Club Penguin Herbert P. Bear Tracker

Herbert P Bear was last on Club Penguin during Operation Puffle. The next time he logs on, be sure to visit here to find him quickly and easily.

Join our Club Penguin Tracker Chat to get live updates of Herbert’s locations in the game!

Club Penguin Herbert Tracker

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  1. Ian wong

    Mike will hebert come on the star wars party since the enemy in star wars party is dart HEBERT. Thanks

  2. Penguin

    Are any of the character gonna come for scare games??
    Especially herbert??

  3. guys i will tell you how to get a mascot into your igloo
    first go on your freind list second click you have to have the mascot as a freind you want to invite to your igloo at the bottom of the freind list
    second go change your igloo to your old igloo when you open the building menu
    third change it to your regular igloo
    four press the x
    five you will see a mascot in your igloo

  4. um hey why did you make penguin lodge i like it if i didnt use it my life would be miserable

  5. guys herbert is a extreme stamp so you might want to try a empty server and mike this is wierd herbert likes scaring and hes not in the party he is creepy also

  6. Michael

    Hi there Mike, my name is also Michael and I’m trying to get in contact with you for business purposes. Please send me an email if you can.
    – Michael.

  7. how come herbert dont come to the operation hot suace its just a fake herbert making this machine but i felt bad for klutzy he just wanted pizza

  8. Hi mike is there a code or cheat for the tiara on clubpenguin? If so please tell and reply as soon as possible! Thanks, Cvc0098

  9. Mike!Would it be possible to make a klutzy tracker?If so,please make one!Please respond fast!

  10. Hey mike can you tell cadence to add me my penguins name is alvarenga

  11. Richard

    has klutzy ever romed cp

  12. mike when will herbert come in cp?

    • I’m not sure when he’ll be back. Hopefully soon!

      • mike you might want to hope and might not want to hope maybe if he comes he will probaly destroy cp and mike what year will you make a dot tracker

  13. Flordenieve

    This sounds silly, but I want to be a mascot. I have about 2,000 friends so Im pretty popular. I know a lot of people in CP support. Is that possible? Please respond Mike!!!!!!

  14. spy99912

    Also please can you add the beta hat.

  15. Wheres the Aunt Artic tracker Mike its December 20 please reply.

  16. Are u ready for Holiday Party Tommrow! we well have RH and AA tracker wehoo 😀

  17. Mike please make an Aunt Artic tracker I never met her. (PS:Im not the real Achiyoso).

  18. Gary_Tracker

    Hey, Mike are you going to make a Gary tracker in January? Cause he is coming and I really want to meet him but missed him during Halloween because you didn’t create one. Please make one in January, Mike. I really want to meet Gary.

  19. ???

    How can I make a automatic tracker??
    please say me how

  20. Hey Mike,why do Computer kicks and ban when you were not talking at all?

  21. so shouldn’t u make more fun stuff mike?

  22. Sith Master2

    Will you make an Aunt Arctic tracker for the holiday party? I already met Rockhopper at Rockhopper’s Quest back in February

  23. how I can get yours trackers?

  24. I already met rookie so i just want to meet herbert.

  25. nawaf43

    hey mike only it says yeti french what happen it any problem

  26. rocky

    hey mike i know this tracker rocks but you should even get passwords of mascots can you do so

  27. its the last day to meet him and he has nog got on in 3days and12hrs

  28. Mrweegee9347

    Guys i met Rookie December 1st 2012 11:07pm SLushy at Snow Forts.
    All he kept saying is i like trains. Bye the way ur tracker said he was offline when i met him.

    • The tracker wouldn’t say he’s offline unless he is not roaming Club Penguin at all. The tracker shows the last time he was on. If you saw him without the tracker updating, it could be because the tracking bots did not locate him quickly enough.

  29. Starriz115

    Mike did you have Penguin Band Tracker?

  30. LoveCece

    To Mike

    I hope i get to meet Herbert today! I only have 2 days left to meet him but. i bt im not gonna meet him anyway :(

  31. rocky4462

    I’m mike I know you can’t fix the herbert tacker but its says:1 day and 10 hours. please fix it they had to come on today and well ya they could not be on but I do not get it and if you can fix it FIX IT and can you get the money maker work again please bye mike.

