Club Penguin Item Adder

The Penguin Lodge Club Penguin Item Adder can add any un-blocked Club Penguin items to your account. Simply enter your account information into the form below and choose items you want from the list of available items. Within seconds all the items you selected will be added to your account.

Please read and understand the Item Adder risks before using it. Also make sure you’re not logged in while running it.

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  1. Item Adder FAQs:

    There are a lot of people asking the same questions in this comment thread so I've decided to address them here. Please read these FAQs before leaving a comment.

    Can you add an item to the Item Adder?

    No. The Item Adder currently lists every possible Club Penguin Item you can get. If an item is not listed then it cannot be obtained with our item adder.

    Can you get banned for using the Item Adder?

    There is always a risk of getting banned when using a cheating program. If you want to know more about the risks, read this.

    I got an error. What should I do?

    Most errors will include a description of the error telling you what went wrong such as not having enough coins. If you get a connection error or the Item Adder loads continuously then that just means there was a bad connection, and you should try again.

    Can non-members get member items?

    No. Member items are only available to members, hence why they are member items.

    If you ask one of these questions in a comment, your comment will be deleted, and repeated offenders will be banned from commenting on Penguin Lodge.

  1. random person

    Whenever i hold the white mp3000 (MP3K) my clothing body item dissapears from above

  2. Ipodman2002

    Hey Mike Can you make A Stamp Adder

  3. When I select items it says,” Sorry, these items have been patched by Club Penguin”?

  4. Anonymous


    • That’s funny because there have been no bans detected by our Item Adder. Also, if you were actually banned for using a cheating program then it’s your own fault. There are warnings all over it stating there are risks with using it, and you have to acknowledge and agree to those risks before using it.

  5. Hey mike how come at the home page the add has like 15 VERY rare items and when I go to the item adder it dose not show the items I had seen on the Add?

    • The image on the homepage just has random Club Penguin items, some of them are on available and some aren’t. I cannot put the available ones on the image because the list of available items can change frequently.

  6. Random ask

    Will you being adding more items to the item adder? How about member items?

  7. hi my name is...

    cotton candy error 1!!!!????

  8. The Beeltes

    thx mike it help alot

  9. bballdog15

    Hey Mike, any idea when the member items are coming to the item adder? Also do you think there is a way to do an item adder where you enter the ID of the item even though I know its a risk maybe you could send it to me or something.

  10. Screech1

    I LOVE YOUR IDEM ADDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANKS MIKE

  11. has anyone ever got banned by this? if so plz reply!

  12. Antonio1235

    Thank you mike!!!!1 you’re the best!! :D best item adder ever! when will you add more items? make me a favor xd please add the hoodies I need them!! please :)

  13. Mike, isn’t this cheating? i mean bad.

  14. Coolman_Ok

    Mike this item adder is amazing I used it on my main penguin and no ban so far!! keep up the good work and just 1 question can you get items like red lei blue lei and 3D Glasses and all rare items thanks.

  15. Lilly

    Hey mike!! Its awesome!!! You should add scarfs like blue and pink and candy cane scarf. Love the green bunny slippers!

  16. Antonio1235

    hey Mike, it is saying you may only add 1-10 items at a time? and I just add 3 items.. any help?

  17. Bludecember1

    Tried this thing out and it works like a charm. Please let us know when the member items get add to the item adder. Anyways, its great and I love it!!!!

  18. Mickey Lili

    Hey Mike Please add Candy Cane Hat and Candy Cane Scarf.Plesssssse.At least some if not all can.

  19. Mrweegee9347

    Mike I love the Item Adder! Thanks so much for adding It! You’re trackers are the best. You’re money maker is the best! Now you’re item adder is the best!

  20. jjwparke

    Error: You may only add 1 – 10 items at a time.
    this message keeps showing up, WHY???


  22. Hey mike since you can dig up 3d glasses in puffle digging can you add it to the item adder?

  23. 35566j (My penguin name)

    Mike, I hate to be rude, but your Item Adder doesn’t work on my Mac OS 10. Please fix this problem.

    • The operating system you use should not make any difference, and I know plenty of people who have used it on Mac OSX. What error do you get?

