Club Penguin Igloo Adder

The Penguin Lodge Igloo Adder is our latest Club Penguin cheating program. This program lets you add any available Club Penguin igloos to your member account. All you need to do is fill out your penguin information and select an igloo. If you have enough coins, the igloo will be added to your penguin.

Make sure you’re not logged into Club Penguin while the Igloo Adder runs.
All igloos are member only.

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  1. Mike, I am not getting pineapple igloo. Is it still available anywhere?
    Has it got stopped or lost somewhere?

  2. tahlia


  3. Sam

    Every time I try to add any igloo, it says it’s not connecting to CP.

  4. Leo

    Uhm… It says the Sweet Swirl Igloo is for members only when it’s not! Can you fix that?

    • It is for members only.

    • I don’t think Mike will fix that. If you want it for nonmembers then you will have to buy a membership then get the sweet swirl igloo and when your membership expires you can use it no reply only mike reply.

  5. I’m a member and i get it when it expires but anyways where can i find the hoodies it would be pretty cool. Add me i’m Sasha756

  6. Mike when i added the mermaid cove it said Expelled Error (-er-)

    What do i do???

    • Hkhkhk123 ( my penguin name )

      just try to turn off the wifi then turn it back on

  7. Thank you Mike for make them I’ve done them all!

  8. Dan

    Penguin Lodge Is An Awesome Cheating Website.
    Mike, when will that furniture adder be available?
    Kids are waiting for it and need it about now.

  9. Randy5213

    Doest the Penthouse get you banned cause I was on another site and it had it as an igloo in Feb 2013

    • It does get you automatically banned, which is why it’s not included.

      Edit: The VIP Penthouse automatically bans, but the Penthouse is safe.

  10. The Real Kid

    Mike, can I have a list of bait items so I don’t get banned?

  11. Thanks soo much Mike for these item adders igloo adders coin adders and soo on :)

  12. Mike why isn’t the candy swirl igloo for nonmembers you should make it be my friend has it when he isn’t even a member! I want it my membership will expire soon and my dad only lets me buy it on the breaks like spring break,summer break,winter break and thats it

    • Club Penguin changed it to members only.

      • but if you are a member than get it cause when your membership expires you can use it like me reply soon

        • That’s correct. You must be a member to obtain it, but all players can set it as their igloo if they already have it.

  13. This thing is AWESOME!I’m glad I found it!GO PENGUIN LODGE!

  14. TaraStar99

    Hey Mike, is there any non-member igloos.

    Reply Soon.

  15. Wait does this ban you because I never tried and don’t want to get banned i am sceared :(

  16. Anonymus

    I would like to remain anonymus for my penguins protection. I would not like to be rush hurry but when is the furniture adder estimated to be unveiled? Thanks for all your hard work, this is the only site i trust. Thanks. Please leave a reply if possible. And i dont want repolys from other people saying PATIENCE. thanks again mike,
    Your fan
    ******* (anonymus)

  17. Hey Mike, do u have a club penguin name?

  18. do you need to be on or off when you add the igloo

  19. Ânonimo

    Thank You mike!!

  20. blueberrymuffins

    Mike, why doesn’t club penguin allow the pineapple igloo? Is it an igloo you get from a code ? Thanks -blueberrymuffins :)

    • It was meant to be an item exclusive to Club Penguin players from the United Kingdom, and when people started cheating it a lot, Club Penguin blocked it from being cheated.

  21. Nyan Cat1439

    i got it when i was a non-member. That’s unfair

  22. Technicly, the only thing that’s hacking about it is that it goes into past catalogs, you pay for the igloo and everything…

  23. 69

    Is there a way I can make it so that there is less of a chance I am permanently banned? My penguin is very old and a member and rare so I need to be confident that when I add stuff I won’t be banned. Are there ways of lessening the risk?

  24. but he isn’t banned but still…. I guess he said something about the website and got a warning :(

  25. yo mike I am kinda sad D’:

    my friend got a warning of cheating :’(

  26. madds

    what about the fruit iggy i really want it so plz add it

  27. Buddy7184

    Will we get banned by Club Penguin for using this like the Money Maker?