    • There is nothing wrong with it. Herbert hasn’t been coming on lately. Operation Blackout is ending, and so is Herbert’s reign over Club Penguin. It makes sense that he has not been on.

  32. Ruubi123

    hey mike ! is herbert tracker real? its dont work 22h ago :(

  33. Starriz115

    Mike why can you make Sensei, PH and Gary tracker when they’re offline and not they’re party? Why you can’t make they’re tracker when they’re not on the island?

  34. GrimReaper666

    IS herbert still coming on as of december 1?

    • I’m not sure. Hopefully he’ll continue coming on, but it probably won’t be as often as it was earlier in Operation Blackout.

  35. Will the money maker be working soon? P.s. Awesome Tracker!

  36. herbert on french sever yati because im there i know were he is so if you has account add me and ill tell you were herbert is k your snowy pall scott775 :) BYY BYE ps. have a good day on

  37. this tracker hates me when i try to meet herbert it says online 1 hour ago or rookie it says 20 min ago :(

  38. hey mike is it possible to get band if u get 200,000 coins

  39. Gresh3739

    Hey Mike, why was there no Gary tracker? And will you have the trackers up for the next party?

  40. ivanlee1

    Yeah I Meet Rookie At Ice Berg Dock And He Goes To Pizza Shop,And After That He Leave,But Then I Accidentaly Meet Him,I Was To Make Video.

  41. The Rookie has been spotted in Portuguese Zero Grau server and Avalanche! THE ROOKIE and not Herbert, called the central core and said the Rookie will appear by the end of Operation Blackout! Update Rookie Tracker!

  42. Hi Mike, please put a code to unlock cheat engine how to hack a membership or a membership with cheat engine I love your blog I would appreciate that you put it please.

  43. Mr Fliffil

    Hey mike how’s it going? So, I was wondering if ur tracker free finds him the first when he comes on, or after a while.

  44. lalalalala

    Mike can you fix the money maker to?


  46. Hello Mike! Update the tracker, it is already to twenty-one hours and seven minutes without updating. And it’s not because the bots have not yet found, is lack of attention of bots (do not know how they are going to have a lack of attention, whether they are automatic) over there on a Saturday, I met Herbert in Portuguese Zero Grau server tracker and not updated.

    • I do not update the tracker. It updates automatically when Herbert is found. The bots do not have a “lack of attention”. Herbert has not been online that often which is why it shows he hasn’t been found in a while.

  47. this is your worst tracker ever

    • All trackers we have work the same exact way. The reason it does not find Herbert often is because Herbert does not come on often. This is Club Penguin’s decision, so if you’re looking for someone to blame, blame them.

    • Petal32100

      This Is The Best Tracker EVER!! Met Him For Myself,My Backup Account,My Friend’s Account,My Other Friend,And My Mom!!

  48. Just met herbert!

  49. Hey Mike,

    When are you making other cool generators just like the fruit item adder? I love this site!

    • Hopefully soon. I’m working on something that will improve, and allow for more, programs on this site!

      • Zack597

        Mike, make Item Adders for these items
        429 – Miners Helmet
        2020 – Spy Goggles
        339 – Friendship Bracelet
        1196 – Bucket Hat
        1191 – Purple Bat Wings
        1236 – Purple Propeller Cap
        1300 – The Trapeze Artist
        1301 – The Jingle Jangle
        1302 – The Sundae Surprise
        1303 – The Balloonist
        1304 – Inky Squid Lid
        1323 – Glowing Pumpkin Head
        244 – Ghost Costume
        14446 – Scarlet Admiral coat
        3032 – Amulet
        1321 – Fire Headband
        1322 – Water Headband
        8010 – Water Booster Deck
        8006 – Fire Booster Deck
        14485 – Tranquility Robe
        14554 – Treasure Chest Costume
        1333 – The Jingle Bell
        1332 – CFC Cap
        1334 – The Tree Topper
        1335 – The Hornament Hat
        4473 – Gingerbread Cookie Costume
        1331 – Springy Santa Hat
        14605 – Major Tunage Shirt
        10247 – Clown Suit – Founded by Pengocent
        10276 – Robot Costume – Founded by cphelper15
        10295 – Captain’s Coat – Founded by cphelper15
        14041 – Snowman Body – Founded by cphelper15
        14737 – Green Spider Costume – Founded by Ninja
        15112 – Bunch of Balloons – Founded by Ninja
        4667 – Grape Bunch Costume – Founded by MannyCP
        4664 – Watermelon Costume – Founded by MannyCP
        1441 – Apple Headband – Founded by MannyCP
        1444 – Grape Headband – Founded by MannyCP
        1443 – Pineapple Headband – Founded by MannyCP
        1442 – Watermelon Headband – Founded by MannyCP
        350 – Cotton candy – Founded by MannyCP
        336 – Lollypop – Founded by MannyCP
        10268 – Astronaut Suit – Founded by MannyCP
        11334 – The Tree Topper – Founded by ivan8871
        11507 – Fish Dog Vendor Cap – Founded by cphelper15
        13143 – Fish Dog Vendor Pouch – Founded by cphelper15

