Club Penguin Item Adder

The Penguin Lodge Club Penguin Item Adder can add any un-blocked Club Penguin items to your account. Simply enter your account information into the form below and choose items you want from the list of available items. Within seconds all the items you selected will be added to your account.

Please read and understand the Item Adder risks before using it. Also make sure you’re not logged in while running it.

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  1. Item Adder FAQs:

    There are a lot of people asking the same questions in this comment thread so I've decided to address them here. Please read these FAQs before leaving a comment.

    Can you add an item to the Item Adder?

    No. The Item Adder currently lists every possible Club Penguin Item you can get. If an item is not listed then it cannot be obtained with our item adder.

    Can you get banned for using the Item Adder?

    There is always a risk of getting banned when using a cheating program. If you want to know more about the risks, read this.

    I got an error. What should I do?

    Most errors will include a description of the error telling you what went wrong such as not having enough coins. If you get a connection error or the Item Adder loads continuously then that just means there was a bad connection, and you should try again.

    Can non-members get member items?

    No. Member items are only available to members, hence why they are member items.

    If you ask one of these questions in a comment, your comment will be deleted, and repeated offenders will be banned from commenting on Penguin Lodge.


  1. lolpop07

    oops quit pressuring mike sorry i had a typo!!

  2. lolpop07

    guys please pressuring Mike I mean he has a life to live too! I mean it just a adder! Here listen to this to help you calm down :)

  3. Suieas

    Mike, I’m giving up on you. I’ve been checking penguin Lodge everyday since late january. If you could only at least reply to these comments.

  4. Star Jesse5

    Guys! Gokhan137 is making a furniture adder and is hopefully releasing it this week! Go to the other website that he owns which also includes a money maker, item adder, etc. Plus his item adder has more rare items in it. Ive given up on Mike.

  5. Star Jesse5

    Mike! Just answer us straight up! are you making the furniture adder or not? Everyone is starting to lose patience.

    • WHY WOULD YOU CARE. You HATE Mike but most of all,you hate patience. Maybe you need to calm down! -.-

      • Star Jesse5

        Ummm. Most of us have been patient for a while and Mike isn’t even responding to these comments?

  6. Pengupingu66

    mike the photo on the home page of the item adder shows some items which we cant get using this adder why is that so? i am not asking you why those items are not on the adder i am asking you why are they in the photo? reply plz

  7. Nyan Cat1439

    Guys i know how the whole ‘Rare’ thing works. My reply to that is:
    wow! who cares!
    I just want to look cool on CP! I have nearly every rare item (including sunstriker, Black Toque (2006 ver) all the hoodies, but do i wear them?
    I wear all the new stuff!
    Also, a few days ago before the puffle party their was an uprising. heaps of old penguins came and shouted stuff like: NO MORE GOLD OR RAINBOW PUFFLES! NO MORE AD PARTYS!
    the only thing i was ok with was: “NO MORE POOKIES!”
    Guys, my point is we shouldn’t care about being rare. we should care about: 1:Looking Cool 2:Making an orphanage in CP so pookies aren’t overtaking the pet shop.
    Anyways, idc about rareness (is that even a word?)
    I just care about looking cool.
    (some old items ARE cool, but why someone would want to walk round with no pants is beyond me :I )

  8. why when iam using the item adder stuck in namber zero!

  9. Can i get the quartz pin please

  10. anyone know how to get dog & cat puffle costumes ????

    • I do the dog puffle costume and cat puffle costume is in the adder. The dog puffle suit’s name is blue border
      collie costume. The cat puffle suit is named Orange tabby costume.

  11. Mike,will you add the Blue Blend Hoodie?

  12. Sabe2424

    Hey guys! Some of you guys have been saying Mike is making a furniture some of you guys say Mike isn’t making a furniture adder! I am very confused! Is he or is he not making a furniture adder. And Mike if you are making one can we have a sneak peek? Myself and a lot of other people are being patient. Thanks Mike!

  13. A Penguin Chick

    What is the paint splattered hoodie called

  14. The Puppy Lover

    THX SOOO MUCH FOR HAVING GENERATORS THAT WORK!!! I LOVE this site, and will always use it. Can you put the golden car and golden IPod on the list? PLZ REPLY, MIKE! P.S Who else works with you?

    • you can get those by having your golden puffle dig for you.but chances are 50% possible for him to add it just be patient and you might get lucky!:D

      • The Puppy Lover

        I sure hope he adds them my gold puffle won’t dig worth a flip!!!

