Exclusive Club Penguin Fruit Items

Aug 5, 2012 by

There’s a new post on the Club Penguin Blog with information on new exclusive fruit related items and the upcoming Club Penguin Adventure Party 2012.

Daffodaily5, a Club Penguin employee, has made a video where he tells us how we can get these new items. Club Penguin players who live in the United Kingdom can buy the special edition fruit smoothies and fruit tubes made by the brand ‘innocent’. Here’s what the box looks like.

Club Penguin Innocent Smoothie Box

With each box you can unlock three fruit items. There are 24 fruit items you can unlock, and if you unlock all of them, you can get an exclusive Pineapple igloo! We’ve managed to get images of some of these items.

Club Penguin Fruit Items

Club Penguin Fruit Items

One thing I noticed is the name of the Green Grape Costume. I found it interesting how “Green” was specified in the name, and it leads me to believe that some of the other fruit items that we don’t know about yet could be different colors, like a Purple Grape Costume. My favorite item from the list above is the Strawberry Costume because strawberries are my favorite fruit. Which one of these items do you like the best?

There’s also going to be fruit related furniture items, such as Kiwi Armchairs and Watermelon Chairs.

I think it’s great that Club Penguin is sponsoring healthy eating by including fruit items in the game, but I don’t think it’s fair that these great new items are limited to those living in the United Kingdom,  which is why we’re going to look for ways to get these items for all players. The fruit items will be available starting August 8th.

In addition to this, we now know that this month’s party is going to be a Fruit Adventure Party 2012, and that everyone’s favorite penguin pirate, Rockhopper, will be joining us for the party. We’ll have more information on the party soon, so stay tuned.


  1. Ale Morales

    What is the code for these things?

  2. Kieran

    The items are cool! I’ve got the Watermelon Helmet, the Orange MP3000, the Very Cherry background, and the Fruit Frenzy background. :mrgreen:

    • I got the fruit frenzy background,wacky watermelon background,crazy kiwi background,cherry T-shirt and the green grape costume!

  3. Mario

    Uh Daffodaily5 is a girl. Not a boy. Sorry to correct you.

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