Club Penguin Furniture Adder

The Penguin Lodge Club Penguin Furniture Adder can add almost every single Club Penguin Furniture Item to your account. Simply enter your account information into the form below and choose the items you want from the list of available furniture items. Within seconds all the furniture you selected will be added to your account.

Please read and understand the Furniture Adder risks before using it. Also make sure you’re not logged in while running it.

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Optimize your igloo with the Penguin Lodge Club Penguin Igloo Adder

  1. Furniture Adder FAQs:

    Please read these FAQs before leaving a comment.

    Can you add a furniture item to the Furniture Adder?

    No. The Furniture Adder currently lists every possible Club Penguin Furniture Item you can get. If an item is not listed then it cannot be obtained with our furniture adder.

    Can you get banned for using the Furniture Adder?

    There is always a risk of getting banned when using a cheating program. If you want to know more about the risks, read this.

    I got an error. What should I do?

    Most errors will include a description of the error telling you what went wrong such as not having enough coins. If you get a connection error or the Furniture Adder loads continuously then that just means there was a bad connection, and you should try again.

    Can non-members get member items?

    No. Member items are only available to members, hence why they are member items.

    What happened to the Exclusive Fruit Furniture Adder?

    Read this post: Fruit Furniture Adder Disabled

    If you ask one of these questions in a comment, your comment will be deleted, and repeated offenders will be banned from commenting on Penguin Lodge.

  1. Haven’t been on here in a LONG time!
    Anybody know some good items for Disney World?

  2. hi mike is there a way you can make a clone maker i really want one please reply


  4. Lindahp2

    Please, make a puffle lodge.
    Please I <3 puffles.
    Thanks <3 <3 :3

  5. :3 Melody :3

    THIS THING IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!

  6. unicorns

    hi, amazing totally appreciate it :)

  7. Jack’o’lantern don’t found. It’s a spooky pumpkin with candys.
    I don’t found it.

  8. ANATREE637

    When I click on what I want to get it doesn’t show up….

    • You’ll have to be more specific. What doesn’t show up? You should click the drop down list and find an item you want, then select it. Once it’s selected you should see information about the item at the bottom of the program. From here you can select to include this item in what will be added to your igloo.

      • it is not letting me get member iteams and i have been a member for over 3 years and my member ship is still working but when i scroll down to find it, its not there and i have reloadedit more than once please tell me what to do!!!

      • cool3d

        Dear, Mike will you make a puffle adder the other ones are fakes reply if you want to join me

    • I think I know what you mean. So when you click on a furniture item, it won’t load? That’s probably your internet connection.

  9. what is the sink called again i was looking for a sink but it wasn’t there and i typed dish washer and it wasn’t there neither so if you guys know pls tell me i need it for my bathroom

  10. Hey guys! I feel like I haven’t been on P.L. (Penguin Lodge) since forever! And for Mike, thanks for all of the above!!!!!

  11. mostcutiepie

    Is there flooring in this adder?

    • A Delicious Piece of Pie

      I depends. If you want carpeting or the wood flooring that is in the flooring section of the furniture catalog, then no. There is a different adder for that. But if you want the little flooring pieces (like the dance mat, the ancient bench, etc. then yes.

    • HollyPlaysCP

      i think the flooring is on igloo adder

    • bennettfam01

      no, you’ll use the igloo adder for flooring. (:

    • jaszz

      No thats in igloo adder

  12. BOX DIMENSION!!,!,!

    Mike can you add the box dimension to this please :(((((((((

  13. Pinkapeg aka racoon the one XP

    it works. thx mike!
    once I used this a lot, but I didn’t get caught XD thx a bunch

  14. Anyone know a nice rare oven here?
    And also a counter?
    It doesn’t have to be beta hat rare,
    just rarer than the catolog this month and feb 2015.

  15. jaszz

    mike is the beta tv on this?

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