Club Penguin have launched their penultimate Club Penguin Times issue of 2015! Due to the fact that Christmas is soon upon, Club Penguin have decided to join in in spreading the festive cheer, and therefore most of this edition of the Club Penguin Times newspaper is holiday-themed. It’s also got some cool sneak peeks on what to expect on the island in 2016 thanks to the Upcoming Events section. Anyways, no need to hold you up any longer – let’s dive straight into the Club Penguin Times Issue 531!

In this week’s Main Article, Aunt Arctic thanks all of us penguins for celebrating this festive period with Club Penguin. She also takes the time to share some rumours that different reporters have been questioning related to Club Penguin Island with us. Here is what the reporters asked:

Science Reporter: “Have you seen the UFO? Alien puffles have really joined the holiday cheer!”

Investigative Reporter: “Rumor has it there’s a sweet gift for everyone on December 25th. So excited!

Celebrity Reporter: “No wonder Rockhopper returned. Not even a stinky cheese island could keep him from celebrating!”

In this week’s Supporting Article, PH lets us know about the return of the Snowman Puffle, which made its first appearance in April during the Frozen Fever Party. Members will be able to adopt these snowy creatures up until January 6. So hurry, you don’t wanna miss the chance to adopt these amazing puffles.

And finally, it’s this week’s Upcoming Events section, which lists a total of 5 events occurring both this and next year. These are the events:

  • December 31 – Club Penguin’s beautiful New Year’s fireworks will explode in the sky!
  • January 7 – January 2016 Penguin Style Catalog launches
  • January 7 – January 2016 Furniture and Igloo Catalog launches
  • January 7 – A brand new pin will be hidden on the island.
  • January 21st – A brand new pin will be hidden on the island.

That concludes all I will go into detail with for this week’s edition of the Club Penguin Times. What was your favorite part, was it Aunt Arctic thanking us for celebrating the holidays with us, the return of the Snowman Puffles or the Upcoming Events? Let me know in the comments below!