Club Penguin Money Maker Fixed!

Jan 12, 2013 by

A while back we had to disable our Club Penguin Money Maker because Club Penguin made it so it would no longer work. We’ve been working hard on trying to get around Club Penguin’s block, and we’ve finally done it. You’ll now be able to use the money maker once again, and this time with even higher coin amounts!

Our Club Penguin Money Maker now offers coin amounts of 10,000 coins and 15,000 coins. Eventually we’ll most likely be able to increase these coin amounts even more!

The money maker might be a bit glitchy and might not work sometimes, however we’re still working on fixing all the issues. Be sure to report any bugs you find by leaving a comment and we’ll be able to sort it out. Enjoy!

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  1. Michael

    It would truly be great if there was a stamp adder. I would love having all of the stamps available, and I have no doubt that many other people would enjoy it too. This is great mostly because it isn’t a scam, and it works. You get the coins, or whatever else you wanted to get, your account isn’t stolen, your email isn’t attacked by spam mail when you post a comment using it, and it is altogether a nice thing.

  2. girl beauty

    Will you get banned for using this money maker?????

    • You can read about the risks here.

    • Michael

      I use it a lot, and have millions of coins on multiple accounts. The odds are you will not be banned unless you brag about the amount of your coins, or show off very rare and expensive furniture or igloos. Similar to the fruit items. Due to people showing them off, and having parties with them, they were quickly caught and Club Penguin made it so anyone who tried to get one using the generator was automatically banned. If you go about it wisely, you will probably not be banned. This means don’t go waltzing around in a busy server advertising you have millions of coins and the most expensive furniture items in your super expensive rare igloo.

  3. Rockingyaz

    Wouldn’t a membership generator be illegal since it costs money?

  4. Footballboi0

    please friend me on club penguin my name is Footballboi0

  5. maykate

    This is awesome mann thankss!! πŸ˜€

  6. Nikkkiii


  7. SK

    Can u make a generator for a different game because i need coins urgently on it. The name of the game is Red Crucible 2. If you make it, please send it to my email at [removed]

    • We only make programs for Club Penguin. Sorry. Also I’ve removed your email because it’s not safe to post your email in a public area.

      • SK

        Its k if u dont make it. Its just that the devs of the game have made it good but its too costly to buy coins. For 4000 coins (which is too less now), we have to pay $60. That is the reason i asked.
        Sorry to bother you.
        Also, if this can convince you, just search “Red Crucible 2 Coins generator” on Google. It will show up like infinite results with everyone putting scams and the generators dont even work.
        I love Penguinlodge for its free coins

      • SK

        Its k for the email removing part. I knew you would remove it so its ok. Anyway, I got no FB or Club Penguin accounts attached. Its my secondary email.

  8. Amy123

    its working again!

    i used it and it worked this time!

    i love this website!!!!

  9. I love you mike lol email me if anything really cool acures you have been a BIG HELP to club penguin users!

  10. Hey mike I love the money maker but I got banned I don’t think you should take it down can I get unbanned or something this I love the money maker

  11. Amy123

    also the error it gave me was just a sign saying

  12. Navilee

    Mike, Please Can You Make A Stamp Generator For Ones Please!

    -I Have A Feeling That You Would Reply This and Make It!

  13. Nikki

    Is there going to be an item adder or a furniture adder? It would be awesome!!

  14. Nikki

    Dont take this down! You guys are ONLY getting banned if you get caught using it!!! So, dont blame Mike for this he worked HARD on this.

    • You’re not likely to get caught using it. Club Penguin is not monitoring that kind of thing.

  15. Nikki

    I tried it for the first time and it worked!! Thanks so much! I enjoy it so far!

  16. Amy123

    Mike i am worried 1 had 18000 coins and i wanted to buy an iggy for 4400 i it woud not let me!

  17. Oh cause ive heard they might think your doing a hack or something so they will ban you.

  18. You only get banned if you have WAYY to many coins right mike?

    • Even if you have a lot of coins, it’s not likely that you’ll be banned.

      • I Love Penguin Lodge

        Mike If u have more than 50,000 coins u will have 100% of getting banned.

        Also if u have time visit my blog at

        • That is not true. Many penguins I’ve owned have had hundreds of thousands of coins, or even a million coins, and nothing happens.

  19. Josh

    Hi Mike,
    Thx for the money maker.
    i just wanted to know when will the item adder come out?
    The catalogs are old and if there are not enough ppl to help u in that,
    i can help u and with ur permission i can join the team.
    anywayz thx for all ur help and luv ur website!
    Your Fan

  20. I LOVE Penguin Lodge!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Amy123

    I love your website mike,i now get every item of clothing in the catalog!
    i have never been banned evan know i have bean using this website for 5 months
    also are you going to make a membership maker?