      • 35566j (My penguin name)

        Ok, the error i’m getting is when I click “Add Item”,(When i’m trying to add something on my penguin) it does nothing, and when I click “Add Items”, (The one with the color) it goes to this typing mode, when I don’t want to type in the “Add Items” bar. Those are 2 errors i’m getting. Please fix them.

        • What Internet Browser are you using? Try using different ones.

          • 35566j (My penguin name)

            I was using Monzilla Firefox. Do you think I sould use Internet Explorer? I can’t download Google Chrome. I don’t have the right upgrades.

          • Make sure Javascript is enabled, and make sure you don’t have any plugins that could be interfering with it. I guess you could try Internet Explorer, although I would recommend Chrome first.

        • you cant download chrome? LOL LOL LOL!!! I CAN DOWNLOAD IT EVEN WHEN I HAVE A THINKPAD TSERIES!!!!

          • 35566j (My penguin name)

            >:( Look, I don’t have the right upgrades, and i can’t make the upgrades, because it won’t work, alright? So stop making fun of me. >:( So, Mike, Sould I use Internet Explorer?

  24. AWESOME!!! hey mike can you make an furniture item adder? THANK YOU SO MUCH I AM SO SO RARE!!!!!!!!

  25. Can you put the Star Wars lightsaver in for non members?

    • The light sabers are member items, so no.

      • 35566j (My penguin name)

        Will you be able to add light sabers on The Item Adder? I’m a member on Club Penguin.

        • Member items will be added eventually, although getting the Light Sabers is not difficult, so you could just do it normally.


  27. Mickey Lili

    Can you add in this Item Adder Green Spider Costume,Crad Costume,EPF Suite,Swirly Glasses and Blue Mail Bag?Please!!!!Thanks

    • The Item Adder only has unpatched items. If an item is not there it’s because it’s patched (or a member item–we’re adding unpatched member items soon).

  28. Famouspenguins

    I love this ITEM ADDER I love it sooo much thanks and I didn’t get banned thankyou !

  29. Famouspenguins

    5 stars up most have like 1-16 items this one has a billion wow thankyou now I get stuff from last parties thank you mike for the item adder

  30. royal ward

    can u add shadow ninjas costume in this item adder ? :DDD

  31. clu37

    it says fence pin error 4400

    • I just tried it and it worked for me. Also an error with that ID doesn’t exist. I suggest trying it again.

  32. Pipmanaquil1

    Hey Mike will you add rarer stuff like the Blue Boa Or the Pink boa,maybe the Tiara please reply and btw this is better than anyone else’s item adder!! Keep up the good work!

  33. jainaamidala

    I hope you add some of the treasure book items because I really want Water Lily Dress and The Summer Breeze :)

  34. Jorjor1014

    dear mike,

    Can you please put member items on now because i really want them!!!!!
    and it would be great to have them thanks a lot and cya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. You glitched my penguin out! My name is not there!? Where is it? Lol

  36. I used it on my new test account Testing Tye and it works a treat! Thanks mike!

  37. Coolman_Ok

    Mike this item adder is amazing I used it on my main penguin and no ban so far!! keep up the good work and just 1 question can you get items like red lei blue lei and 3D Glasses and all rare items thx.

  38. spd61

    Hey mike is there will be for member’s item too? Like rare

  39. D3mo

    Wow… Great job Mike. I took the risk of using my main and it works perfectly!

  40. cooldude123

    Mike You Are AWESOME

    Thank you I usd it on my spare account and it worked s its now on my main and im still not banned thx again

    • Famouspenguins

      mike one question how do I remove items I added ? and thxs I didn’t get banned yet

  41. Jorjor1014

    Dear Mike,

    Why doesn’t it have the old cp items like black hoodie or pink hoodie?
    I really want those items but please add them please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • It only has non-member items right now, and those items are probably patched.

