Club Penguin Temple of Fruit Adventure Party

Aug 22, 2012 by

The Temple of Fruit Adventure Party is finally here. There’s a bunch of cool stuff for this party including a scavenger hunt, new items, a new pin, Rockhopper’s arrival and much more. Let’s get started.

There are a few free items you can get at this party. Here they are.

Yellow Tiki Hat Free Item

Pineapple Headband at The Cove

Red Tiki Hat Free Item

Apple Headband at The Forest

Green Tiki Hat Free Item

Watermelon Headband at The Dock

In each of these rooms, you will also see the Three Sacred Fruits. Members must collect these to enter the Ancient Temple party room.

Sacred Watermelon

Sacred Watermelon at The Dock

Sacred Pineapple

Sacred Pineapple at The Cove

Sacred Apple

Sacred Apple at The Forest

Once you’ve collected all three sacred fruits, you’ll be allowed entrance to the Ancient Temple, which can be found at the Snow Forts. Only members are able to enter the Ancient Temple, however non members can travel up the Volcano on three separate paths: Green, Yellow, and Red.

Three Fruit Paths

Three Fruit Paths

When you reach the top of the volcano, you’ll notice scoreboards at the bottom of the room.

Fruit Scoreboards

Fruit Scoreboards

By throwing fruit into the Volcano, you can open the scoreboards to receive free backgrounds. Once you’ve collected all three backgrounds, the Grape Bunch Costume will be available.

If you’re a member, you can access a new catalog by clicking on the stone slab at the bottom right of the screen in the rooms listed above. Here are some of the new items you can purchase.

Also if you’re a member, you can enter the Ancient Temple by going to the Snow Forts. Getting there is pretty fun. You’ll have to travel through mazes, avoid traps, and hit targets to lead the way.

Temple of Fruit Maze

Temple of Fruit Maze

Once you’ve successfully made it through, you’ll be in a room called Kahuna Kave. In this room there are three puffle statues with fruit in them. Head over to the statue with the Watermelon in it and you will receive a fruit clothing item, the Watermelon Costume.

Puffle Statue Fruit

Puffle Statue Fruit

The two other items, Apple Costume and Pineapple Costume will be available on the dates listed on the puffle statues.

Overall this party is pretty fun. There are great decorations, lots of new items, and best of all, Rockhopper has also arrived. What do you like most about the party?


  1. julianne

    What is the black stone sidewalk called? it was in the furniture catalog during the fruit party.

  2. helem

    wheres rockhoppers back round??

  3. Coolguy12128

    will u now

  4. Hey, Mike – would it be possible for you to make a ‘Rockhopper Background Adder’? I don’t think the item would be patched, because he’s on the island at the moment and he has a new background? You’d just need the new ID. You’re the expert, though. :)

    • Yup it should be possible.

      • Cheerios

        I should love that!
        And if you create a background adder for every mascots?
        I already met Rockhopper today with your Rockhopper Tracker!!!


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