Hey everyone,

Most of you are probably aware of our Exclusive Club Penguin Fruit Item Adder, a program that let you get the new exclusive Club Penguin fruit furniture items and Pineapple Igloo. This program was up for a total of four days and received thousands of uses! I’m glad everyone who got to use it is enjoying their fruit furniture items, but unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.

Yesterday we received some reports of users not receiving the furniture items when they ran the program. I looked into the matter and discovered the problem. In response to our fruit furniture item adder, Club Penguin decided to make each of those furniture items cost 150,000 coins! Players who didn’t have enough coins for these items were unable to get them, and those who did have enough coins saw many of their coins disappear. Because of the high costs of using the program, we’ve decided to disable it, however not all is lost.

If you’re a member in Club Penguin, you can still get the Pineapple Igloo free of charge (for now at least). We’ve made a new program that does exactly that: Club Penguin Pineapple Igloo Adder.

Now we’re not sure if and/or when Club Penguin will decide to do the same to the Pineapple Igloo as they have for the fruit furniture items, but if you’re willing to risk losing some coins, I say go for it! This is a one of a kind igloo and who knows how long it will be available for? Those who want more coins can always use our Club Penguin Money Maker, which we’re currently in the process of adding higher coin amounts to.

I hope you’re all enjoying the services Penguin Lodge is providing. Let us know what you think in the comments. Waddle on!