Club Penguin Penguin Band Tracker

The Penguin Band is a band made up of four Club Penguin mascots: Franky, G Billy, Petey K, and Stompin’ Bob. The band occasionally visits Club Penguin Island in order to perform during parties. We’ve developed a Penguin Band Tracker that searches for the band members in the game and lets you know when and where you can find them.

The Penguin Band is not currently visiting Club Penguin and therefore cannot be met in the game at this time.

Be sure to return to this page the next time The Penguin Band is visiting Club Penguin Island to find them in the game quickly and easily.

The Penguin Band Tracker

Room: Music Cruise Ship

Server: Frozen

Language: N/A

Last Seen: 1272 days ago

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Tips for finding the Penguin Band in the game

Here are some tips that will be sure to help you find The Penguin Band in the game.

  1. When searching for The Penguin Band, keep in mind that there are multiple members who often travel together.
  2. The Penguin Band usually visits popular servers during popular times of the day, and quiet servers during quiet times of the day.
  3. The Penguin Band usually spends 10-15 minutes on each server he logs into.
  4. Be sure to check other languages of Club Penguin, and not just English.
  5. When you meet The Penguin Band, add the members as buddies. This way, you can keep track of when they’re online or not.
  6. Refresh this page often to get the latest location of The Penguin Band.
  7. Join our Club Penguin Tracker Chat, where live updates of his in game location are posted by our tracking bot.
  8. Follow @PenguinLodge on Twitter to receive automatic tweets when our trackers have located The Penguin Band in the game.


  1. I really like the trackers, but, whenever i get on to see if they are on, its either 14 hours ago, 1 day ago, etc. LOL! So yeah I wish I had twitter so i could follow… :/ Can there be an e-mail to me when they arrive? Let me know and I’ll give u my e-mail. 🙂

  2. they never visit….

  3. YeahThey r always either offline or they visited before but not now!!!! its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO annoying! also why does it say in the news thing a gary 3000 thing thats in 2014!!! cp lodge is weird…

  4. Mike are they really visiting on july 24 or is that a bug or something

    • That was from last year. I’ll remove it. Sorry for the confusion.

      • Thx Mike

  5. I see them on the party starts now but i see candence in there too. and the fair 2014 they singing anchors aweigh.

  6. hi mike will you make a luke sky walker tracker for the STAR WARS REBELS party

    • We create trackers for all mascots that visit in the game.

      • hey mike,can u update the trackers.


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