Club Penguin December 2012 Clothing Catalog Secrets

Dec 9, 2012 by

The new Club Penguin Clothing Catalog has been released for the month of December 2012. This month’s catalog has many winter themed costumes, as well as some holiday outfits. Here are all the secrets for this month’s catalog.

To get the Tree Costume, click on the tree.













To obtain the Bunny Slippers, click on the door.













To get the Snow Costume click on the left antler’s Reindeer Costume.



To get the Red Viking Helmet, click on the paint brush.



To get the Blue Viking Helmet, open and close the Red Viking Helmet four times.



What do you think of this month’s catalog and what’s your favorite item in it? Let us know by leaving a comment.



  1. Starriz115

    Aww. No update for January or February catalog. :(

  2. How would you play if your banned forever?

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