Club Penguin Herbert P. Bear Tracker

Herbert P Bear was last on Club Penguin during Operation Puffle. The next time he logs on, be sure to visit here to find him quickly and easily.

Join our Club Penguin Tracker Chat to get live updates of Herbert’s locations in the game!

Club Penguin Herbert Tracker

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Here is a map showing the names and locations of the new rooms for the Operation Puffle party.

Operation Puffle Room Names

Operation Puffle Room Names


  1. Mike It’s Possible For A Mascot To Get Banned Because Club Penguin Even Said It Was Possible For A Mascot To Get Banned So It’s Possible <_<

  2. theminer13

    you can be friend of herbert but he hates the penguins rigth im confused

    • Herbert is a mascot u can be his friend that’s why u can but he is a bad mascot though so its is a little confusing.

  3. I meet Herbert at Opertion:Blackout,at Star Wars Takeover and Operation:Puffle. :D :)

    • Someone Has Banned Herbert P. Bear Forever And I Don’t Think Hes Ever coming on ever again.
      People are saying he’s banned forever so maybe he is maybe he isn’t but I got news like that and it might never come on again! =(

  4. Make a Rookie,Rockhopper and PH also,Gary trackers

  5. i never donated maybe ill give all my money i have 1002569976 coins i started cp this year

  6. Mike or Sam: Herbert and PH are no longer roaming the island. Turn the tracker off and change the topic on the chat please.

  7. This year I’m going to donate 400,000 coins! How about you guys? Mine is all going to Medical Help.

  8. Aarayan1

    a epic Christmas party
    Room:town/card jitsu/ski hill/snow forts
    When:7 saturday 4:00 am pst
    all r welcome

  9. im gonna find rockhooper too ;) i have his backgrounds and his stamp and hes not on my friends list

  10. merry christmas to you too ;)

  11. Keith

    Merry Christmas and have fun donating coins everybody!!:D

  12. me i am cause i havent met rockhopper yet

  13. who’s coming for coins for change rockhopper?

  14. Matthewmega1

    Sorry Guys Herbert is not comeing on anymore but mabey in april or some other day or year he may come on but hey atleast its not the last time hes going to come on!
    -waddle on!

  15. mike are cece and rocky deleted please answer

  16. DANI55713


  17. How he can add membership Adder? If you want membership go to your emailbox and check 1 week membership code!

  18. thanks i met him now i need gary ph penguin band cadance

  19. lm001

    it’s gonna take alot of money money for the cards

  20. Robert

    i was just on getting free stuff and herbert came on

  21. Matthewmega1

    Hey guys I got some times for Herbert tee he (: At 3:00PST Time pm (You may want to convert this to you’re time so if you’re EST time this would be 6:00 for you) Herbert will be on whiteout at 3:00PST Time Seeya around! Waddle on! (:

  22. Mrcool44693

    lol same here but i have not yet found herbert =( and theres only now a couple of days to get him, i have to get him!

  23. I cant find Herbert and get his background and on in ski village and he not there and help me.

  24. AbsoluteTen

    :D :D i met him in star wars and operation puffle yay :) :)
    :0 :0

  25. akshat

    i have met herbert 2 times but didnt met ph

  26. I met him, but my brother didn’t meet him yet. He’s so sad :(

  27. Missed him by 1 sec. I feel so sad. As soon as my computer loaded, the tracker said I missed by 1 second.
    UrBAn_FlaSH out!

  28. met PH too my lucky day :D

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