Club Penguin Exclusive Fruit Igloo Item Adder

This tool can get your penguin the exclusive fruit related furniture and Pineapple Igloo that Club Penguin added to its game. This works for both non-members and members, however you must have at least 150,000 coins. All you have to do is enter your Club Penguin account information and choose which furniture item you want. Enjoy!

This program is no longer operational. Click here for more information.

  1. Holidays

    btw i got all the other stuff

  2. Blondie998

    How long does it actually take? for example i picked 1 item to see and it took like 20 sec but it took longer after 0.

    • If it stays at 0 that means there’s a problem. Try again at a later time.

  3. Holidays

    im a member but i didnt get the igloo? plz help

    • That’s strange. Did it get you the furniture items when you ran it? I’d try again, it could have been a bug.

  4. Chickennuggets

    Hey Mike, this is a really awesome site i was just wondering if you could make more for non members and stuff i did both of my accounts ( member and non member) and i Love It Please try make more :)

    • I’m not sure what you mean by “more for non members.” More of what?

  5. thanks you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. spicypinky


  7. how do you get the clothing items?

  8. person

    i have never done this before and it says that i have done it recently! i went on cp to check if i hAD THE STUFF BUT I DIDNT1! what is wrong?

    • Because your sister used it, it counts that you’ve done it since you both use the same connection. Wait an hour and you’ll be able to use it.

  9. Bellahey


  10. Emma

    Hey Mike! I think this is an amazing site even for the older kids who don’t want to earn the money or get new items but just one question if Someone entered their penguin’s igloo with these special items wouldn’t thwy realize they didn’t make them? Couldn’t You risk getting banned? I love using this website Just not this specific Benefit.

    • A regular user would have no way of knowing how you got the items. If a moderator were to look into your account and somehow figure out that you didn’t get them through the codes, he or she might do something about it, but this situation is unlikely, and I doubt the moderators really mind. By using the program you are breaking Club Penguin’s “no cheating” rule, so there is a risk, but it’s not likely that you’ll get banned.

  11. Que bueno muchas gracias!!!

  12. David Deckel

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! please do more like this!!!

  13. verdesito938



  15. Bernardo

    My igloo does not arrive, I also get the furniture. I waited over 12 hours and nothing happened. Why is this? In all the reviews said you had to wait a few minutes, and I did not connect when this occurred. How long have you do that?

    • If it doesn’t get the items immediately after it finishes running, then you should try again. When a lot of people are using it at the same time it sometimes doesn’t work.

  16. Osker0007


  17. kenden

    i didnt get none of my items!!!!! all my friends did. can you fix it for me?

    • If it doesn’t work for you, try using it again. Sometimes it’s buggy.

      • Chill7302

        My brother doesnt have membership so how does he acces it( he hasnt got it yet im just curios)

        • A membership is only required to get the Pineapple Igloo. All the furniture items are available to non-members as well as members.