Club Penguin Gary Tracker

Gary the Gadget Guy is a very intelligent scientist who first visited Club Penguin Island at the Halloween Party of 2008. Ever since then, he has attended many Club Penguin parties. Gary also appears in several of the PSA Missions in Club Penguin. He is popular for his amazing inventions and brilliance.

If you want the latest accurate locations of Gary, check out our tracker below. Gary is currently roaming Club Penguin Island in celebration of the ongoing Club Penguin Halloween Party. Whenever our tracking bots locate Gary in the game, our tracker updates with his location information.

Join our Club Penguin Tracker Chat to get live updates of Gary’s locations in the game!

Club Penguin Gary Tracker

Want to be notified whenever Gary is found?

Here are some tips that will be sure to help you find Gary on the island.

Tips on Finding Gary

  1. When searching for Gary, keep in mind that he is a dark blue penguin who wears a lab coat and a pair of glasses.
  2. Gary the Gadget Guy usually visits popular servers during popular times of the day, and quiet servers during quiet times of the day.
  3. Gary usually spends 10-15 minutes on each server he logs into.
  4. Be sure to check other languages of Club Penguin, and not just English.
  5. When you meet Gary, add him as a buddy. This way, you can keep track of when he’s online or not.
  6. Refresh the page often to get the latest location of Gary.
  7. Join our Club Penguin Tracker Chat, where live updates of his location are posted by tracking bots.
  8. Follow @PenguinLodge on Twitter as that account will tweet when our trackers have found Gary.

  1. I really want to meet gary really bad ever since I started club-penguin in 2010.

  2. spike8086

    i am your biggest fan and i want to meet u

  3. olakase98989

    MIKE yo ar going to do a Merry walrus tracker

  4. i saw Gary in the server yeti,spanish after today

  5. Darkx12121


    • u lucky dude i met gary with meetup time and you know!!! spike hike came to one with him hurray got a postcard of spike hike

    • Kostas98799

      Me too! I was searching for my friend in servers and BOOM the Plaza was full I asked some penguin why are they there and they said Gary is coming!

  6. Haroon

    Club Penguin has Banned you from Registering Users, Look –

    And they made a Mistake everyone is Banned from Making Users.


  7. And i also met him today

  8. I met gary for my tenth time. Well at least i think cause i met him so many times in the future party.

  9. mike it said he was in the sitting room on abominable but he wasn’t. I searched all around the map and waited patiently but he wasn’t there please help!

  10. Did gary change his background?\

  11. Roland112

    YAY i just met him :D :D :D :D second time doe

  12. ph

    Hi guys pick ph for the next party plz. Thank you, ph(im not realy ph)so plz pick her and pick rookie lol.mesage for rookie trains lollol lol lol lol lol bye and noodle on

  13. Guys I alredy added gary why do they always pick him for partys? Why no herbert. He has not been on for a long time. This is realy weird that they pick him evrey year like realy.try picking some one alse next party. P.s pick herbert and ph《puffle handeler stands for ph》guys plz pick a pearson. Vote on who you want to go on on clubpenguin next

  14. yay the party has started!!!!

  15. gary is coming for halloween wish it was herbert i already met gary

  16. Paperback3

    Mike are you going to make a Sasquatch Tracker?

  17. Blue Flash99

    Mike, how come the picture of Gary is updated and the Other mascots are not. Why? You should update the picture for the trackers. Thanks! :) (Question ONLY FOR MIKE)

  18. i think gary is the mascot for medieval party 2014 in september

    • alicia16286

      umm no medieval party aint being held this year i think but i wonder if its in november idk but your thinking of school party

  19. evanescance2 (ADD ME)

    one time I was in the school during halloween it was crowded because we were waiting for gary to come i checked peoples stamp books to make sure that only the people who never met gary are there i started checking and a lot of people had stamps so i said “you have the gary stamp you should leave” because i never met gary then someone said so do you i checked my stampbook and i did i checked everyones stampbook and they did to but i never saw gary in that room. what does this mean?

