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Aug 12, 2012 by

Hey everyone,

Most of you are probably aware of our Exclusive Club Penguin Fruit Item Adder, a program that let you get the new exclusive Club Penguin fruit furniture items and Pineapple Igloo. This program was up for a total of four days and received thousands of uses! I’m glad everyone who got to use it is enjoying their fruit furniture items, but unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.

Yesterday we received some reports of users not receiving the furniture items when they ran the program. I looked into the matter and discovered the problem. In response to our fruit furniture item adder, Club Penguin decided to make each of those furniture items cost 150,000 coins! Players who didn’t have enough coins for these items were unable to get them, and those who did have enough coins saw many of their coins disappear. Because of the high costs of using the program, we’ve decided to disable it, however not all is lost.

If you’re a member in Club Penguin, you can still get the Pineapple Igloo free of charge (for now at least). We’ve made a new program that does exactly that: Club Penguin Pineapple Igloo Adder.

Now we’re not sure if and/or when Club Penguin will decide to do the same to the Pineapple Igloo as they have for the fruit furniture items, but if you’re willing to risk losing some coins, I say go for it! This is a one of a kind igloo and who knows how long it will be available for? Those who want more coins can always use our Club Penguin Money Maker, which we’re currently in the process of adding higher coin amounts to.

I hope you’re all enjoying the services Penguin Lodge is providing. Let us know what you think in the comments. Waddle on!

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  1. I think this is kind of illegal but still, the cops aren’t gonna chase you so go for it ~ I’m doing it the PROPER way eating the smoothies LOL so funny that penguins lost that amount of coins. Hope CP make the pineapple igloo cost that much. And the codes are available until March 1st 2012 ~ if u havent used it by then then it won’t work so hurry up!

  2. I’m sorry, it’s before

  3. vito

    i want back i need those item i never had it :”(

  4. omg really mike why can you just make a new fruit costom maker plz see all thease peopel who wants the fruit stuff back do you see its no fair:( i mean this use to be a cool web site with free stuff and then you shut it down now you maid everone mad or sad if thay did not get the fruit stuff why do you car thay can try agein like i was sad when you shut it down i am vary sad you shut it down

    • This is not something I can control… Club Penguin blocked the items and made it so they ban you if you try to get them. There’s nothing I can do about it.

  5. PLEASE MAKE A HACK ANYTHING HAT BLUE PUFFLE 2011 would be great, that on that date of the party had no internet and never could get: (PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU CAN DO OR NO THANKS;).

  6. ticktock

    hey can u please make a item adder,
    so you can get what u want which is gone now, set it out like the money maker and pineapple igloo adder. it would be great! Also can u make a CP TRAINER

    • Most items are blocked by Club Penguin, so an item adder would not work very well. We do plan on making a CP Trainer eventually.

  7. berdan0

    You can make Puffle Hat adder?

    • It depends if the item is blocked by Club Penguin or not. I’m not sure if the Puffle Hat is, and even if it is, I wouldn’t make a program for it (or any other individual items) unless there were a high enough demand. Cheating to get un-patched items is pretty easy.

  8. Coolguy12128

    Mike make a clone generator

    • We might have one at some point in the future, however it isn’t a top priority program at the moment.

  9. It would cost 1,500,000 to get all ten fruit items! :O

  10. Coolguy12128

    make clone maker then ill get 100 people here

  11. Coolguy12128

    Can u make furniture adder or clothing adder

  12. nakajima2

    dont do this you will banned it happen to me

    • There is no guarantee that you will be banned using it. There is a risk, but most people who have used it have not been banned.

  13. Maz

    Hi Mike

    I have a question will you make a sensei backround adder were we can get Sensei’s backround with out meeting him. kinda like the fruit adder were you put your penguin name and pass and then it will just add sensei’s backround. That would be soo cool! PLEASE THINK ABOUT IT!

    • That item is probably blocked right now, but if Sensei ever roams Club Penguin again it will probably work. Though we’d also have a real Sensei Tracker out too so finding him would be easy.

  14. Coolguy12128

    Can u make one for clones or any item

  15. Bbnbarcelona

    Plz make one for the clothing plz.

    P.S. Im on my knees while writing this.

  16. Simo

    Have program for items for penguin ?? please so much i very very want to have fruit items i love fruits :))

  17. the unknown one!

    wow thanks mike i love pl plz keep doing exclusive items and coins!!! :I

  18. Frezze

    Great, I was one of those people. I always save coins for myself so I had about like 1,000 coins for buying some more clothes. Then, all I got was the pineapple igloo and NO Items. And, I had zero coins. I was like SO Mad. If your going to make one to manually do it, will it be hard and possibly ban you? Thanks!!

  19. Maz

    I really want the fruit item adder back. I have enough coins! please can you bring it back! Or make another one and send me a link for it. PLEASE! I have a ton of coins! Please bring it back up, just for a day.

    • I’ll write up a tutorial on how to manually add them to your penguin within the next few days. Be sure to note that even if you have a lot of coins, you’re still very limited considering each furniture item is 150,000 coins. That means that even if you had one million coins, you’d only be able to get six fruit furniture items.

  20. whyy???

    why no more friut itmem aderrr

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