The 479th issue of the weekly Club Penguin Times was published early this week, probably due to the fact that Wednesday is Christmas Eve and Thursday is Christmas Day. This issue mainly focuses on the ongoing Merry Walrus Party, but it does let us know about some of next year’s upcoming events. Anyways, let’s get started with this week’s issue of the Club Penguin Times.

In the Main Article, PH talks about the all-new blue crystal puffles and how amazing they are. She compares them to shooting stars, mainly because they glow sometimes.

In the Supporting Article, Aunt Arctic interviews the one and only, Merry Walrus! He is visiting Club Penguin Island for his first time, and he says he really loves Club Penguin. You can read the full interview below.

Aunt Arctic: Welcome to the CP Times office, Mr. Walrus. Thanks for flying in.

Merry Walrus: Oh you’re very welcome!

AA: So, what do you think of our Merry Walrus Party?

MW: You’ve all done so much. I’ve flown around the world, and I’ve never seen a place work so hard giving to others.

AA: That’s very kind of you! Now, a lot of our readers are curious about your island. Can you tell us about it?

MW: Well, it’s behind the Crystal Curtain, which can only be opened by the blue crystal puffles. I spend the year there making and wrapping presents on my wrap-o-matic.

AA: Very intriguing. And do you keep a list of who’s naughty and who’s nice?

MW: Nope! I don’t judge. Merry Walrus to all!

And finally, we have the Upcoming Events. This week, the Upcoming Events lets us know about a total of 5 events, all in 2015!

Here are the events:

  • Jan. 8 – The Penguins That Time Forgot returns to the Stage.
  • Jan. 8 – New pin.
  • Jan. 8 – January 2015 Penguin Style Catalog releases.
  • Jan. 15 – January 2015 Furniture and Igloo Catalog releases.
  • Jan. 22 – New pin.

So, what are your overall thoughts on the Merry Walrus Party so far? Let us know in the comments below – we’d love to hear your feedback!