    • Towerofyikk

      It means you met him.

      • Xanjan

        One day I won the stamp of Rockhopper but I can’t saw it so I didn’t know, and I met Gary at the prehistoric with out PL

  20. mike please update the gary tracker defenation it is saying gare will be making appearences for the ongoing future party

  21. Hi mile

    Mike please update the Gary meet ups times
    They are until May we are in June bro thank u

  22. mike why was CeCe and Rocky trackers deleted

  23. Mike Anna and Elsa is new mascots.

  24. i met gary at future party ph at puffle party and rockhopper at april 20

    • hi

      lol same!

      • narellie (penguin name)

        I have never met any of them but once I logged in and I got the stamp coz gary was in that room, (I didn’t know at the time) but then he left. I’m friends with all the mascots because I used this trick via google chrome

  25. I meet PH Rockhopper Kermit tconhe frog

  26. Mike, what if CeCe & Rocky come back? What will you do if they are visiting the island. And did you delet the tracker of them?

  27. kittygirl180

    I can’t wait for the graduation party.

  28. i met gary rockhopper ph rookie and kermit

  29. kittygirl180

    The most weirdest thing happened to me. I was going to advertise my iggy. And then when I walked into the future pizza parlor, I got a stamp saying I met gary. But I never go to see him because everyone kept crowding around him!

    • rocks74

      is there a future pizza parlor?

      • no because there is no plaza for the future sorry it would be cool though!!!

        • kittygirl180

          oops. Sorry I meant the Blast-off Bistro. Or I think that’s the name. It kind of looks like the pizza parlor so I got confused. Sorry.

          • narellie (penguin name)

            something like that happened to me. I logged in, and I logged into the front of the university, and a stamp came up saying I met gary. It was the medieval party 2013

  30. mike what happened to the other trackers like cece and rocky also the Kermit the frog tracker :(

  31. i met gary and rookie and puffle handler and rockhopper

  32. mike why your tracker is not responding because gary is not offline for too long

  33. I met Gary and everyone else! Thanks Mike!

  34. OldCpVids9

    Can anyone help? I click activate penguin and the tab comes up but it doesn’t come up with the thing where you can choose to speak or not Please Help! I use Gmail

  35. Christopher Kokko

    thx doods ive finally found Gary The Gadget Guy I owe u guys wone

  36. Godard

    What is the next party going to be about? After the future party one?

  37. Godard

    If you ever want to meet Gary or any other famous penguin, always go on the foreign languages than English .In English servers it is alwyas full but on French and other surfers it is soo much eaiser to get their background and friend them. You might have difficulty talking to them

  38. yo gary on french server yeti your tracker said he was in insterllar zoo 10 seconds ago to insterllar zoo but your tracker 10 seconds and i met him in the dance dome what happened to your tracker mike (puzzeled)

    • Godard

      The trackers work as best as they can. From my experience I find this tracker the best out of all. At least it actually tells you where the character is and when.

  39. Mike when are you going to put a protobot trackter roomers say that you can meet protobot and i have been seeing sme trackters with protobot on them

  40. Aadamali

    Mike, How do the bots search the island ,Please send me a picture on how/which program you use.


  42. how the tracking bots work so hard and how does they know where is a mascot

    • Kowalski8503

      I think there are bots on different servers, and when those servers where bots are much say the name “Gary” bots detect it and give the location.

  43. how does the tracking system work?

    • We have bots that continuously search for Gary’s location in the game and update the image automatically when he’s found.

  44. CPBlaze


  45. i did not saw him

  46. why trackers has been removed of kermit cece rocky brady and mcnzie mike

  47. When is Gary coming tomorrow Mike plz tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

    • Paperback3

      Tuesday, May 27

      8:15am on the server Fog
      11:00am on the server Rainbow
      1:00pm on the server Rainbow
      3:15pm on the server Jack Frost

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