Club Penguin Fruit Item Cheat

Aug 8, 2012 by

As many of you already know, Club Penguin recently added Exclusive Fruit Items the game, however they are only available to Club Penguin players living in the United Kingdom, until now.

In our last post we stated that we would look for ways to get around the limitations on these items, and we’re proud to say we have. Penguin Lodge is introducing a new tool that can get you all the fruit furniture items as well as the new Pineapple Igloo.

Club Penguin Exclusive Fruit Item Adder

The Pineapple Igloo is limited to members, however non-members can still get the fruit furniture items. Here’s a list of all the furniture items you can get.

Club Penguin Fruit Furniture Items

Club Penguin Fruit Furniture Items

Here’s what my igloo currently looks like:

My Fruity Igloo

What do you think of my igloo? Be sure to share a picture of your own igloo in the comments below once you’ve added your fruit items. :)


  1. why does it only work in the United Kindom

  2. TaraStar99

    Mike cam u please fix the fruit item adder Please :(

    Please Reply Mike And Fix The Fruit Item Adder

  3. I wish I had the pineapple igloo and furniture

  4. pie

    i am so sad that happened i was looking for this for a week and now that i found it is in no longer use. and do really have to buy smothies to finds codes for fruit items? plz reply mike

    • Sorry about that. Unfortunately the only way to get the items now is to buy the smoothies, and you can only do that if you live in the United Kingdom.

  5. Monkey

    It looks like the Fruit item giver is not working in this moment. Please fix it. and you should make a Fruit item adder for penguins Like the orange custom

  6. Axel89502

    Mike, please fix the Fruit Furniture adder please Its not working

  7. grr its always a download!:(

  8. Hey, i used it 25 items, each and i only got the pineapple igloo, and the curtains, nothing else! andi im a member… please fix it if its a bug.. thx

  9. the unknown one!

    i used it but it says 0 pinapple igloos even though im a member!

  10. Faiz azeem

    Where i can buy this igloo

    • You cannot get this igloo normally. In order to get it legitimately you have to live in the UK and buy innocent branded smoothie items with Club Penguin codes. The only alternative is to hack it yourself, or use our program that gets it for you.

  11. Zayn Malik

    May I say that you are simply AMAZING!!! Has there been other item adders before like this? You have saved my boring and ugly penguin!!!

    • I’m glad you like it, and thanks. :)

      I’m not aware of any other item adders online. I think that Penguin Lodge has the only one.

  12. Will this get you banned?

  13. Tom

    Hey this is awesome but how do u get the pineapple igloo because im a member and I didn’t get it and also can you get banned from doing this?? Thanks

    • It looks like there’s a bug that makes the Pineapple Igloo not work. I’m working on fixing it.

      Edit: Fixed.

    • There was a bug with the program that made the Pineapple Igloo not work, however I’ve since fixed it. Try using it again. You should read the Terms and Conditions page before you use the service.

      • pinkstar147

        hi mike! may i ask how to get the furniture? cause i just got the igloo not the furniture..please reply and thanks!

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