As many of you already know, Club Penguin recently added Exclusive Fruit Items the game, however they are only available to Club Penguin players living in the United Kingdom, until now.

In our last post we stated that we would look for ways to get around the limitations on these items, and we’re proud to say we have. Penguin Lodge is introducing a new tool that can get you all the fruit furniture items as well as the new Pineapple Igloo.

Club Penguin Exclusive Fruit Item Adder

The Pineapple Igloo is limited to members, however non-members can still get the fruit furniture items. Here’s a list of all the furniture items you can get.

Club Penguin Fruit Furniture Items

Club Penguin Fruit Furniture Items

Here’s what my igloo currently looks like:

My Fruity Igloo

What do you think of my igloo? Be sure to share a picture of your own igloo in the comments below once you’ve added your fruit items. 🙂