        904 – Clouds Background
        918 – Soccer Background
        932 – Winter Background
        960 – Treasure Map Background
        993 – Sports Equipment Background
        998 – Gym Background
        9001 – Secret Noir Background
        9032 – Tiki Coffee Shop Background
        9023 – Princess Castle Background
        9033 – Aqua disco Background
        9034 – Green Melody background
        9035 – Pink Stars Background
        9038 – Tropical Palm Background
        9063 – A Day At A Beach Background
        9075 – Rockhopper Background
        9080 – Water Tank Background
        9083 – Coins For Change Background
        9085 – Neon Paint Splatter Background
        9086 – Puffles Background
        9091 – Medival Arena Background
        9092 – Cave Gate
        9093 – Medival Banners
        9095 – Rookie Background
        9099 – Wall Of Speakers Background
        9100 – Music Jam Guitars
        9102 – Emeral leaves Background
        9103 – Adventure Camp Background
        9104 – Snowboards Background
        9105 – Summit Background
        19126 – Top Trumps Exclusive
        9114 – Candy Ghost Background
        9115 – Step Right Up Background
        9108 – Ball Pit Background
        9112 – New Gary Giveaway Background
        9015 – Cadence’s Autograph – Founded by David
        9122 – Holiday Tree Background – Founded by Khantar07
        9123 – North Pole Background – Founded by Khantar07
        9124 – Holiday Magic Background – Founded by Khantar07
        9125 – Sweet Treat Background – Founded by Khantar07
        9120 – Balcony Background – Founded by Ninja
        9119 – All Wrapped Up Background – Founded by Ninja
        9117 – Balcony Background – Founded by Ninja
        958 – Splash Background – Founded by Ninja

        609 – Rockhoppers Key Pin
        7031 – Carabiner Pin
        7032 – Popcorn Pin
        7035 – Sandwitch Pin
        7036 – Gold Feather Pin
        7069 – Red Electric Guitar Pin
        7072 – Tiki Mask Pin
        7060 – Shield Pin
        7079 – Purple Balloon Pin
        7075 – Expedition Key
        7084 – Fence Pin
        7081 – Milkshake Pin
        7089 – Reindeer Pin
        7094 – CFC 2011 Pin
        7087 – Blue Fish Pin
        7086 – Hot Sauce Pin
        7085 – Crystal Ball Pin
        7077 – Checkered Flag Pin
        7090 – Candy Swirl Pin
        7097 – Conch Shell Pin
        7093 – Candy Cane Dou Pin
        7092 – Holiday Stocking Pin
        7091 – Milk ‘N Cookies Pin
        7106 – Round Ruby Pin
        7041 – Snowflakes Pin – Founded by clubpenguin2misa

        • I’ll be sure to take these items into account if/when we put up an item adder. Thanks!

          • Flordenieve

            My friend tried hacking in as Herbert. it said he was banned forever. Is that true?

          • Herbert’s account cannot be hacked. It is only accessible from within the Club Penguin offices, and his usernames and passwords (there are multiple Herbert accounts) are unknown to everyone except for the Club Penguin employees who control him.

        • Flordenieve

          A bit to much, dont ya think? XD

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