Club Penguin Money Maker

The Penguin Lodge Money Maker can get you tens of thousands of Club Penguin coins instantly. Simply enter your account information into the form below and choose the amount of coins you want, then press Get Coins. This Money Maker is powered by the Penguin Gold Club Penguin Money Maker

Use our Club Penguin Chat to talk to other Club Penguin players while waiting for your coins!

Make sure you’re not logged into Club Penguin when the money maker runs, otherwise the coins might not save.

  1. Will these coins count for Coins for Change?

  2. Thanks mike! im so happy with the update ;)
    250k coins just for 15 secs?! thats so crazy!! thanks so much much much mike :D

  3. Alisonalison

    Whoops. Typed in the wrong email! But yes! Coins for change galore here!

  4. Alisonalison

    I will use this for coins for change donations! You’re the best, Mike!

  5. Yilun1

    Yay I have over a million coins now!!!

    Thanks so much to the person who created this!

  6. WOW! I HAVE SOOO MUCH COINS! THANKS SO MUCH MIKE! I’m going to use all my coins for this years Club Penguin coin donation! :3

  7. magic mike thanks so much i have over 300 coins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love from jonny wilde

  8. Heaty

    I liked it very much as it helped me to collect 9 million coins and now I am having 9,000,350 coins

  9. MIKE I 1,254,983,567 coins u r so cool I wanna marry u so bad kiss me

  10. An ordanary club penguin girl

    Now i have 1,356,797 coins! I <3 u Mike! Not like have a crush on u. Like, I <3 u cuz u make us be able to get stuff we have never would be able to get! Thanks a lot!!!! It was older, but now, u can get it even if it's old or new!!!!!! squeal! AHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Yaya!!!

  11. Saintyman

    WOW! only 15 seconds for 250,000 coins! now i have 1,201,381 coins but for fifteen seconds it was actully one second everytime!

  12. woah!!!!1 this is so much better thanks mike! and now im gonna find some costumes so i look like one of the anamatronics from five nights at freddy’s! LOL DONT JUDGE ME

  13. name)

    Mike, could u plz make it so that u don’t have to refresh the page ater every use?

  14. Emma Drury


  15. Chloe

    Mike, when I try to add 250,000 coins it says its an invalid amount. Is that a bug or is it me? I know im not logged into club penguin, because it works for other amounts, but it says that 250,000 coins is invalid. Can you help me? Thanks a lot!

    • It should work now.

      • Hey i used it and it says my account has 4,100,000 coins but when i log on i cant go past 1 million coins how can i fix that.But this site works really well i always get my coins but i need my coins because i cant go past 1 million coins.

        • Rose

          No one can go past 1 million coins but if you add more than 1 million coins the coins are still there you just can’t tell I’m not sure why.

      • mikepx90

        make 1 on roblox plz

  16. abc

    this is a really really cool site!thx fr makin it!

  17. astro 7488

    what does player has an MMO session mobile requests not permitted mean

  18. oh my gosh! 2 months ago it took 8 minutes to give me 15,000 coins but now it took literally 1 second to give me 50,000 coins!

  19. mike tell cp they should
    add a trading system and selling system

  20. add 10000000 (millon) coins mike


    im vir i have a few questions for u well i love this website and i add my coins and clothes and music and igloos.first of all are you the real owner of this website?and how do you add coins to our accounts?i know that is a secret. is there any chance of being banned?

    penguin name vir map please add me to your friend list BYE!!!

    • Yes, I’m the owner. The money maker logs into your account and sends data to Club Penguin’s server that results in coins being added to your account. This is cheating, so it’s against Club Penguin’s rules. That means you can get banned, but it’s not really likely. Read more here.


  23. Hey MIKE can you make it so we don’t have to reload the page after use?

  24. LegoMonkey

    I love how fast the coins add now. Thank you Mike!

  25. polly196

    WOW!! It’s works great, thanks Mike for everything you have done for all these years. KEEP IT UP!!

  26. Paulie880 CP

    Hello there. I have returned. Well I don’t “cheat” alot more.

  27. This moneyes maker is awesome I’m going to tell my friends about this.

  28. Lol

    In the future is there going to be a membership adder????

  29. We’ve updated this Money Maker so it will now add coins to your account instantly. Also, we’ve added higher coin options so you can now add 100,000 coins to your Club Penguin account in seconds.

  30. Emily21455

    Dear Mike,
    Whenever I try to add the Cozy Fireplace it never adds it…
    is it a bug or is it my account or it is my browser, I use internet explorer by the way. Do you know why it won’t add?

    • Do you get a specific error?

      • Emily21455

        No, it said Cozy Fireplace Added!Then when I go on my account nothing is there. I tried it 3 or 4 times but nothing…

        • Emily21455

          I mean it works with almost every item on your site, but why just that item?
          Are you sure that all of your items on this site are still able to get on Club Penguin? That might be it. I don’t know but if you can look into it and report back when your done. Good Luck and thanks for all of the items!

        • If it says it was added then it should be there. Make sure you are not logged into Club Penguin when you run the program. I would suggest double checking your inventory because it’s most likely in there. Note that it’s a wall item, not a floor item.

      • 123456789

        Thank you a lot Mike! i am really thankfull!!

  31. Emily21455

    why did you add so many coins in only 15 seconds?!?! JEANIOUS! now I have 200,000 coins and counting! THANKS mike

  32. Okay, I only have internet explorer and it almost NEVER works. Could you maybe please fix some of the ‘bugs’?

    • LegoMonkey

      If you could download Google Chrome, it works great!
      But I remember when I used to use Internet Explorer it used to not work.

  33. Mike, what are the chances of being caught? Because I’ve used this tons of times, but my other account got banned and I’m not sure if I should risk this anymore.

  34. Emma

    does this thing not work in india?

    • You can use any of our programs from anywhere in the world.

      • Emma

        well it kept saying ‘lost connection’ even though i was logged out of CP but then it started working when I did lower amounts of money but when i went on CP the money i asked to be added WAS! which confuses me a’lot, i was this close to asking my grandpa in america to add it for me……

  35. Fred37196

    Mike what is wrong with ur adders? Did go blocked them already?

  36. Emma

    every time i try to do this it keeps saying lost connection?

  37. mel

    hi mike im a former club penguin player i will never forget using the site! when i first found it i didnt wanna risk it but then when i saw it worked i used it all the time! and i thank you for that its been a year kinda since i played and i have been playing a new game. i know it probably takes a long time to make these kind of sites but all im saying is im playing a game called animal jam and i was wondering if u could make a site like this for that site. hope for a reply thank you.

  38. josiemayhem

    Hey mike! there’s this girl on the chat who thinks she’s hot stuff, and she bullies ppl, she also goes arond hacking and trolling ppl so you might wanna ban her….. her name is ^ryliee btw…..

  39. Yummy

    SAME thing

  40. Pete Wentz 2005

    the more coins you upload at once gives you a greater chance of being caught and banned.

  41. unicorn3346(ADD ME)

    I know right.

  42. evanescance2 (ADD ME)

    The page is randomly refreshing and it keeps saying ERROR and connection lost can you help? I know your busy so when you can get around to it:)

  43. unicorn3346(ADD ME)

    I cant stand penguin lodge money maker. every time I want to get coins it either says connection lost or ERROR.

  44. This is soo cool!! I <3 this website!!! :D

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