Aunt Arctic has published 2015’s final edition of the weekly Club Penguin Times today. As a result, most of the Club Penguin Times Issue 532 is about the year of 2015 on Club Penguin Island, as well as some events to arrive on the island in 2016. Without further adieu, let’s see what this week’s edition of the Club Penguin Times has in store for us.

Issue 532’s feature story reviews the year of 2015 on Club Penguin. The thing I really love about it is is that we get to hear several different mascots’ favorite moments in the year. Here are their favorite moments:

  • Rockhopper‘s favorite moment is right now, here at Coins for Change 2015.
  • Dot‘s favorite moment was at the Fashion Fest earlier this year.
  • Jet Pack Guy said there’s no time to look back on 2015, we have to focus on getting the UFO Power Supply from Herbert.
  • Cadence‘s favorite moment was at the SoundStudio Party earlier this year.
  • Rookie‘s favorite moment was at his personal pizza party.
  • Gary‘s favorite moment was at Pie Day, which what he thought was Pi Day.
  • PH‘s favorite moment was finding the sasquatch raised by puffles and finding the alien puffles.
  • Sensei says that each day is a gift due to the fact that his ninjas brought him wisdom.
  • Aunt Arctic‘s favorite moment was at the 10th Anniversary Party because she got to celebrate with us.

This week’s Support Story was written by Rockhopper. In this article, he lets us know about his adventure on the Migrator where he found new land. However, before he could dock there, a storm approached out of nowhere and a whirlpool blocked his way. With nothing to do and the Migrator undamaged, he fled to safety and arrived on Club Penguin Island drenched in water and covered in seaweed. However, he will not give up and he will attempt to find that island again one day.

And finally, the weekly Upcoming Events. This week, we are informed of 5 different events, only one of them occurring this year. Here are the events:

  • December 31 – New Year’s Fireworks in the Club Penguin sky!
  • January 7 – January 2016 Furniture and Igloo catalog launches.
  • January 7 – January 2016 Penguin Style catalog launches.
  • January 7 – New pin is hidden.
  • January 21 – New pin is hidden.

So, what did you think of 2015 here on Club Penguin Island? Was it bad, good, and what were the best/worst moments? Let us know in the comments below!