Club Penguin January 2014 Clothing Catalog

Jan 10, 2014 by

Hi guys!

In just about 13 days, the Prehistoric Party 2014 will be coming to the island! In honor of that, Penguin Style updated to their January 2014 issue. In this issue, there’s lots of secret items! To find these secret items, mouse over the pages and look for unusual places that will let you click!

Here’s what the Penguin Style January 2014 cover looks like:

Penguin Style also has two new backgrounds.

Secret items:

Click on the right hand side of the “Stone Necklace” to get the “Great Bone Necklace”:

To get the “Prehistoric Helmet” click on the big dinosaur footprint:

To get the Prehistoric Staff, click on the penguin’s Primal Headdress:

To get the Red Viking Helmet, click on the purple penguin’s extended arm:

To get the Blue Viking Helment, open and close the Red Viking Helmet secret 3 times:

And now for one of my favorite hidden items in the catalog, the Great Horn Mask:

You can get this item by clicking on the hair of “The Bonytail”


What did you think of this Club Penguin Catalog? Comment your thoughts below!


  1. X-traCheeseyMaccaroi

    I am the first one to comment!! OH BTW do not buy the bony tail! to me it looks weird. and I think this is the new bloggers first post! congrats! :)

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