Club Penguin Igloo Adder

One of the most enjoyable things to do in Disney’s multiplayer online kid’s game, Club Penguin is customize your player’s igloo. Players have the option of choosing between many different types of igloo buildings, flooring, and locations to decorate their in game home. This program allows you to add any Club Penguin igloo, igloo flooring, and igloo location to your penguin account. Simply fill out your penguin information, choose the igloo building or accessory you want, and within a matter of seconds what you selected will be in your igloo inventory in the game.

Make sure you’re not logged into Club Penguin while the Igloo Adder runs.

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Get new and rare items for your igloo with the Penguin Lodge Club Penguin Furniture Adder

  1. It would be awesome if he added a pufffle maker!

    -Lauren xoxo

  2. Wynter

    Dude, The Ice Palace Igloo Is For Nms So Is The School Igloo :l

  3. Zoesophie101

    could you make a piffle adder and why aren’t you answering anyones questions?

  4. Can you please make the Ice Palace Igloo marked for non members? My friend has the igloo and never was a member, so I was wondering if you could make it for non members so non members can have it too. Thanks! :D

    • I’m a member but it would be nice if he made lots of things for non-members. They deserve the same treatment that members have!

      - Lauren xoxo

  5. Its weird but when i was a member i added the non member igloos even it said members only but when my membership expired the non member igloos let me used them like its just so weird right?

    • Wynter

      IKR!! i tried adding the ice palace igloo to my nm instead of my member and it said Member Only Error (999)

    • ArtsyChica17 on CP

      No that makes sense they are non member igloos

    • Niceme877

      Yeah. the sweet swirl igloo works for non members even though its members only.

  6. The Elsa ice palace and schoolhouse igloo and sweet swirl igloo r for non members mike

  7. Reana leana ur my friend on club penguin well i forgot what penguin

  8. Mike is there any igloo for non members I have a hard time with it

  9. ok mike there are no non member igloos or furniture and can u add the frozen party iggy for non members because they gave it ton non members and maybe add a popcorn machine to the non member bach and please get the frozen party furniture for non members

  10. mia

    Hi make i would appriciate it if you could put the igloos in alphabetical order

  11. Mike I thought the Elsa Ice Palace is for non members why is it for members I don’t understand why please tell me!!!!!!!.

  12. ange

    please anyone tell me which igloo is the igloo which non members can add????????????

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