Club Penguin Furniture Adder

The Penguin Lodge Club Penguin Furniture Adder can add almost every single Club Penguin Furniture Item to your account. Simply enter your account information into the form below and choose the items you want from the list of available furniture items. Within seconds all the furniture you selected will be added to your account.

Please read and understand the Furniture Adder risks before using it. Also make sure you’re not logged in while running it.

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  1. Furniture Adder FAQs:

    Please read these FAQs before leaving a comment.

    Can you add a furniture item to the Furniture Adder?

    No. The Furniture Adder currently lists every possible Club Penguin Furniture Item you can get. If an item is not listed then it cannot be obtained with our furniture adder.

    Can you get banned for using the Furniture Adder?

    There is always a risk of getting banned when using a cheating program. If you want to know more about the risks, read this.

    I got an error. What should I do?

    Most errors will include a description of the error telling you what went wrong such as not having enough coins. If you get a connection error or the Furniture Adder loads continuously then that just means there was a bad connection, and you should try again.

    Can non-members get member items?

    No. Member items are only available to members, hence why they are member items.

    What happened to the Exclusive Fruit Furniture Adder?

    Read this post: Fruit Furniture Adder Disabled

    If you ask one of these questions in a comment, your comment will be deleted, and repeated offenders will be banned from commenting on Penguin Lodge.


  1. If anyone wants fruit furniture items just use! They have fruit stuff in the non member furniture area. I added them and it worked! Maybe Mike can use their exploit for this furniture adder :) P.S. Try adding furniture one by one and not a bunch altogether. For some reason when I do this some of the stuff doesn’t add. I hope this helps some of you!

  2. Pepper10023

    This is the best website ever! I’ve been using it for at least two years now!!

  3. mike why you didnt add anything for the non member while ago?

  4. person

    has anyone gotten banned recenty, because ever since that one person said something about telling cp and getting banned????? ive only used this site like 5 times and i really don’t want to get banned so can someone tell me how it works???

    • Club Penguin has known about this website for years. The program works by logging into your penguin and sending data to the game server which adds the items to your account.

  5. Random person

    Do not use ur club penguin name on dis

  6. Memo60mx

    The teddy bear was added thx Mike 😀

  7. Just Another CPLover

    This adder is amazing and it helps me out to impress pookies, friends, and my brother. Thanks, Mike!


    Quick question, Mike. Do all of the items carry the same risk of getting banned? Or are some different?

  9. Christine

    Can somebody tell me whats the furniture called?

    It’s like releated to THE QUEST OF THE GOLDEN PUFFLE

  10. NIB NIB

    Hai! Nib nib here!! Hai Mike. I just had one q. If u got banned from a adding website (not this one) and u got banned from using that website recently, and then u use another adder, (when u get unbanned) would there be a higher risk? Because my test penguin got banned from another adding website and got permanently banned and cp undid the ban. So if I use PL would there be a higher chance of a ban? I just need the info in general. Just to make sure. Plz answer back.

    • A moderator might look into your account at some point if you have a history of cheating, so the risk might be higher.

    • alicia16286

      lucky my Faffles got banned forever by a hacker and they were useless and never lifted the ban

  11. Omg! I can’t belive this is the best thing I have used! I am lucky I got a one month membership so I can impress pookies with my music and all my furniture.

  12. alicia16286

    I love this adder Mike! Good job now I can impress pookies by having rare music and furniture. You’re the best Mike add me on CP – Alicia16286

  13. Twi

    I love this omg so happy

  14. This adder is the best! I can impress my friends and make parties!!Your amazing Mike!

  15. It’s unlikely you get banned on the item adder because Club penguin added all of their rare items into a HUGE catalog which I HATE SO MUCH

    • alicia16286

      actually they only added some of the rare items which is good because you can still impress people

  16. Babymouse226

    Anyone have suggestions for a mine igloo?

  17. Guy

    Good yob , because im member and i can get moré things

  18. good progams!, so can i get more wait can you make membership adder?, pls pls do now safety

    • wow mike your cool make membership adder if it works keep it if it doesn’t just block it anyway GOOD JOB!

  19. Jaolo1MeduardaUS

    thanks to this adder!

  20. jenny

    i have got only one item i had added 7 to 8 items whay nonsense!


      First of all, typo. Second of all, this is a very helpful website to many members and non-members. You really need to get a hold of yourself, girl!


  22. badriya

    this website is very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but can you please make extra stuff for non members it would make this website amazing!!!!!!!
    thnx :) :) :) :) :)

  23. Jaolo1MeduardaUS

    im add all items >:D

  24. The Weeknd

    This website only allows me to choose somewhere around 8 items each, not 10.

  25. The Weeknd

    This is such a useful website and it really helps me on Club Penguin. But I can’t find the desk chair… what’s the name of it again?

  26. Amazing Adder! Once Again! (BTW: Its Apparently Kid)

  27. ~ Apparently Kid Here, Just changed my name, anyway, THANKS AGAIN!!!! And By the way, I have been looking
    for a dinner table, because I don’t have 1 yet, can someone help me??

  28. Thanks for this Adder! I have tried many other of your fabulous adders in the past!
    – Apparently Kid

  29. nm

    hi what is the name of the dirt path it’s just like weathered path but it’s dirt. thanks

  30. alicia16286

    hi mikes can you please add the fruit items? this is the only no banning thing i can use the other i found has fruit items but it doesnt work PLEASE MIKE OH PLEASE?!

  31. RockNRoll

    It is safe to add the small christmas tree????

  32. Add me on Club Penguin @ Super Suzie

  33. Guy

    My penguin is only a month old and I have got so many old items from this, if I make an igloo with old items, and asked for people to come to it, could I get banned?

  34. WOW

    I’ve been using this a long time and never found any flaws, but today I tried to use it and it keeps saying that it’s taking longer than usual, I’ve restarted many times but it just isn’t working. What should I do?

  35. i like this adeer i love club penguin this is he best of the world!!!!!!

  36. Add me on club penguin – Chillynachos 😛

  37. Is the old Christmas tree thing there? If so, what is it called?

  38. Daz

    Furniture ideas for thanks giving??? Please list below!!!

    • A lot of brown dark chairs maybe like rosewood and you should make a place for a TV bc some ppl watch TV pn Thanksgiveing also your floor should be darkstone tile
      Also the table and put the mullet on the table and a oven sink and you know

  39. Happy Halloween!

  40. Lsesstar

    What should I make my igloo into?

  41. ...

    Why does it say Maximum limit reached?

    • Babymouse876

      It says that because you can only select 10 furniture items (each furniture item stacks up to 10)and you cannot select over the limit. Hope this helps!

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