Club Penguin Cheating Risks

Penguin Lodge offers a variety of cheating programs for the game Club Penguin. Though these programs are fun to use, we want to make sure that you are aware of the risks involved in using them.

Most of our programs involve an automated process that logs into the game to perform certain actions, such as adding items or coins. Though it is unlikely that you will get banned for this, the risk of getting banned still exists because cheating is something that Club Penguin explicitly disallows.

The Club Penguin Rules state:

Play Fair: No cheating or use of third party programs.

A third party program is essentially any unauthorized program that connects to Club Penguin. Our cheating programs fall under this category.

In addition to this, the Club Penguin Terms state:

You agree not to use any software or device that allows automated gameplay, expedited gameplay, or other manipulation of gameplay or game client and you agree not to cheat or otherwise modify a Disney Service or game experience to create an advantage for one user over another.

It is unlikely that you will be banned by using our game cheating programs. In fact, most of our programs have existed for years with virtually no reports of users getting banned. However, the risk is always there and we cannot make any guarantee that your account will not be banned.

It is important to note that by using any of our programs, you understand and accept that Penguin Lodge will not be held responsible for whatever may happen to your account in the process or after the process of using our cheating programs.

We would also like to let you know that we do everything we can to minimize the risk of getting banned and protect the safety of your account. We do this by implementing features into our cheating programs that block certain actions which result in automatic bans. Additionally, our programs are designed to automatically disable themselves if a ban is ever detected. Because of this, Penguin Lodge is the safest website to use if you’re going to cheat in the game.

Here are some extra tips to minimize your ban risk:

  • Consider only using cheating programs on spare penguins that are not tied to your main account via email.
  • Don’t add more coins than you need.
  • Don’t add items that were only available before you created your account.
  • Don’t wear rare items that you recently added in public rooms or on populated servers.
  • Don’t tell others that you used a cheating program in the game.
  • Don’t post your penguin name on cheating websites.

Penguin Lodge has your best interests at heart. We do everything we can to prevent accounts from being banned while still offering services that users want. If you have any questions about our cheating programs, feel free to ask us in the comment section below.


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