Club Penguin Money Maker

The Penguin Lodge Money Maker can get you thousands of Club Penguin coins automatically. Simply enter your account information into the form below and choose the amount of coins you want, then press Get Coins. This Money Maker is powered by the Penguin Gold Club Penguin Money Maker

Use our Club Penguin Chat to talk to other Club Penguin players while waiting for your coins!

Make sure you’re not logged into Club Penguin when the money maker runs, otherwise the coins might not save.


    3.DO 15,000 COINS

  2. I did not even know there was a bug in this but i’m glad i was not in it all.

  3. Im a Club Penguin Millionaire! I can be a pookie, or a biggy/middle or a mumu, or a prep, or anything it just is perfect! Everybody wants me!

  4. HEY MIKE IT WORKS 100 PERCENT,!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m just wondering, can you make it so you can get 1,000,000 coins plz

  5. superstarz96

    could u possibly make it so that we can get bigger money? just wondering

  6. lunar

    you’d think that these comments are fake and stuff like the other ones but they aren’t lol this actually works

  7. sofia

    its working

  8. im so happy, hope i will get 10,000 coins!!! im just waiting those 5 minutes, can’t wait to see the coins!!!! Hope nobody will patch this great adder, and Mike, do you will make another web with item adder if someone patch, if yes, thanks!!!

  9. Rolling on The Floor, Celebrating My *** Off. COOL MONEY MAKER MIKE ! You Are Spectacular !!! WHAT A MONEY MAKER !!! I AM NOW RICH !!! THANKS !!!

  10. it worked when I tried, maybe you should try again

  11. marty

    this is so good i too am getting ready for fashion so well

  12. this doesn’t work

  13. Munkee45

    Definetly worth trying, by the way. There used to be a bug now it’s fixed!

  14. Munkee45

    Wow really good thanks! I needed it for August catalog and the new Fashion Festival coming up! Getting 15k in 6 minutes.

  15. nishant

    wow this is really cool!

  16. Clubpworld

    Wow Mike This Is Like The Best Money Maker In The Club Penguin Planet!!!!!!

  17. Samster

    Thanks mike I really needed the coins for the new August Catalog

    • supercurtis8

      fashion festival fashions in that catalog,youll ned plenty of coins to top that, this hhelps , REALLY HELPS

  18. Claire25


  19. Thanks ! :) ^^ ♥♥

  20. i cant believe club penguin got the biggest catalog ever and i dont have alot of coins i only have 67 now i am geting 15000

  21. CP Lover

    Wow Mike! Thank you sooo much for making these adders even though I am rare I’m not mad I’m happy because all the new penguins want to be rare and they finally got their chance sooo yay! Thanks Mike and everyone who helped create this program!

    Waddle on!

  22. Mike if this is possible please let me know. Could you make a puffle or activity stamp adder? plz! i really badly want the activity stamps and the olaf puffle. thnx

  23. Sushi

    Wow Mike, this money maker works like a charm! I look up other money makers and they have surveys etc. ^-^ Thank you so much, now I’m rich!

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