  22. Luke56218

    It goes slower on the iPad.

  23. Luke56218

    Thank You BUT I’m Worried I’m Gonna Get Banned (This Is My second Day using this site.)

  24. Hi Mike! I want to ask you if you want to be a writer of my blog, Pd: Im from Argentina, I speak spanish, so… I don’t speak and write english very well…

  25. Federico

    Hey Mike, how come you haven’t updated your blog?

  26. gaah40022

    thanks mike πŸ˜€

  27. Thank you for creating this money maker it really helped me and I never got banned

  28. I changed my name cause I met Cadence now thx Mike!!!

    Stupid sly, no offence Mike but, you hould ban him from the website. He gave me a headache, literally

  29. I changed my name cause I met Cadence now thx Mike!!!

    Thx mike i met Cadence

  30. Near The End

    mike, you still play? i thought you quit like 4 years ago!

  31. Federico

    Hey Mike, how bout trackers that find cp bloggers like polo field and spike hike.

  32. Federico

    Dear Mike,
    Are you going to find out more info about the next party which is everybody knows, and are excited to see.
    Sincerly Federico
    P.S. Also, are you going to put tommorow’s newest and finest furniture on your blog too? :)

  33. Federico

    Well Mike, I`ll probbley use it once in a while (Mabye or mabye not. It depends.) But who knows, its a dependable answer.

  34. G13

    Thank you, Mike, I was able to get unbanned! Your awesome! Sorry about blaming you….

  35. Can you make a iggy upgrade adder, did you think of that, no you didn’t and is it possible for you to create a membership generator

  36. Becca

    theres a major glitch or problem or whatever. So once i log off everything i bought with the coins i got off here gets earased like i never bought them once i log off ! help plz

    • Make sure you don’t log on while the money maker is running.

      • Becca

        oh thats probaly why its not working thanks! But does that mean i have to redwnload more money?

        • The money might not have saved if you logged on while it was running. If you don’t have the money, you can just use the money maker again.

          • Becca

            ok thnx!

          • I changed my name cause I met Cadence now thx Mike!!!

            Hey now i can add money to my account while i am banned!! Or can I? and that is a question

          • You have to wait for your ban to end before you can add coins to it.

    • I changed my name cause I met Cadence now thx Mike!!!

      Omg that happens to me too!!! Plz respond Mike πŸ˜‰

  37. Dear Mike, Do you have A Penguin Account,I Really Enjoy Your Website,And I want to Add you On Cp But I Think I’ve Heard That all your Accounts Have Been Banded. P.S Are you Planing To Make A Furniture Adder Soon Like Last Year On The Fruit Party? P.S Please Reply. :)

  38. dick

    well mike if that probably not the real polo field to you you should still listen to him. i think he is the real polo field

  39. TaraStar99

    Same think its the real Polo Field and hey ur cool Polo Field

  40. TaraStar99

    HOW abouts an iggy adder! :) Bet no-one thought of that!

  41. Pufflez 325

    East Or West Mike Is The Best!

  42. Pandi1919

    This money maker does not work. Polo Field is right. Please delete it.

    • It’s working fine for me. Are you getting an error when you try using it? Also that’s not Polo Field and I won’t delete it.

    • I changed my name cause I met Cadence now thx Mike!!!

      Liar, it works, because of that money maker i now have over 10,000 coins thx mike

  43. Didn’t know this existed but Yaay!

  44. Annabeth7480

    Thanks Mike!!!

  45. Hannah

    Hey Mike, I really enjoy all the hacks you have made :) Could you please make an item adder that we could add any item made in Club Penguin to our account? Just something for consideration. Also a furniture adder would be nice too. Keep up the great work!

  46. Mike, please delete this money maker. Many players have been using these kinds of Money Makers and have been getting banned. A couple have gotten banned FOREVER. So please, delete it.

    Editor’s Comment: This is not the real Polo Field. They have been identified as an impostor.

      • Sly

        O.O Mike that could have been real Polo Field. You never know.

        • Hannah

          I’m pretty sure it was the real one :O

          • Sly

            Yeah. I agree with Hannah.

          • Yes, that Polo Field who commented is real. Penguin lodge is a wordpress site. and polo field has a wordpress site too. He logged in using wordpress to comment.

          • We run WordPress software, however we do not use The person who wrote that comment did not login to anything, he simply used Polo Field’s email address to set his picture.

          • Federico

            I hope nothing goes wrong, but it could of been the real bloggers of Club Penguin , would it? I think whats right is right.

        • Even if it were Polo Field, which it’s not, it would not matter. I am not going to take down the money maker. No one has been banned from it.

