Club Penguin Money Maker

The Penguin Lodge Money Maker can get you thousands of Club Penguin coins automatically. Simply enter your account information into the form below and choose the amount of coins you want, then press Get Coins. This Money Maker is powered by the Penguin Gold Club Penguin Money Maker

Use our Club Penguin Chat to talk to other Club Penguin players while waiting for your coins!

Make sure you’re not logged into Club Penguin when the money maker runs, otherwise the coins might not save.

  1. Cheergirlh (Penguin Name)

    I love this! now, I’m rare!!! Thx Mike! <3

  2. CPkid

    Hey Mike, you have a real good money maker but I can’t add 15k. Plz fix!!

  3. tomer

    mike plz try to do member adder its can be so cool :)

    • Towerofyikk

      It wont work and its illegal even if it could work.

      • how is it illegal?

        • HERBERT

          memberships cost money and if you are hacking it for free that means you are indirectly stealing a membership and it is as good good as stealing money from CP. by the way if everyone starts hacking memberships then Cp will have no money to run the game. then cp will shut down and we will no longer get to play it.

  4. Joe

    Coin not working Connection Error: Unable to connect to Club Penguin. Please try again later.
    Btw I am not logged onto my account while I am doing this.

  5. Reese

    Mike my man!

  6. 72skipper[my penguin name]

    Thanks mike! Ur awesome

  7. MasterGamingTaco

    awesome site mike
    i literally buy everything i see now

  8. i can't say

    I had 100.000 coins by this. Then i be a member and my ALL coins are spent!!!!!!!

  9. Mike you come up with the most BRILLIANT stuff

  10. i like this because it’s better then earning coins yourself!

  11. taco82

    Connection Error: Unable to connect to Club Penguin. Please try again later. please help what is this?

    • make sure you aren’t recording your screen. Keep your club penguin site open but logged off that worked for me.

    • ssanyugirl

      Everybody stop complaining. Be grateful that mike made this, by the way nothing wrong ever happens to me.

    • HENRY

      works for me

  12. crysta165g7

    I never got banded from penguin lodge but ppl say they get banded I don’t get it

    • Fred12125 (My club penguin name)

      i think there lieing just to make you scared. also the coin adder works well use it whenever

    • Towerofyikk

      Many people who use these cheating programs get banned and many dont. Its up to you to take the risk of being banned. If youre using an item adder you risk being banned the most but the money maker is probably the safest of them (but not entirely safe) since only you or moderators can look into your coins but I doubt moderators would go around looking for people who cheated coins. Besides I highly doubt they could tell if someone got their coins from cheating or got them fairly.

    • HENRY

      weirdest thing hapened after using this my membership is on forever …

  13. goldenlissy0(penguin username)

    it works fine but if i go over 1000 it says error . im not online on clubpenguin

  14. Want To Win A Free 12 Month Membership?IF So,all you have to do is subscribe,like the video and in the comments bellow WRITE if You ARE or NOT A member.You Will Be Enterd And Then Can Win A Membership.Thank You!

  15. Do You Want To Win A Free 12 Month Membership.IF So,all you have to do is subscribe,like the video and in the comments bellow WRITE if You ARE or NOT A member.You Will Be Enterd And Then Can Win A Membership.Thank You!

  16. Rocky97770

    mike I got banned for 72 hours!

  17. sammy8305

    hey mike, it keeps saying error. why does it do that?

  18. Cheergirlh

    This is a amazing tool to use to become rare on cp! Thanks guys! :)

  19. Botio153

    Great I got coins Really works :D

  20. Frank Enstin

    Not bad, not bad….

  21. bityguy (Penguin name)

    15k works for me but gets an error about two minutes after I start adding the money, and it still works if you buy stuff before you log on back to CP

  22. Kipiya

    Hi mike!
    thanks so much for this!

  23. PUNKER

    1k Is just working for me can u solve me it how to make it 5k or more

  24. This is rather brilliant 15,000 k works perfectly for me!

  25. This is so great! I want to be rich!

  26. 5K works for me sometimes but 1K always works

  27. Monty

    Thanks, mate.

  28. Toddie20028

    its not working for me, there is an error

  29. THIS IS AWESOME!! <3

  30. Cpmaster87

    This place is so freaking awesome
    Can you also add the VIP penthouse otherwise ITS FRIGGING AWESOME

    • Towerofyikk

      It cant be added. Same with the Gymnasium/Puffle Tree Fort/Pineapple igloos. In fact those three are available but require special codes. The VIP Penthouse has never even been available.

  31. I love this site XD

  32. Mr Blue

    #Yolo Swag it wont give me more den 5k coins :/

  33. Cage

    I cant get more then 1,000 coins at a time cause I end up with ERROR 524

    • Whitecat

      Same! I’m still able to buy more things though, so it’s not all bad…

    • guy123

      actually the bot is still in progress so you just have to wait for that time ssted and the money/coins will be generated anyways

  34. mike you are epic thanks dude

  35. Patato

    I really think this is the safest program in all Penguin Lodge. It uses bots to go on your account and earn a bunch of coins. It wouldn’t be so safe if it automatically just added the coins onto your account.

    • Rheayo on CP

      You are right! Ive never got banned using the item adder though. FOR A BETTER CHANCE NOT GETTING BANNED DONT USE THE ITEM ADDER ON A COMPUTER.. USE a tablet or a mobile device

  36. Twix11091

    I used to have like 149,000 coins but since i am spending all of my $ I now have about 50,000 or sommething LOL! Awesome website!

  37. English Cat

    YAY :DD

  38. Good website Thumbs up! <:)

  39. awesome i like this so rich i am!

  40. Hi, I do believe this is an excellent website. I stumbledupon it ;) I
    may come back yet again since I saved as a favorite it. Money and freedom is the best way to
    change, may you be rich and continue to help others.

    • i agree but sometimes money doesnt lead to happiness somtimes it means that you should be able to make fun of others because they arent rich
      ~add me Scrappypants

  41. ss1099

    Are you flappy on cp? he told me he was you unsure of numbers
    if so tell me them he told me he made it

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