        • well this may seem boring to you but i always go everywhere and get pretty cool stuff,but doin’t worry four golden will dig,at the cp party you have this button for your puffle to dig,hope this helps- Amie Pond, P.S Happy easter!

  15. Star Jesse5

    Im pretty sure that he is making one that prevents a ban. like his other adders.

    • Um, dude, Mike isn’t going to make one. I’m pretty sure of that

    • Glimmerlare

      No one is capable of that. CP is a very popular and prosperous game so i think they have enough equipment to get rid of Non-banning hacks. And all hacks will result in some sort of penalty. That is just pretty much impossible if you get what i mean.

      • Star Jesse5

        So are we or are we not getting a furniture adder?

        • I think that chance is high, since Mike said we are. But both he and us don’t know when, since making a furniture adder requires time and patience (and hard work).

          • Twix11091

            ya so be paitent. Just cuz its taking a long time doesn’t mean he’s not making it.

  16. fangrust

    im so exited for furniture adder plz add flooring to when u make it also uh how do u add a avatar pic lol XD

  17. i think mike won’t be able to make a furniture adder because he got banned on cp and might be sad.

  18. Hey guys if you wanted the old rare hoodies their here in Penguin Lodge Item Adder now

    • No they aren’t…

    • Green Rocken

      Like what hoodies? Name them. Ex: Black Hoodie, Yellow Hoodie etc.

      • Star Jesse5

        They arnt the same hoodies, they are named different are are a slightly different colour from the old ones. if you compare you’ll see.

    • No, they aren’t available here but since the cat and dog puffle came out, they can dig out rare-related-like hoodies of it. But the last time they were seen was in February 2012. I always wanted the Black Hoodie, but it isn’t there,

  19. i have been waiting for so much time the furniture adder can someone tell me when it gonna come?

  20. Star Jesse5

    How long till the furniture adder!?! I come on here everyday to check ;(

    • CoolFluby

      Do it yourself, it’s easy. Just send the furniture adding packet. The only thing harder is to make a program.

  21. it does work i got 5 rarest items

  22. Thanks!!! It really works, guys! I can’t wait to wear my dream item, The Flutterby!!!

  23. PockyGaming

    Again, they AREN’T being ungrateful. They’re just asking when it’s coming out! Be honest, aren’t you getting a tad bit impatient? I understand he’s working on it, but some people aren’t as patient as others.

  24. FloofiePony (pie)

    I respect this very well!! I can’t wait to waddle around with my new items, Thanks mike!


  25. Eartheditor9cp

    Already mid April. Soon, I’m going to give up hope on you Mike.


    • Star Jesse5

      Same. We were promised it would be done about a month ago. At least an update from him would be nice.

    • Stop being so ungrateful.

      • Star Jesse5

        Were not ungrateful! we’ve just been waiting forever for this!

        • Your ungrateful because you hate penguin lodge!

          • Eartheditor9cp

            Oh, be quiet. Nobody is falling for that. We all love penguin lodge. I have been waiting since January. I didn’t go on penguin lodge for a few weeks, and I checked back, it still hasn’t been made! There aren’t even any more news updates!

      • Sabe2424

        They arnt ungrateful they just want an update from Mike. That is all.

    • Rainley1

      I know he said it would be done late January! Sorry if it sounds mean but I just cant wait until it comes out

    • lolpop07

      I hoped it would be out before today or on today (my b day is to day that’s why) :(

      • Twix11091

        Guys stop arguing. Just because it’s taking a while doesn’t mean he gave up on us and is not working on it so stop please.

        • Twix11091

          Awesome lolpopo7! My Birth day is April 17 too!!!!!

          • can you guys at LEAST be patient?mike does have a life too you know…go find another adder or make one yourself.also if your guys be pushy and greedy he won’t make it for you he has enough stress already with these mean comments.

  26. Darth Kiya

    I think you can only add the items to the item adder from 2009-present… But I got an item from 2007… And it was called the Pilgrim Hat in the members section

    • Star Jesse5

      Can you list some other rare items.

    • Suieas

      If it was 2009 it would have rare pink boa, everything from 2009 is patched. (No way to get that item) Mike said all items were 2012-2014 but there is 1 rare item which is the bonnet which disney for some reason didn’t patch. Hope this helped!

    • Nyan Cat1439

      I got it too, also i got the sunstriker which is VERY old.

      • Nyan Cat1439

        btw they patched the sunstriker sorry

        • werewolfgirl

          Yeah. The sandwich pin is from like 2009 or 2010.. More rare items are the bonnet and the black toque… I don’t know what else though. Lol. I joined club penguin in like early 2011 I think.

