It’s December 21, and that means that the final tradition can be completed today. This tradition is the blue puffle gem scavenger hunt, where you have to find 6 blue puffle gems which are hidden around Club Penguin island. Here are the locations of each gem:

1. The first one can be found at the Town.

2. The second gem is located at the Dock.

3. This one can be found at the Beach.

4. This is located at the Plaza.

5. You can find this one at the Forest.

6. The final one is located at the Mine.

Once you have collected all 6 gems, you will be teleported to a mysterious room that looks like a blue crystal iceberg. Here, the Merry Walrus will reward you with a gift for donating so many coins to Coins for Change.

Good job, you’ve completed your task. Non-members will receive the Blue Crystal Earmuffs as a gift, and members can adopt the Blue Crystal Puffle!

Once you give him/her a name and press “Adopt”, you will recieve your gift certificate for your brand new Blue Crystal Puffle.

Here is what the Blue Crystal Puffle looks like when you are walking him/her:

Here is what they look like when they dig for treasure:

Congratulations! You have officially completed all of the Merry Walrus traditions this year. Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.