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The Penguin Lodge Club Penguin Item Adder can add any un-blocked Club Penguin items to your account. Simply enter your account information into the form below and choose items you want from the list of available items. Within seconds all the items you selected will be added to your account.

Please read and understand the Item Adder risks before using it. Also make sure you’re not logged in while running it.

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  1. Item Adder FAQs:

    There are a lot of people asking the same questions in this comment thread so I've decided to address them here. Please read these FAQs before leaving a comment.

    Can you add an item to the Item Adder?

    No. The Item Adder currently lists every possible Club Penguin Item you can get. If an item is not listed then it cannot be obtained with our item adder.

    Can you get banned for using the Item Adder?

    There is always a risk of getting banned when using a cheating program. If you want to know more about the risks, read this.

    I got an error. What should I do?

    Most errors will include a description of the error telling you what went wrong such as not having enough coins. If you get a connection error or the Item Adder loads continuously then that just means there was a bad connection, and you should try again.

    Can non-members get member items?

    No. Member items are only available to members, hence why they are member items.

    If you ask one of these questions in a comment, your comment will be deleted, and repeated offenders will be banned from commenting on Penguin Lodge.

  1. kelly

    so just to be clear, does this mean that the rare items that where on this website won’t come back?, not even if in a few weeks?, but I don’t get it, why does club penguin patch the rare items and doesn’t bother patching the rare furniture items? :/

    • Sarah

      Cause for some penguins just starting out, they’ll be jealous of non members getting all the cool items and they can’t, we got them because we used this. Clubpenguin wanted to make the game even so everyone wins, we’re equal now – Sarah

  2. speed9999

    yea good point

  3. brb

    It was with an exploit but it lasted only about 5 days and u missed it!

  4. ok rlly? i thought this site was updated! >:( >:(

  5. Cozycone14

    Hey I was wondering if there was a follow bot adder because i just logged on today and i saw some guy following another penguin… looked like a follow bot to me.

  6. Cozycone14

    Ok Thank you! :)

  7. AWWW the Letterman red jacket is patched :(

  8. perfect form cell

    Mike just want to know can a mod take alway my rare items when your banned?

  9. whats the name of the shades and suit pookies dads always wear?

  10. Katelynn

    Love This But I Wish I Could Have The Rare Pink Boa, I Know Its Patched But, I Really Want It!:( Too Bad Mike Cant Put It On Here, But Other Than No Being Able To All The Rares, I Love This And Am Very Thankful For It! :)

    • speed9999

      the pink boa was on two week ago but cp found away to remove it. even old blue boa was here and leis and rare stuff.

  11. Does anyone know what the hair that boy pookies always use are called?

  12. Roborhino10

    What’s the name of the shirt that goes with the “music splatter hat”?

    • Daddydavepeng12

      It’s called music swirl tee, but it’s patched. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  13. i can't say


  14. Ryan

    What is the rubber duckie called?

    • A tif for da ones who are afraird: NEVER EVER wear these rare items (cp patched the items again)to show off for examplesome girl at a pookie contest is super rare and everybody thinks shes rare but sudently someone puts on a beta hat and a hoddie and da robo mask and says im more rare! that gets you into the point where the rare person says you use lodge and den he or she basicly reports you, when probaly they use lodge themselfvs, just dont show off your items and you should try to meet ever mascot cuse pepole may check your stamp book to see what chracter stamps you have, lets sya you have none, but you have da beta hat, they basicly have a reason to report you, cuse how in da world have youbeen playing since the beta hat came out and dont have all or most of the chracter stamps! if i was you I would keep my eye on these trackers, i would say if you knew Cadence Sensei herbert aunt artic and da pb your ok, also you gotta try to start goin on iceicle and stop going on blizzard and ice berg, and dont go to mod monday, cuse if your at mod monday with your rare items, your gonna be caought by a mod so keep it back for mod monday, and dont show off, and a person on cp told me dat they have a beta list so who ever has a beta then your on da list -.-

    • Towerofyikk

      Blue Duck. Its members only.