      • Jorjor1014

        But can you please put it on or not?
        if you can put it on as soon as possible
        thanks alot

  42. Coolman_Ok

    Hey guys I found another glitch! get 1 of the swords you use to battle (NOT THE GREEN SWORD) Blue or red sword only will work ok get the red or blue sword in your hand do the move when you want to battle (To do that move press “D” When holding the sword) once you done the move Press anywhere on the floor your sword will turn green for a split second even though you got a red or blue sword!

    • cooldude123

      Are you talking about lightsabers

      • 35566j (My penguin name)

        I can’t beleve he called light sabers “swords”. Wow, Coolman_OK. We all know they are called light sabers. (And yes, he was talking about light sabers, cooldude123.)

  43. Coolman_Ok

    Guys I found a glitch! get the MP3K player on (You can get it from Item adder) Put the MP3K Player on. you will be old blue! but then wave (wave “W”) Then you will be waving loads of times until you want to stop! (I only tried this on the white MP3K Player Not black or anything so Im sure it works on the white one)

  44. jainaamidala

    I don’t want to try it right now because I REALLY don’t want my penguin to get banned (I’ve had it for almost five years and I have a lot of rare items) but after it’s actually finished I will

  45. cooldude123

    Mike will there be old idems like the 3d glasses and red boui

  46. bballdog15

    Mike one more question. The Penguin Lodge Club Penguin Item Adder can add any un-blocked Club Penguin items to your account. Simply enter your account information into the form below, as well ID of the Club Penguin item you want and click Get Item. If the item you requested is not blocked, it will be added to your penguin within seconds. Are you actually going to make it where we can pick the item ID and test if its blocked? You should cause that would be cool

    • That was how it was originally going to be, however there’s a lot of risk involved in doing that because some items can ban. With a predefined list of items the chances of getting banned are less likely. I will update the page to change that.

  47. bballdog15

    Ok, so I have tried every item and all of them work except for the ones that haven’t been released which makes and error thing pop up. Do you know if there will be more nonmember items coming like from the treasurebook?

  48. bballdog15

    Another glitch found, when you wear the mp3k you add it turns your penguin into the old blue.

  49. bballdog15

    Mike this is amazing! can’t wait for the member items to come to. The fast flames racecar said it added but I did not see it and could not find anything about it online so this item will need to be fixed. Thanks again mike

    • Thanks for letting me know about that item. Since it’s still in beta stages there might be some incorrect items, which is why I only recommend using it on spare penguins for now.

  50. narellie (my penguin name0

    If he did that, remember thousands of people use this, they wouldn’t be rare anymore because everyone would get them

  51. Towerofyikk

    I noticed an odd pattern of older pins from 2011-2013 are patched when I used it for my secondary account that I didnt use really at all during those years. Two pins not patched… three patched… one not patched… two patched…

    Its just how it is. There really isnt any workaround.

  52. Chicken Niblets

    It’s because it’s down for repairs… Club Penguin most likely patched it.

  53. Cool Guy7742

    He is doing repairs to the adder right now.

  54. Wait until tomorrow. It should be up and running. I was trying to get the Crosshatch Hoodie and it crashed on me :/

  55. Sleepy

    It does work, I never been banned ever! maybe someone reported you?

  56. Annathekiwi

    The code for it is D23EXP11

  57. question

    nvm it works now :)

  58. Yes they stay for ever

  59. 18 Polly 18

    I meant to say that to Cool Guy7742

  60. Kris

    Yeah. if u wear them in a big crowd/busy server in like, the town. especially beta hat/red lei

  61. If it does happen you send cp an email and they can check if you had a membership when those items were released. If so you will be unbanned immediatly

  62. Hkhkhk123 ( my penguin name )

    and also I have more then 23 girlfriends on cp

  63. narellie (my penguin name)

    Thanks, I’ll tell my friend to come and see the answers to her question

  64. Da blue bag is not so rare

  65. Towerofyikk

    Technically no item at all is “rare” anymore with these adders.

  66. AlexisIsReal

    Because, adding rare items and other items that are rare can get you banned, no matter how rare, I beilive.

  67. It’s already on there, in the member items section.

  68. seesee3629


  69. Sammy

    I don’t see it

  70. seesee3629

    Well, look carfuly and its there

  71. If you publicly where rare items it’s obvious you cheated. Please refer to the Terms Of Use page and The Risks. PenguinLodge is not responsible for anyone’s banned account.