  27. harfic112333

    Thank you! I’m going to use it a lot!!

  28. billybobcp

    Wow it is nice i wanted a pin and i got it thx again mike 92

  29. SweetPea

    People just want to look rare, I have to say I used this item adder to get rare too! And who would want to wait 1 or 2 years for their item to get rare? No one! The old items look the best for some reason,I don’t know why! I bet you used this item adder to get rare too!

  30. Pikapikahip

    Listen guys i know that items get patched up and Mike will be doing ALOT of work right now so we need to respect him because he is making a AWESOME igloo item adder so those who are going to ask questions about getting banned you will if you keep constanly using it!

    So items that Are rare like the beta hat, the blue black and pink toque, And the tiara They will be patched up so first before you ask check if they are rare!

  31. mike why do people want to cheat cant they be fair or something i mean if ur new u get new items and then 2 or 1 years later they become rare so u will be old.

    • Epicwithswag

      Yes, but what about the older items? Plus, items don’t get patched util some few years, so even if the person is new, they will still be able to add items from a few years back. This adder also gives more stuff to chose from anyway which is the point of the adder :)

    • Viktors3

      WHY u ask theat if u are hacker also!
      If u not a hacker who use this site, then why are u on here anyway?

      • sigh,the thing is,i just want non-members to get at least a normal hoodie!The blue blend hoodie has 2 colors so why cant we get a hoodie with 1 color?We don’t need membership to get items in real life…

  32. Mike if you were famous. Would you add everyone on Penguin Lodge? Just saying and if you play my name is Sasha756.

    ~Mike’s Reply ONLY~!

  33. For those who are going to ask questions that include getting banned. You should know that for the first 2 or 3 weeks you will be fine,BUT,after that you WILL need to be cautious that you aren’t adding more than 5 because i tried it once and club penguin didn’t load some of them got deleted and i was pretty upset. I tried adding them the next day and that was OK. Seriously please watch out club penguin are more serious about the hacking and for your safety to !

    x Love Malaika x

    • I agree. Thanks Malaika know i won’t need to be banned. Your right you should also work this website(just saying). :)

      Thanks though. I guess now i am not afraid to use this. I was terrified before but thanks i added an item and it worked and i didn’t get banned. !
      I see your point though.

      • Thanks Malaika, i got the items and now i am not banned. You are a very good interesting person. Lol. Nice Way :)

        Thanks ! By the way,nice name !

    • No true. But you do get banned.

  34. Oh, so you expect him to be completely prefect? Running a website alone and making billions of useful programs isn’t really easy like you think. It can’t just be done. There are billions of unpatched furniture in Club Penguin. He’s trying to add all as he can. He just made a Igloo Adder 2 and a half months ago. Nothing can be done this fast, this can take a long as it is. You are acting ungrateful to him. Why do you think its taking so long? Because he’s working hard on it for us. Like someone else said, if its taking long, it will be better. And you are obviously rushing him, so don’t even bother resisting on that.

    • I agree. I waited a long time too,but now i can wait longer for this to be finished,because i respect that Mike is getting his all into this to making an awesome furniture adder.

      Maybe if you wait then it will e finished quicker and you won’t need to hesitate Mike with pressure.

      • Jenna54682

        I agree. He’s too busy stressing out by these ungrateful comments.

      • Mullinz

        But he could at least respond to these comments when people ask him how far he is on it? he just ignores them. He said it was to be due like at the end of last month…a response would be nice Mike?

    • SweetPea

      I do agree! Go to club penguin money maker, See the comments I wrote to him, I wrote just exactly what you wrote about everyone being selfish and wanting mike to finish the furniture adder so quickly.

    • Nyan Cat1439

      Did u know NO furniture is patched

      • Green Rocken

        Are you sure? Because I think there are a couple old items that are patched.

        • WildCatCP

          All the fruit furniture is patched. Mike said he used to have an entire adder for fruit furniture, but he had to delete it because it all got patched and every user got banned. And guess what else? There used to be a furniture adder, but everyone who used it got a forever ban!! Are you STILL so eager to have that program?! Or any of these programs!?

          P.S. Mike needs to take off the blue collie and orange tabby hoodies, and all that other stuff that will get y’all banned because it isn’t available yet!

  35. Mike, if you been banned from club penguin after swearing can you still add items?

    • You probably will be allowed. Although you might not wanna
      add rares if their even are any

    • Chat Kitty

      Yes you can, i have been banned before and have added items using this. :)

      • I mean’t rare items. Club penguin keep an eye on your penguin to see if you’ve been doing something wrong lately !

        Best if you just waited a day or two so that club penguin let you go.