      • Lucky Ducky

        This is /kind/ of right, but the Blue Duckie isn’t the only one. There’s a yellow rubber ducky and a green rubber ducky.

      • Shurimon

        No it’s inflatable duck which is the non-member version of blue duck.

        • Towerofyikk

          The inflatable duck (and its green variant) is patched which is why I said the blue one since its available…

  15. Daddydavepeng12

    Ok nobody gets my account now. Someone banned it and I’m onto them. If they think they can slip by on this, they’ve got another thing coming! And if it was someone here who banned it, than just tell me. I’ll be cool as long as you tell the truth.

    • Shurimon

      What if i told you it was me hmmmm. Jk!! XD Dude maybe CP banned for cheating.

  16. Kris

    Mike do you think the thing that happened with the rare items was a once in a lifetime thing that will probably never happen again?

  17. Modani22

    uhhhm when it says member:yes, does that mean if im not a member that i cant include it?

  18. Bethany

    I got the spy phone but where is it?

  19. what is the red jacket with the buttons?

  20. Hey Mike, I had Patty’s Hat but it wasn’t from the item adder, and i’m trying to find it now but i can’t. It just… disappeared.

  21. Daddydavepeng12

    Okay, updates. For people who wanna look like Cole Plante, you can’t, their bait items. The frozen takeover is said to come out in the middle of august I believe. The rare items are gone, people. Cp patched them. So stop crying about that stupid the befluttered item. And last thing, what do you guys think of the music jam on a scale of 1to 10?

  22. Teigan

    Ok I have a question I have been wondering for a while now… What happened to the rare items? I know they got patched and all but when they patch items why do you remove it from the adder? Can’t you keep it on forever? Like what happens to them… Do they automatically remove because if club penguin patches them but you still have them on the item adder we can still add them right? But unfortunately you removed them. And how did you find a way to break in, did cp lower there defenses or something?

  23. perfect form cell

    Hey i got banned for 72 hours is possible they can take my rare items alway?

  24. lizbeth71881 (My penguin name)

    what happen with the rare items

  25. Juno

    Hey Mike, is there any possible chance of all those rare item adders coming back? Ive been told that CP possibly “banned” the items but I dont think they’d do that.

  26. Toad, you cannot wear any of Cole Plante’s items. That’s because his items are bait items and you would get banned for 72 hours or forever.

  27. Why can’t you add items that are worn by Cole Plante and Violetta so everyone can look like them I would love to look like Cole Plante he’s my Favorite please Mike!

    • dude you cant look like them. i dont even think any of the mascots’ clothes are available. maybe the pink toque Aunt Arctic wears. and also, thats plagiarism.

    • Juno

      Cause theyre bait items.

  28. CPkid

    No I mean wear. This is confusing lol :S

  29. do you have the black superhero mask if you do is it called black superhero mask or superhero mask?

  30. gumball7645

    I know what I said about music jam, towerofyikk,It may not be about penguin lodge but it is club-penguin related. ALSO FROZEN TAKEOVER IS NEXT MONTH MAYBE!!

  31. Okay I used the rare item adder on the first day it came out and I still haven’t got banned (not that I want to). I’ve been on crowded servers wearing my items. I did not add super rare Items because I know that can obviously get you banned. Are there just no moderators around?

    • i waer the beta hat and i dont banned :D

    • Autumn

      If you added items within your age range, I don’t think CP can ban you because it is possible you obtained those items without cheating. I know this because when I got caught (thankfully before the adder got took down so I had a chance to re-add my items lol) the items within my day-range that I cheated actually stayed in my inventory.

      • penguin

        actually, i emailed them before they said they can tell if you added an item by cheating whether its within your age range or not -.- they probably didnt remove it because theyre busy people but if they catch you again, youll get banned forever

  32. Cozycone14

    Will I get banned if i use this again?

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