Club Penguin Igloo Adder

One of the most enjoyable things to do in Disney’s multiplayer online kid’s game, Club Penguin is customize your player’s igloo. Players have the option of choosing between many different types of igloo buildings, flooring, and locations to decorate their in game home. This program allows you to add any Club Penguin igloo, igloo flooring, and igloo location to your penguin account. Simply fill out your penguin information, choose the igloo building or accessory you want, and within a matter of seconds what you selected will be in your igloo inventory in the game.

Make sure you’re not logged into Club Penguin while the Igloo Adder runs.

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Get new and rare items for your igloo with the Penguin Lodge Club Penguin Furniture Adder

  1. what is a list of released and not released igloos. Mike? Anyone?

    • Towerofyikk

      The only unreleased igloo is the 2 Level Igloo which was shown two years ago but has never been released or even mentioned since.

      All released igloos are here except the Pineapple Igloo and Gymnasium Igloo (not to be confused with the Gym Igloo) which had to be purchased in real life from non-CP related things they were bundled with and the Puffle Tree Fort (not to be confused with the Puffle Tree House) which had to have been bundled with a limited edition membership. The VIP Penthouse which is very similar to the Penthouse is not on here as only moderators can have it.

  2. Hey Mike~! I keep getting this error ‘Error: Already Own Igloo (500)’ while I try to get this location?

  3. So scared

    Is any one else scared you will get banned?!

    • Delorean (Car)

      No don’t worry.I’ve been used these adders for a while time and nothing happened.

  4. Hey you think i can get any igloo even though i dont have a real user?

  5. Mike, are you like a clubpenguin expert?????

  6. bubble bash1 (cp nAme)

    Hi this is soooo cool mike is there any way I can add the hair I’m looking for it’s called the twilight sky

  7. Mike is there a igloo for non members

  8. Zereza16

    Mike and the two story igloo!? it was on 2012 music jam in the video Shake it Up – Club Penguin! in second 0:25. they give you the igloo if you comment, i think, but now it dosent work so PLEASE PUT THE TWO STORY IGLOO!!

  9. mike is the special igloo with the water slide from the teen beach movie available or possible to obtain?

  10. XD

    Hey Mike! I thought there was a two story igloo… But it’s not on here

  11. sonic33336 (club penguin name)

    mike, is there any adder for non members

  12. mike what happened to the two story igloo? (plz reply)

  13. Coolmember35

    Mike where is the Pineapple igloo do you know what I’m talking about?

  14. little wolf9 (penguin name)

    Im sad that non-members dont get paticular iggies, but the candy swirl iggi (forgot its name) is avalible to all members and non members. in the cristmas party (2013) i recieved the candy swirl iggi and im a non member. the cany iggi is avalible to all members


      After the party, CP turned it into a member igloo just like most others.

  15. Why can they add the puffle tree house from 2013 for non members because its unlockable and it’s not fair that they don’t add any unlockable igloos for non members.

    • If it were included, you would be automatically banned for attempting to add it. That is why it is not included.

      • im starting to not like CP now because my sister has non member (clubprocks20) and she only has two igloos and three items for nons im about to call CP and ask them to add more items for nons.

  16. deniz

    wheres the tour bus

  17. narellie (my penguin name)

    I just realised it’s not in alphabetical order!

  18. mike wheres the soccer igloo

  19. mike what is your best iggy awner me plz

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