Club Penguin Kermit Tracker

Kermit the Frog is a Muppet who has appeared on Club Penguin in celebration of the Muppets World Tour Party. We’ve developed a Kermit Tracker that searches for him in the game and lets you know when and where you can find him.

Kermit is not currently visiting Club Penguin and therefore cannot be met in the game at this time.

Be sure to return to this page the next time Kermit is visiting Club Penguin Island to find him in the game quickly and easily.

Kermit Tracker

Room: Gift Shop

Server: Pingüinera

Language: Spanish

Last Seen: 1395 days ago

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Tips for finding Kermit in the game

Here are some tips that will be sure to help you find Kermit in the game.

  1. When searching for Kermit, keep in mind that he is a tall and slim green frog.
  2. Kermit usually visits popular servers during popular times of the day, and quiet servers during quiet times of the day.
  3. Kermit usually spends 10-15 minutes on each server he logs into.
  4. Be sure to check other languages of Club Penguin, and not just English.
  5. When you meet Kermit, add him as a buddy. This way, you can keep track of when he’s online or not.
  6. Refresh this page often to get the latest location of Kermit.
  7. Join our Club Penguin Tracker Chat, where live updates of his in game location are posted by our tracking bot.
  8. Follow @PenguinLodge on Twitter to receive automatic tweets when our trackers have located Kermit in the game.


  1. Stop picking on Mike its a waist of time putting it down.

  2. hey mike what happened to Brady and mackenzies trackers as well as cece and rocky

  3. but kermit is back on muppet party and sixth aniversery of french club penguin 2014


  5. Mike now as we both know well, the tracker has no further use at all, this is because he will never visit again. Therefore, I feel this tracker should go down and if Kermit is to come soon it won’t be until the next Muppets movie. Proberly in 2026 or something. :P! This is why it should be taken down until then. 😀

    • It will not be removed. Don’t visit this page if you don’t want to see it.

      • @Mike Best Option REMOVE It.

        • No.

          • Mike said what he said.

      • love it! ur awesome!

  6. Kermit is offline now. May never return to club penguin.


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