Club Penguin Money Maker

The Penguin Lodge Money Maker can get you thousands of Club Penguin coins automatically. Simply enter your account information into the form below and choose the amount of coins you want, then press Get Coins. This Money Maker is powered by the Penguin Gold Club Penguin Money Maker

Use our Club Penguin Chat to talk to other Club Penguin players while waiting for your coins!

Make sure you’re not logged into Club Penguin when the money maker runs, otherwise the coins might not save.

  1. Coolmember35

    Yeah sometimes I go to penguingold. But mostly the monkeymaker. go to

  2. Rachel37025

    Im Getting 15,000 :D
    Also I like to use a different item adder I just type in “rare item adder” and it takes me to the site so :P

  3. jiji

    hey guys its loading so i got eight minutes or something what shall i do while it loads im bored :/

  4. Thx! im now Rich :D

  5. Bluebeary999

    If the money maker is not working guys, try using Penguin Gold Money Maker:

  6. Mike do you think that there will be a guardians of the galaxy party because that would be cool

  7. jiji

    it isnt loading its stuck on the same time what shall i do and im not logged in my acc or anything
    why is it like that today it was working fine yesterday though

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