Club Penguin Igloo Adder

One of the most enjoyable things to do in Disney’s multiplayer online kid’s game, Club Penguin is customize your player’s igloo. Players have the option of choosing between many different types of igloo buildings, flooring, and locations to decorate their in game home. This program allows you to add any Club Penguin igloo, igloo flooring, and igloo location to your penguin account. Simply fill out your penguin information, choose the igloo building or accessory you want, and within a matter of seconds what you selected will be in your igloo inventory in the game.

Make sure you’re not logged into Club Penguin while the Igloo Adder runs.

Need more Club Penguin Coins? Try out the Penguin Gold Club Penguin Money Maker

Get new and rare items for your igloo with the Penguin Lodge Club Penguin Furniture Adder


  1. How COUlD you get banned forever. I bet it’s for something silly and ridiculous that people are dumb enough to do.BTW Crybaby, asking Mike if he’s hot was HILARIOUS! XD. When I read it, I laughed so much, I cried. LITERALLY. LOL!!

  2. Ian

    Hey Mike, Why dont you guys have star wars igloos

  3. Because the igloo pineapple has no way to add?

  4. Vinícius Santos

    Because the igloo pineapple has no way to add?

  5. mike
    why are all igloos member

  6. Mike, When i use this item adder why are you spending Our coins?

  7. Mike, why can’t you just make the furniture adder and igloo added into one? I don’t really see the point in making them two adders.

    • alicia16286

      i do because they are different things furniture igloo same category because furniture is used to decorate but igloos are not furniture and furniture isn’t an igloo

    • Igloos are pretty different than furniture. We already have igloo floors and igloo locations in the Furniture Adder as well.

  8. no igloos for non members

    • alicia16286

      trust me they are in there but are for members in this adder – i hate it but it’s ok because i have them

  9. Christine

    Mike, where is the stage igloo?

  10. jiji smart

    no Double Igloo? like the one with an indoor terrace?

    • alicia16286

      split level igloo backyard igloo candy split igloo snowy backyard igloo.You’re welcome.

  11. are you hot mike?

  12. what is the longest someones been banned?

    • The longest bans in Club Penguin last forever. Cheating bans are usually 72 hours. Most people don’t get banned for using our cheating programs.

      • jibby j

        I am trying to get the beach party igloo but it won’t work error code 999 not a member

      • Actually, around 2014 – 2015 Club Penguin started doing bans around over 100 hours, but I cannot find anything about it sadly. During then I was banned 119 Hours. But yes, the longest bans are forever.

  13. Club Penguin

    Could you get banned forever?

  14. this website isnt working for me either

  15. Love Dat

    I absolutely love this website! But why isn’t it working for other penguin users?

  16. Music Mia

    Isn’t there a double storey igloo? Searched the whole list of igloos but couldn’t find it!! I really want it1!

    • Love Dat

      Out of my several years on CP, there is no two-story igloo.

    • alicia16286

      they ARE on the list they are SPLIT LEVEL igloos like split level snow igloo backyard igloo green clover igloo split level igloo candy split level igloo – try look at all of them before saying they aren’t on the list – You’re welcome…

  17. andrezinb

    LOL Best site

  18. booger

    works for me

  19. super dang strange, cuz it always works for me….

  20. this programe is great

  21. ...

    Why is the sweet swirl igloo for members! It’s for both… :/

  22. Hay:)

    It works now!

  23. CPfan0183

    There is a bug in this program.

  24. I have been trying this all day but it will not work. Please fix this Mike!

  25. This is not working for me! Please fix this!

  26. OogaBooga

    The item adder isn’t working cuz i really want the medival manor and wildlife den

  27. Samster

    The igloo adder isn’t working for me plz fix the bug!

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