    • You cannot add items while your penguin is banned.

  36. Guys if the item you want isn’t there, build a bridge, and ”get over it”.

  37. Mike will i get banned for adding more than 15 items ?

    ~ Reply Soon ~

    • Jenna54682

      No, I have more than 2o added items since January 2014 and have not yet gotten banned. But, you still have a 99% chance with the rest of us that you MAY get banned.

    • Nah not at all i tested it out at each one and still never get banned

  38. Epicwithswag

    Mike cannot add whatever items you’d like. The item adder automatically puts an item that becomes unpatched. Patched means that when items become older, they get patched so no one can add it. If he was able to add whatever we wanted, there would be every item there, including the Party Hat. Please people, common sense please.

    • Mike say that the items are all from 2012 to this year.

      • WildCatCP

        Not true. Such items as the Bonnet or The Country Gal are from 2009. Over half the items here are NOT from 2012-2014.

  39. This item adder is so great! Thanks mike.

  40. worldwwe2013

    Guys if the item you want isn’t there, build a bridge, and ”get over it”.

  41. mike can you put the sunstricker wig in item added plz

  42. i can give away a few item names :D one purple dot dress idk if shirt n skirt is still there i can’t find it then there is the blue cheerleader outfit then for boys the striped skater threads and the flipster i think its called and for a girl sweet spinster cuffs i think its called and they are only for members sorry

    • You should get more item names what if we all have thoughs the cheerleader dress is not rare either I have a whole list of rare items too.

  43. is there a non member cheerleader oufiit on here

    • Alisonalison

      nope. cp will not give non members such nice stuff, sadly. They want u to get a membership.

      • +Alisonalison Actually there was a membership code that gave you three months and a pink cheerleader outfit. When the membership is over you’ll still have that cool outfit. I swear i saw it here once. its now probably patched.

    • Rosetayel

      No, but you can unlock one with the 3 month membership card code. There is a yellow cheerleader outfit and a yellow one, for non members, but it’s not up there though.

  44. Rue Carrots

    Hey Mike I love your website and I think its perfect! But do you think you can maybe make a igloo item adder? It would be awesome thx!!

  45. Hey Mike. Is it possible to add more than 10 things per 5 hours as you know club penguin detect the simple of the hardest most suspicious est things. Anyways, my point is, can i add mroe things every 5 hours and will i get banned or not?

    • You don’t need to wait five hours before adding items again. Once the Item Adder finishes running the first time, you can use it again right away.

  46. mike whats the point for making new player baseball cap and background everyone has it!

  47. Okay , listen, lady they don’t put ALL the stuff on it and if ur lookin for rare hoodie go to waddle on hoodie kay Mike is busy with the fruniture adder okay so stop whining about it OKAY.

    • Hi how do you know that Mike’s doing the furniture adder. I wasted my whole day trieng to find one. I’m not trying to rush him,Sorry if you think that. I’m wondering because their was this site and now is on maintenance !

      • He may be still working on it, it takes a while to make a website like this and test it to make sure its safe and it has not come out yet.

  48. Eartheditor9cp

    The furniture adder is REALLY late now. You said late February or early March. Sorry if i’m rushing you.

    • varun

      that means it will be more better than we think right mike?

    • Mullinz

      Exactly! not sticking to dates and promises kinda bothers me. I’ve been waiting for ages and what really upsets me is he doesn’t reply to any of these furniture adder comments.

    • Guys mike is doing what he can! Don’t rush him like what if you were doing this! It would take awhile guys! Be thankful to him he’s doing so much for us! Just wait okay guys! Think how he feels all of us rushing him! Don’t do that its rude!

      • Mullinz

        Were not rude, were just stating that he said that it would be done by now ..

        • Yes but if you don’t rush him it will be even better and plus he’s working super hard and I don’t think it would be done even by now! It would take time! So stop rushing him and saying,”when will you be done Mike it has been to long!” Don’t say that!!

          • Eartheditor9

            And I said that we didn’t mean to rush him. But still. Why make dates anyway when you won’t get to them?

    • You really think he was going to make thm! It would take him some months he said that to make up exited but we have to wait okay?

      • Alisonalison

        There probably are some problems or something. Me and my friends make small mini video games and adders, and we always run into problems. What mike has to do is test EVERY SINGLE ONE of the furnature, and like add it to some random account. It’s taking so long because he doesn’t want us to get banned. There are certain items that will for sure get you banned. He cares so much for us. :)

    • Suieas

      Yeah. None of the other adders took this long… Is Mike actually going to make the furniture adder?!?

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