Club Penguin Money Maker

The Penguin Lodge Money Maker can get you thousands of Club Penguin coins automatically. Simply enter your account information into the form below and choose the amount of coins you want, then press Get Coins. This Money Maker is powered by the Penguin Gold Club Penguin Money Maker

Use our Club Penguin Chat to talk to other Club Penguin players while waiting for your coins!

Make sure you’re not logged into Club Penguin when the money maker runs, otherwise the coins might not save.

  1. evanescance2 (ADD ME)

    The page is randomly refreshing and it keeps saying ERROR and connection lost can you help? I know your busy so when you can get around to it:)

  2. Nagaspy{clubpenguin and legolover1023}

    Club Penguin Mash still works! the maximum on coins is 1,000,000! this money maker has the maximum only 15,000..

  3. Fred37196

    This money maker is obviously broken. It keeps saying Connection Loss when I try to use it. Mike please fix it :(

  4. It keeps saying that it lost connection D:

  5. oh wow no such thing i found that website its fake and it hacks you :/ i try it with other accounts

  6. i want an palace but how and i want some new cool cheats

  7. wht??? good as wht?? plz tell meh!!! i need ur help cuz this isn’t wrkin fr me… takes too much time if i wanna add coins- i wait fr the estimated time to get over..but they say tht u hv too wait fr more time cuz its takin longr thn normaly it takes.. then ive to wait… :(

  8. Yummy

    Mike, why do you think it won’t let us do 5,000 and over? :D

  9. lol i love this webstite now i have 2000000

  10. Club Penguin Police Department

    I think this Coin Adder is awesome especially with all the other adders are amazing!

  11. None of your buisness

    Even if it take long it still gets the job done

  12. huum yeah! i like this site for moneymaker,fair ticket adder,furniture adder,igloo adder and items adder .. so i like it so much!!!! thanks penguin lodge or who make this site!

  13. leah

    awesome best thing ever mike ive done all the adders for my stuff :D

  14. Landon

    Mike after about a minute while its downloading the page reloads and sometimes says error524

  15. When I added coins you didn’t give me my account back

  16. Don't wanna say

    I’m going to merry this website. Mike you rock

  17. Djulmae

    awesome website!!!!!

  18. doggy

    mike it keeps saying lost connection and I’ve tried everything

  19. this is so wrong,i want to add money ,but a few second later, it does not work!

  20. rami2021

    love it the best.
    send me a request on cp im a member

  21. keshasnow

    Hi! Please friend me! But my computer lags when I use this and I love it! But I dont think people wanna wait 8 minutes to get coins. I need coins ALOT! And my friends wait but it lags and closes. PLEASE FIX THIS!

  22. SpyroForever

    I can’t log back into my accont can you plz penguin lodge log out of my character plz

    • The program logs out of your penguin when it finishes running. Even if the account was logged in through our program, you should still be able to login normally.

  23. CPLoverŠÉ¶

    lalalallaa love this adder

  24. hi

    will i get banned if i use one of the trackers

  25. wow this is soo amazing! now I have 500001!

  26. Peachesbaker (my penguin name)

    penguin lodge is so helpful! thx!

  27. I love this thing.. it gives me more coins twice as fast!!!!!

  28. 1dfan4ever20

    Why so long for 15000 coins???

  29. the 5,000, 10.000 and the 15,000 doesnt work please fix this please because im poor and 1,000 takes ages to get to 50,000 coins at least

  30. Tommy96818

    this is where i go to get coins. you are the best penguin lodge!

  31. SleepyKing47


  32. Poppinm

    This Money maker is awesome! :D

  33. lisa46659(penguin name)

    I really love I used it like everyday. :)

  34. purple_pandaz

    I have noticed why get 500 coins when you can get 1,000 coins for just seconds longer!

  35. Rosy tilly

    I love using this program for my furniture

    • Lilyuopi

      wait why is rosytilly using this!?

      • Kiely 1

        Someone is faking to be Rosytilly, How do I know? “Rosy Tilly” does not have a space in it! Also, she is trying to make Rosy look like she used the furniture adder or the money maker to get furniture or coins! Rosy has been on CP for a long time, she never broke the rules. She got all of her furniture and coins legitmitally. Stop faking to be someone you’re not! You’re just jealous of Rosy, so stop!

  36. hey maker of coins thanks it worked for me

  37. It works BUT 5,000 doesn’t work, 10,000 doesn’t work AND 15,000 DOESN’T WORK i’m so mad because i can only get a small amount every time i try getting 5,000 and every time when its nearly finishes it quickly says error and then it refreshes its self PLZ FIX IT PLZZZ D;

  38. I cant believe this but this works thanks this really helps out alot now im not poor anymore

  39. This actually works! I really like it :D

  40. Yay! It worked twice with 15, 000 coins. I had 45678 coins before I added those coins.

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