Disney Channel Club Penguin Teen Beach Takeover Commercial

Aug 17, 2013 by

Disney has released a new commercial giving us precise details of the upcoming Teen Beach Party. Here’s a list of some of the...

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Club Penguin Star Wars Planet Yavin 4 Opens

Aug 8, 2013 by

Since the Club Penguin’s Star Wars Takeover is coming to an end,  means the Death Star and the Empire have to come to an end as...

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Club Penguin Triple Scoop Pin Location

Sep 19, 2012 by

The newest Club Penguin pin is a Triple Scoop. You can find it at the Ski Lodge.  Be sure to obtain this pin before October...

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Club Penguin Field Ops 99

Sep 13, 2012 by

Club Penguin Field Ops #99 is out which means we are approaching the 100th Field Ops! Here’s a tutorial on how to find and complete...

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Club Penguin Fruit Item Cheat

Aug 8, 2012 by

Penguin Lodge has a new tool that allows you to get the Exclusive Club Penguin Fruit Furniture Items and Pineapple Igloo in a matter seconds!

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