Club Penguin Gary Tracker

Gary was last on Club Penguin during the Prehistoric Party 2014. The next time Gary arrives in game on Club Penguin, you’ll be able to find him quickly and easily using our Club Penguin Gary Tracker.

Join our Club Penguin Tracker Chat to get live updates of Gary’s locations in the game!

Club Penguin Gary Tracker

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Club Penguin Prehistoric Party Room Names


  1. i like G he’s cool :)

  2. Paperback3

    My Code: BEARCUBS
    It’s new!

  3. I got a free code freehood

  4. Count Doku1

    Gary is awesome! Cool! Creative! And SUPER NICE!! :-) :-)

    • Count Doku1

      He’s coming tomorrow!!:-)))

      • Jonathan

        One time my computer was So slow then I was in the same room as Gary but the
        Stamp did not pop up so One day I checked my stamp book it show the stamp
        So I was angry with my Computer so now I have a better computer
        Hopely it will not happen again. :( !!!

        • Paperback3

          Same here. My computer was so slow one time, i didn’t even see rookie! it finally sped up but by that time he had gone.

          • Same here too my computer was so slow and I missed Herbert it sped up and I missed him bye four minutes man that was SOOO slow

  5. well duh he is coming to the fair duh he is the best mascot

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