  72. Joe

    Ever read Warning: High Ban Risk for Rare Items. Ehhh?

  73. If you add rare items and where them you will most likely get banned. If you add rare items and don’t where them you MOST LIKELY won’t get banned. If you add items from a recently released catalog you PROBABLY won’t get banned.

  74. Best Fire

    another comment about the same thing

    ^ this guy ^

  75. Lions

    ITS NOT MIKES FAULT!! MIke warned us about this and he listed the risks. I know Mike made this adder but he didn’t force penguins to use it. Also if you wear rare items and brag about how “rare” you are people can report you. Use your brains! and stop blaming mike for this.

  76. ziya z

    im glad that rareness doesnt exist anymore because people with rare items act like they are better and prettier (some of them) so if everyone had rare items it would fair. so stop complaining that there is no more rareness

  77. Popstarsun34

    if you’re talking about my comment below it was like the least rare item ever I was adding pins that I forgot to find


  79. Sabe2424

    Why are you being so rude? Your the one that came here. Mike didn’t tell you to. And Mike has feelings too. So don’t blame it on Mike. Your the one that decided to come here. So this situation is your own fault.

  80. hello

    It depends how old your penguin is, if you are an old penguin from 2006 you should be fine. But if you are newer, be careful. Try to only add items that were available after your penguin was created.

  81. im from 2008 is that old enough?

  82. Towerofyikk

    I doubt it will return. At least not for a long time.

  83. Mike When will The Rare items Go back Cuz i want the Urban And the Rustic Hair :( Pls Come Back ___

  84. Towerofyikk

    Custom party hats? Thats not possible.

  85. It could be if you were a club penguin mod!

  86. I got it, thank God. But I want a fisherman’s hat but NO.
    Lol I think all of the items got patched..

  87. Star Jesse5

    But will we ever see a new version of it or something? So we will never ever be able to get rare items ever again?

  88. Jordan

    Possibly, if a new exploit is leaked out. But until then, it’s impossible to try to get the rare items without an automatic ban.

  89. Lily

    Obviously because its down for repairs.

  90. Oh and, Is there a pink cheerleading outfit? Please respond Mike!

  91. Brooke

    mike did not get rid of the rare items club penguin patched them

  92. Towerofyikk


  93. Diamond1604 and Vanesa Shine

  94. Daddydavepeng12

    Maybe it’s a rare item, or an old item. I have no idea. If it’s unlockable, than it’s patched. But if it came out in 2012-2014, I dunno why it would be patched, check the club penguin wiki for more info. Btw nice sylveon pic ;)

  95. bob



    Club Penguin will eventually find out and close the ENTIRE thing.

  97. It was on there with the rare adder

  98. ok dude it was patched by CP. may not be as many rare items as there were…

  99. Jacob

    I agree

  100. Towerofyikk

    Not only is that not possible due to the way memebership works but its also illegal.

  101. lizbeth71881 (My penguin name)

    me too


  103. TheDisneyBoss

    Do you realize that if he makes a membership adder that One, club penguin will find out and close is down and Two if everyone is getting membership for free then the people at club penguin won’t have money to even continue the game. Sorry for the long message.

  104. Towerofyikk

    It might just be called yellow scarf. Just a hunch. But its not on here anyways.


    Sandtrooper Pauldron

  106. its on the adder -.-

  107. Ikr I love that hair

  108. brooke

    plz someone needs to fix the chat!

  109. Towerofyikk

    Whats available and whats not can only be controlled by Club Penguin staff.

  110. Towerofyikk

    Theres things from even like 2008 or 09 that arent patched yet some stuff from like 2011 or 2012 isnt. Its Club Penguin staff members choices for whats patched and whats not. If something isnt here and you know the name of the item I dont think its really necessary to ask where something is… that something is nowhere.

  111. Towerofyikk

    And no. At least not for a long time if not never.

  112. If you don’t find an item on the item adder, its patched

  113. Teigan

    You can’t add that yet. Until it releases you can’t.

  114. Brb

    I will take him

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