Club Penguin Furniture Adder

The Penguin Lodge Club Penguin Furniture Adder can add almost every single Club Penguin Furniture Item to your account. Simply enter your account information into the form below and choose the items you want from the list of available furniture items. Within seconds all the furniture you selected will be added to your account.

Please read and understand the Furniture Adder risks before using it. Also make sure you’re not logged in while running it.

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Optimize your igloo with the Penguin Lodge Club Penguin Igloo Adder

  1. Furniture Adder FAQs:

    Please read these FAQs before leaving a comment.

    Can you add a furniture item to the Furniture Adder?

    No. The Furniture Adder currently lists every possible Club Penguin Furniture Item you can get. If an item is not listed then it cannot be obtained with our furniture adder.

    Can you get banned for using the Furniture Adder?

    There is always a risk of getting banned when using a cheating program. If you want to know more about the risks, read this.

    I got an error. What should I do?

    Most errors will include a description of the error telling you what went wrong such as not having enough coins. If you get a connection error or the Furniture Adder loads continuously then that just means there was a bad connection, and you should try again.

    Can non-members get member items?

    No. Member items are only available to members, hence why they are member items.

    What happened to the Exclusive Fruit Furniture Adder?

    Read this post: Fruit Furniture Adder Disabled

    If you ask one of these questions in a comment, your comment will be deleted, and repeated offenders will be banned from commenting on Penguin Lodge.

  1. mia

    Lime green carpet its in the igloo adder in the floor thing

  2. got any laundry room stuff??? I can find any….

  3. Meowkitten15

    Can someone please tell me what the trees are called in this picture? PLEASE TELL ME!! :)

  4. Hey Mike! I just wanna say the biggest thanks i could!

  5. hi mike placed on the site betas things in Furniture Adder betas same items the adder item love things betas puts you in penguin lodge betas furniture?: D

  6. mia

    Mike what do you do with our details when you get them? not to sound rude if you want you dont have to answer just a question

  7. Mike, I cant find the sink/dish washer on this furniture adder. Please help

  8. mia

    He cant you need to be a memeber for that stuff

  9. Hardy

    whats the name of the fire blaster thingy? i forget #epicfail

  10. I am so excited XD!

  11. who’s ready for STAR WARS REBELS!?

  12. Mr M

    Hey Mike can you make a igloo adder that can add free players igloo to free players account

  13. Meowkitten15

    The bunk bed :)

  14. vvsc

    the members and non-members should be free and the igloo alike. Should have things to puffle as hats, etc.

  15. vvsc

    Everything should be Members and non-Members free

  16. vvsc

    just saying there shall be members to buy or is it free

  17. Kokocute (Penguin Name)

    Mike, can you add more non member furniture like you did with the item adder. I really need to upgrade my iggy! Thanks!

  18. james

    Its brilliant! I have made loads of brilliant iggys!

  19. mia

    and anyway u can just call cp and say u will never use it again and they can remove all the items u added if u wanted another chance with ur account

  20. Hey guys! Hi Mike!

  21. I need a elsa hair for my penguin

  22. anyone know a good office chair like a roller chair?

    • mia

      no but u can get a boss desk and a dark brown dinner chair or a burgendy chair lolz cant spell it

  23. Club Penguiner

    Hey Mike,
    I have one question. I know that there is a risk of getting banned from using this and I read the risks. I have gotten banned for cheating one time (not from this program, from a different program). I haven’t cheated since I got banned, and I was wondering if I used this if I would get banned again. Thanks Mike! Oh and also, if I use the money maker will I get banned since I’ve already been banned before? (kind of the same question, I know)

    Thanks Mike!!!

  24. Abigail

    What could I use for ice in an ice skating rink? I’ve got everything else but I don’t know what to use. I have one ice patch that you can turn into dirt and add a starting line to but I have no idea what it’s called… thank you.

  25. cpmoves

    i like it! its good

  26. CP Vale CP (CP NAME)

    -CP Vale CP

  27. doesn't matter

    Can you please make an add all button? Please?

  28. Thank you Mike now I have awsome furniture!

  29. Aryan

    Awesome but can you add more stuff for non members

  30. mia

    this site is awsome Mike
    u should make a puffle adder!

  31. I april24000 promise i will never use item adder again

  32. Evelynn Pantoja

    Why can’t we get more than 10 items at a time?

  33. ficlles

    whats the name of the carpet in statue roomates, the green one?

  34. Kenneth1126

    What is the wall thing that falls with snowflakes?

  35. Rabiola Penguin

    It isnt working with me… The button doesnt appear

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