam. And the band is coming to the music jam too so another eye on the band if u find out more mascots for music jam leave a reply to me. If not tell me but if u do find out and u r the same person reply back hope I helped!

  18. Punchball

    I think she only come on the muppet’s last
    Show :(

  19. when is she going to be online mike anser me

  20. Tai

    hy mike in trackers wht is mean bu lang ??? and mike thw chat room of penguin lodge is not working in my pc why ??

  21. u cant meet CANDNCE YAY WHOO WHOOO can someone tell when she is going on!

  22. cadnece are not online yet

  23. theminer13

    hey mike you got people helping you with penguin lodge, i dont know like friends

  24. Spiderghost1

    Paperback3 Make Youtube Vids. XD!

  25. Spiderghost1

    This tracker works good. Like all of them! :) Gonna Find Kirmit Tommorow :) Good Luck Everyone :D

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