Club Penguin Money Maker

The Penguin Lodge Money Maker can get you thousands of Club Penguin coins automatically. Simply enter your account information into the form below and choose the amount of coins you want, then press Get Coins. This Money Maker is powered by the Penguin Gold Club Penguin Money Maker

Use our Club Penguin Chat to talk to other Club Penguin players while waiting for your coins!

Make sure you’re not logged into Club Penguin when the money maker runs, otherwise the coins might not save.

  1. Halong12

    Mine worked! Woo 1,000 coins well I did refresh lol

  2. Aunt Arctic

    Wow this really works


  3. Poppinm

    I added 5,000 coins to my penguin and when I go on the furniture adder to get maybe 3 or 4 of the item and it says not enough coins! :(

  4. it only works for me for only 500 or 100 please fix it!

  5. i keep trying to do 100-500-1000-5000 and so on! doesent work! im not logged on to CP or snything. i tried everything! any more ideas anybody? im freaking out! :(

    • It does the same thing to me, I always go to the item adder and buy 1 or 2 things then to the money maker and it works twice for 1,00 coins each time then repeat the process as many times as you wish…the 5,000 ans 15,000 do not work for me though… so I dunno if they will for you…

    • hmm… You should try 500 First then 1000 It worked like that for me XD. (no lie)

    • rami2021

      ya i workes perfictley with me

    • Annabelle

      Just keep trying. Maybe you need to start from like 15,000? Try it.

    • u know wht? go to ‘club penguin gold’ its much simpler and never gets stucked …..u can get any amount of coins easily from it!! try it ;)

  6. To many people use this adder at once so I can’t add any money. :/

  7. EpicPenguin

    This really does work! It’s amazing. How do you do this? Send bots into the account to play games or something?

  8. Timmyremus1

    Hey Mike, are you ever going to make a Floor Adder for us?, or are you currently working on a Floor Adder?

  9. Yeah but at 5,000 it started again

  10. Mike the money maker keeps reloading everytime i use it

  11. This realy work, I’m from mexico and the coins, stuff, iggys, they go to my acount thanks penguin lodge I love you!!!

  12. Stormahmed400

    Does this really work?????????

  13. Alisonalison


    • rod

      this is asome but only 100 and 500 work plz fix that

    • husainvadnagarwala

      well he can’t make a igloo like adder because the people who liked your igloo should come below the likes of your igloo understood ? this is for alisonalison

  14. abrar

    yeah i love penguin lodge

  15. skye2006

    I love you PENGUIN LODGE!

    This thing is awesome,I can get anything I want much better then ClubPenguinPrograms.

  16. Diego57709


  17. that penguin chick


  18. Here is a sujjestion,try to add less coins at irst,btw you may get caught.

  19. thatcooldude

    best site ever

  20. awesome website now i trick my friends

  21. hey the money maker isn’t working i’ve got 114443 coins and i need 15,000 and then it is still the same amount as before-_-

  22. I love this website!
    Now i’m rich

  23. this program is so great, Mike!! how you did this? do you have a club penguin account? I can add you!!

    • Philinho(My penguin name)

      No he doesn´t have any accounts because he got banned

  24. In my computer I have to do it two times in order for it to give me 15,000 coins.

  25. Me 8 ME

    I Selected 15,000 Coins To Add To My Account On CP But It Only Made 5574

  26. Dolly126

    This never works for me so just go onto penguin gold it’s the exact same but it works. Anyways I love the the websites u make mike.

  27. Ava

    i didn’t use it twice?

  28. Ava

    This money maker doesn’t work as good as it used too :/. Cause i puts in al1 the info needed then i wait 8 minutes and i watch it and then when there is 6 minutes left it says time estimate done and i go on my account and i only have 4,556 coins. Why Is That??

    • BlueSky903

      it only works if you use 15,000 coins Once It Didnt Work If You Use It Twice

    • Phoebe Lark (CP name)

      I’m having the same problem too. It only gives me 3,000 coins I think. Since I wanted to get the split igloo, I used 15,000 coins since it’s 4,000 something. I tried buying it, but it said not enough coins. Mike please fix this!

  29. Graype from CP

    15,000 coins on the go. aww yeah!

  30. No

    This works amazing thx!

  31. BlueSky903

    Want To Double Your Coins In ? just go to and use this app to so you can double your coins enjoy :D

  32. Coolmember35

    Yeah sometimes I go to penguingold. But mostly the monkeymaker. go to

  33. Rachel37025

    Im Getting 15,000 :D
    Also I like to use a different item adder I just type in “rare item adder” and it takes me to the site so :P

  34. jiji

    hey guys its loading so i got eight minutes or something what shall i do while it loads im bored :/

  35. Thx! im now Rich :D

  36. Bluebeary999

    If the money maker is not working guys, try using Penguin Gold Money Maker:

  37. Mike do you think that there will be a guardians of the galaxy party because that would be cool

  38. jiji

    it isnt loading its stuck on the same time what shall i do and im not logged in my acc or anything
    why is it like that today it was working fine yesterday though

  39. chiwawapapi!

    I’m a rich penguin now! Thanks :3

  40. hi mike what is goin on with it i can only get 100 coins help

  41. penguin lodge fan

    The mona lisa costs 3000 coins =)

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