          • TaraStar99

            Mike this is serious penguins are getting baned innocent penguins :(

          • No one has gotten banned. Also they’re not “innocent” if they’re breaking the rules.

          • Take down the money maker it is hacking

          • It’s not hacking, it’s cheating, and I will not take it down. No one is forcing you to use it.

          • Ca$h

            Mike! Stop lying. My account is banned forever cause of this! :(

          • Your account was not banned, and I know you were the one pretending to be Polo Field in the previous comments. The only one lying here is you, and I suggest you stop.

          • Sly

            Mike, I have just contacted Polo Field. He has said He was the one who commented. I think Ca$h is lying about the thing where she got banned. But im pretty sure that was real. GO to trainmans site, Even Polo Field asked if he could delete the page with Insructions on how to add ANY Mascot. Trainman deleted the Page. Now, Mike you never know if its real or not. I believe its real.

          • You just don’t give up do you? First you pretend to be Polo Field, then you pretend to be someone else under the name Ca$h, and now you’re doing it again under the name Sly. Stop wasting my time. I’m not taking anything down. If you continue this then I will simply ban you from this website.

          • Sly

            No, I enjoy your generators/item adders.

          • You’re trying to get me to take down programs that you just said you enjoy using, which makes no sense. Stop messing around and lying or the only one who won’t be able to use the programs will be you.

          • Federico

            I agree with TaraStar99. Mike, you’ve done well with this site, but I’m afraid that money maker machine has gone too far. I know I may have used it many times. I admitted it, and I’ve should of looked at the comments for those who are saying people are getting banned. I think you should prbbley take it down. I’m not saying it in a very awffuly mean way. I’m just saying it’s up to you whenever you want it or not. Just chosse what you want, but I recommend you chosse the right choice.

          • Our Club Penguin Money Maker has had thousands of uses and not one ban has ever been recorded. I’ve been running money makers for four years and have yet to see a ban result from one. That is not Polo Field, it’s just someone using his name and picture, which is not hard to do. The same person who made that comment admitted to using and enjoying our money maker in this comment (that’s the impostor). The money maker has not gone too far, and we only plan on taking it further.

          • I changed my name cause I met Cadence now thx Mike!!!


          • There is no such thing as a month long ban. If you have actually been banned, it was from something else. Go to your parent page or contact Club Penguin to find out why you were banned. No one is going to stop using the money maker, and I will not take it down. Tens of thousands of penguins have used it, and will continue to use it. Also, that was not the real Polo Field; it was Sly impersonating him, which I know because as the owner of this website, I can see extra information which shows they’re the same person.

        • Federico

          Do you think it’s actully the real Polo Field from Club Penguin? I don’t want to get caught by the consquinces. :(

          • It is not Polo Field. Sly was pretending to be Polo Field.

          • I changed my name cause I met Cadence now thx Mike!!!

            Sorry Mike, I kid a lot, and i have BIG anger issues, see, that wa a kid too. Anyways, sorry Mike, please dont ban me from the website. I sowwy :(

        • Federico

          You think he’s real one? :(

      • G13

        Dude, I got banned forever because of this. I’m not kidding. An hour after I used this, I tryed to log on to CP, and it said I was banned forever. Please, why did it do that? I can’t do anything on my CP account and I’m pissed. Could you just explain to me why ? And no, I’m not lying, I got banned forever.

        • Using the money maker is cheating. You agree that you’re aware of the risks involved in using the money maker. I highly doubt you were banned for using it considering thousands use it without getting banned, however it’s always a possibility. You should not have received a permanent ban unless you have a high prior ban history, in which case you should have been more careful to begin with. Check your parent account to see why you were banned, and contact Club Penguin if you want to do something about it. Their number is 1-888-861-4111.

      • Federico

        (I still think he’s the real Polo Field)

    • TaraStar99

      Mike are u going to let this fake Polo Field use Penguin Lodge

      Please Reply

      Say Yes or No

    • (fake)Rockhopper

      no alot of people like it and take the risk

  47. Jason

    Thank you Mike!!!!! you are a great guy!

    • Federico

      Are you sure Mike? Even though I tried it once, but i don’t want to get caught because I had my penguin for 3 years. ( I think., Plus I don’t want to get banned forever. :(

      • Yes. You’re not likely to get banned.

        • Federico

          Fine, there’s no stopping you. I guessing you’ll keep the Money Maker.

          • You’re correct. There is no stopping the money maker. If the money maker bothers you so much then don’t use it. Meanwhile thousands of other penguins will continue to use it and enjoy it.

          • TaraStar99

            don’t be so rude mike

          • I am not being rude. I was simply telling Federico that using the money maker is someone’s own choice and that I will not take it down just because some people do not like it.

  48. Mike you are best!

  49. mandi

    Thank you very much

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