Club Penguin Furniture Adder

The Penguin Lodge Club Penguin Furniture Adder can add almost every single Club Penguin Furniture Item to your account. Simply enter your account information into the form below and choose the items you want from the list of available furniture items. Within seconds all the furniture you selected will be added to your account.

Please read and understand the Furniture Adder risks before using it. Also make sure you’re not logged in while running it.

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  1. Furniture Adder FAQs:

    Please read these FAQs before leaving a comment.

    Can you add a furniture item to the Furniture Adder?

    No. The Furniture Adder currently lists every possible Club Penguin Furniture Item you can get. If an item is not listed then it cannot be obtained with our furniture adder.

    Can you get banned for using the Furniture Adder?

    There is always a risk of getting banned when using a cheating program. If you want to know more about the risks, read this.

    I got an error. What should I do?

    Most errors will include a description of the error telling you what went wrong such as not having enough coins. If you get a connection error or the Furniture Adder loads continuously then that just means there was a bad connection, and you should try again.

    Can non-members get member items?

    No. Member items are only available to members, hence why they are member items.

    What happened to the Exclusive Fruit Furniture Adder?

    Read this post: Fruit Furniture Adder Disabled

    If you ask one of these questions in a comment, your comment will be deleted, and repeated offenders will be banned from commenting on Penguin Lodge.

  1. mike i wanted to add the table for two (non member) i just wanted to add one but it said it reached the limit

  2. lisa46659(penguin name)

    What’s the thing called where it shoots fire out? the one with more than 2 on it.

    • Zeus42013

      Its either the “Single Flare” or the “Flashing Flare”. Get them both, they are really useful.

  3. Sonicwilliam

    What are the big black rocks called?

  4. anyone, please give me a list of puffle items i can use for my puffle’s home. Coco Loco. i have another question, do you like coco loco’s name? XD

    • Twix11091

      I like it(the name)! And it depends on which color he is because there are (color) puffle house and posters and more

  5. Puppyhorse16 (CP Name)

    Can somebody tell me what the names of the statue room mates are? Thanks a lot. I’ll let you know if I figure it out.

  6. Cler8

    What are the names of the furniture to make a fashion show?


    PS (sorry for bad english i do not speak english)

    • catwalk, fashion show boxes, judge table, judge chairs x10, laser lights, and x10 judge chairs because the other ones are for people to sit in! PS that is perfect English. good job!

  7. chiwawapapi

    Hey, Mike I need pet supplies for my igloo. What are the things called?

  8. im building a kingdom what should I use and what is that big tree thing with the big leaf

  9. Lol I put a gigantic cupcake in my school (in cp in real life is just creepy.)

  10. Cadence

    hey mike I want to make my iggy into the dance club what could I use to do this

    • Katelynn

      You could use the DJ Booth, DJ Table, Dance Floor, Disco Ball, Electric Guitar Shadow Box, Long Security Laser, Jukebox, Lanterns, Penguin Band Poster, Party Banner, Ice Table, Party Fountain,And Rock N Roll Record! Hope This Helps/Helped A BUNCH! :3 -^_^Katelynn^_^

  11. Fluttershy:3

    can you tell me names of beach and water furniture? i’m making a beach:) (sorry for the bad english,i do not speak english)

    • crash999

      Items to start off with.
      x30 blue rugs.
      sandy/beige flooring.
      x1 burger stand.
      x1 teddy bear.(to go behind burger stand)
      x2 couchs. (prefered colours)
      x2 shoe rack. (stairs)
      x5-7 wood decking (if necesary)
      x1 vollyball net.
      next you can add your own items to suit your personality/style!
      Really hope this helps. :)

    • Ooh also surf towels! (Towels with penguin surfing on them) just search “surf” you’ll find it

  12. What is the house plant in waddle on episode 8 statue roommates called?

  13. Can u guys tell me some names of a ghostly furniture and some angle furniture pls reply ps (I am making and vampire vs angle igloo)sorry for bad english

    • Twix11091

      Glowing Cauldron, Mysterious Mist, Abandoned Mine Wall, Cauldron, Celtic Rug, & Coffin Cabinet

  14. Hey Mike, I have a question. Will you ever make an igloo like adder? :P please reply

  15. where is the oven or the stove whats the name i cant find it! Pls help meh (sorry for the bad english)

  16. Faith

    What are the light beams, wall lights that penguins use for like Hunger Games Igloos? Please reply!

  17. Visible99

    Its the Ninja Gate and u can color it by pressing up and down (blue and red) sorry for bad english :D

    • Katelynn

      Your English is very well done! I could understand it, AND I am pretty sure others could too! :) And cool I’m gonna check that out! -^-^Katelynn^-^

  18. anyone know the blue version of the ninja gate pls reply!

  19. cody2095

    what is the gold penguin water fall called from puffle reascue

  20. percy21088 (my penguin name)

    You could use the creepy house cut out or the pumpkin iggy which is avalible on the iggy adder and the halloween stuff from a few months ago7

  21. use the song ghost just wanna dance good song I tried it my iggy is vamp vs angel

    • ths for the song! but i need to know how to make vamps vs angels iggy can you post it on youtube and especisally the flooring i don’t how to make it thx!

  22. I’m making a creepy home plz leave creepy ideas down below cause I’m a vampire >:}

  23. whats the pirate ship wheel called? thanks

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