Club Penguin Money Maker

The Penguin Lodge Money Maker can get you tens of thousands of Club Penguin coins instantly. Simply enter your account information into the form below and choose the amount of coins you want, then press Get Coins. This Money Maker is powered by the Penguin Gold Club Penguin Money Maker

Use our Club Penguin Chat to talk to other Club Penguin players while waiting for your coins!

Make sure you’re not logged into Club Penguin when the money maker runs, otherwise the coins might not save.

  1. Dear Mike,

    Thank you for making this program! Now i don’t have to play a thousand games on Club Penguin to earn 100,000,000 coins!

    Please respond, because i always ask but you NEVER!

    Sincerely, Cp Blogs

  2. Dear Mike,
    I’ve notice that the Money Maker won’t work for me it says “ERROR ERROR ERROR” When i clicked the “Add Coins”
    What shall i do? I went to club penguin then i looked at my coins its still 500! but i added 1,000! What shall i do is it a bug? Please reply i really need you to update the Money Maker!

    • There is no error that says, “ERROR ERROR ERROR.” Unless you can give me the exact error message I cannot help.

  3. Lol been doing this for an hour :p


  5. if this money maker is irl then i would be SUPER RICH.And btw loving this adder!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. debjani

    ITS the best money maker i have ever used or seen.Is there any thing to use here to get other igloo??

  7. Wow I Have 1,776,944 Coins Now!

  8. Ashley Lily

    i have 1000000 coins!!

  9. Ashley Lliy

    im soo happy please add me type : Ashley Lily u know wt it said? it said:”250,000 coins were successfully added. You now have 1,219,965 coins. Thank you for using our Money Maker.”

  10. johnneh

    I have 12 million coins thnx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I got 350,500 ITS THE BEST MONEY MAKER

  12. penguinpie

    1,279,233 coins

  13. Bigred 34

    2,022,000 coins I feel like god I am grateful to you

  14. i got 1,066,789 coins best gerator

  15. I have 1,245,911 coins! I didn’t have to wait at all! I pressed the done button and it said u have got 250,000 coins added to ur penguino!

  16. alicia16286

    oh yah and i got 1,750,589 coins! :D

  17. alicia16286

    ADD ME ON CP GO TO FRIENDS LIST TYPE IN BAR: alicia16286 BTW TYTYTYTYTYTYTYTY helped so much i have been using this for 2 years now :)

  18. I have 501,296 coins!!! u may know me from CP. SO MUCH COINS!!!!

  19. Ytpenguin370 (penguin name)

    I hope everybody knows, that coins for change DOESN’T actually send coins all around the world, it just takes money away from u. If I were u, I would stop donating coins to club penguin because it just wastes your money. (BTW you may know me from cp)

  20. craftingpedro

    1,019,608 coins now. WHAT IS THE NUMBER 1 NOW?!?

  21. Mauigirllol (on club penguin)

    You should add a way to get the olaf puffle i missed that party…

    • Ravencpookie (add me)

      i hated that party even though i got a free puffle XD but really… frozen is rubbish my ilaf puffle is called olaf and its in my backyard…

  22. FIFA15

    hey guys look penguin lodge money maker said to my account: 250,000 coins were successfully added. You now have 738,951 coins. Thank you for using our Money Maker.

  23. Emily21455 or Lilacgemily

    I have a idea for 1 of your programs. How about trying a puffle adder? Because some puffles are a limited time option, and i was sad when i didn’t have time for a Olaf puffle because it was too late too get one. My friend also didn’t get any dino puffles. Her name is Glamloie if anybody wants to friend her. So please contact me if you are working into that or can’t do it for some particular reason. Waddle on!

  24. Mine is the same.You cannot have over that amount.If a moderator caught you with higher than one million you would be banned

  25. I could have 1,706,494 coins right now – but if I log in to CP with this amount or higher, it only gets me 1,000,000

    • dude actully u can when your puffle digs coins it showes them added 100000 coins my i did it today im really immpresed the owner of this web site is cool i have 100146 coins right now as im sayings this so well done to the owner of this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  26. Dark

    Thank you so much! So many coins i have now.

  27. Sammi65094

    Around Christmas, this is really popular, But don’t forget to read the risks page everyone!

  28. I am donating all my coins to Coins For Change.

  29. When i add a bunch of coins it only takes 1 second wow it says 15 seconds

  30. Twix11091

    Who remembers me? I used to be a CP Player way back when…..

  31. bailey poths

    thanks to money maker coins for change just got one million coins

  32. Foodboy

    I donated one million coins to coins for change!

  33. Thx now I’m using all theese coins i gen to donate to the kids who really need it
    Ps. Christmas party

  34. eliz102

    i use this all the time thank you XD

  35. player identified

    Thanks to this coins for a change has 1000000 coins more :D

  36. Lemon

    Thanks. Now I got 257,536 coins. Now I can donate for Coins for Change! :D

  37. Percy Everdeen

    AWESOME! 1,000,000 coins in a minute!!!! :D

  38. ebany benn

    this is so cool xD

  39. Mike thanks so much a billon coins for 15 seconds wow that enough for coins for change and to buy clothes!

  40. Are you sure about this? Because I’m about to get 250,000 coins for Coins for Change this month! But I’m kind of nervous because maybe CP will think I’m just greedy or something? I might get banned. Plz Respond!’]
    Ham On!

  41. Coolmember35 (penguin name)

    Yes, they will count for Coins for Change.

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