  28. cool penguin

    Errors all time, it so bad !

  29. 90icesbelow2

    Where’s The Open Igloo?

    • You do not need this program for that. Just go to your igloo inventory and click the empty igloo icon.

  30. Pinkt2006

    i agree with Mullinz
    And i haven’t commented in penguin lodge for a long time! XD
    Mike do it for everyone!
    wait…wasen’t the furniture adder coming in early march? but now it’s late march
    was that just a lie or truth?

  31. Nyan Cat1439

    Hey Non-Members! there is one non member iggy and thats Sweet-Swirl iggy!
    It was available to everyone in the December Coins-for-change party in 2013 (last year)
    Apparently, it will be patched soon, along with other rare (yes, it’s rare) igloos, like In-Half Igloo and Restaurant igloo. Apparently, most rare items will be patched soon, so get em while ya can XD

  32. Hey Mike,When Will You Add The Igloo Item Adder? Are You Still Doing It?

    • Pinkt2006

      I’m so excited !!!! i can’t wait like other people
      but give Mike some time

      • Mullinz

        He told us to early, and we are all waiting, make this a priority for everyones sake

  33. doggy

    This IS SO AWESOME!!!!!

  34. Mark

    When I added the igloo it says I have 0 of the item available

  35. All for Members! >.< I'm only Non-member.

  36. theminer13

    thats becuse you only can add the igloos if you are a member or somthing penguin lodge not have conection with club penguin

  37. Bunny1689

    Thanks so much for the igloo adder, Mike! It must have took you a long time to make it, and I appreciate you putting the time and effort you did to make an igloo adder for people to use! You didn’t have to do this, but you did, and I wanted to thank you for that!

  38. When I try to add an igloo it says it’s only for members or it Can Not Connect To Club Penguin.

  39. Jessy3742

    hey Mike,
    I’m not trying to tell you to hurry and make it faster but, can you please give me the time and maybe some of the items you will add in the furniture adder?
    I am really excited about. I hope this didn’t come out mean but ok!
    (p.s. feel free to add me on clubpenguin anyone)
    Waddle on!

  40. Meadow Kaksonen

    Wow all these comments are talking about them getting banned mean while I have been using the money maker and igloo adder and item adder for hours non stop and it works perfectly and I never got banned im also extremely excited for the furniture adder to come out hope it is coming soon

  41. minecrafter cpworld

    I want it more than u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    please make a furniture adder, or add one of those plain hoodies (pink,blue,blckor green please) if possibele thanks very much Mike!

    • minecrafter cpworld

      mike when will the furniture adder finish?

    • Popyb2

      Hoodies are patched (NO WAY TO GET THEM) and Mike’s working on the furniture adder! Enough with asking for the furniture adder! If you were mike, do you think you could make a furniture adder in one day??????
      And read what it says in Item Adder FAQs;
      Question: Can you add an item to the Item Adder?
      Answer: No. The Item Adder currently lists every possible Club Penguin Item you can get. If an item is not listed then it cannot be obtained with our item adder
      P.S if you want a furniture adder, download it at If you cant download files, too bad! Be patient with mike.

  43. Alana Cp

    I love this website! :)

    • Pinkt2006

      Alana cp! i seen you on club penguin and ur iggys are amazing!

      • Moon

        You’re tricked. The real Alana never goes on this. It’s probably Takeway as he has been causing her a lot of trouble and making her life hard. Also the real one has a icon next to her name if she ever comments or comes on this.

  44. finally found the cruise ship igloo! WOOP now I can make a cruise or titanic! Wait, Mike? will there be a furniture adder? Plz let me know.

  45. This is so cool!!!! Thank you!!!

  46. You rock Penguinlodge

    Mike, will there be an Igloo Location Adder?

  47. Wow! I haven’t used this and I won’t. But just commenting after reading the comments, Mike you are really very hardworking! Keep up the good work!

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