Fruit Furniture Item Adder Is Back

Aug 14, 2012 by

The other day I made a post explaining why we decided to remove the Club Penguin Exclusive Fruit Furniture Item Adder, however after seeing what a high demand there still was for it, I decided to make some modifications to it and bring it back.

Club Penguin Exclusive Fruit Igloo Item Adder

Because each furniture item now costs 150,000 coins, I’ve made it so you can select one furniture item at a time, and if your penguin has enough coins, it will add that furniture item to your penguin. If you don’t have enough coins, consider using our Club Penguin Money Maker.


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  1. jojo55628

    nice you did a really good job making all those clubpenguin item adder

  2. ben

    please FIX THE ADDER!!!!!!! ITS MY DREAM TO GET STUFF LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. dramakitten

    I have read every comment and I now understand why its not on, but your other adders are still so AWESOME!! Thx so much Mike!! 😀

  4. Plz plz Mike bring the fruit item back because my membership is almost going to expire and i want more FURNITURE plz!!:(

    • We cannot bring it back. Club Penguin made it so it no longer works and bans you if you try.

  5. What happened?

    Is the fruit item adder gone forever? It says the program is no longer in use? Will you bring it back? Thanks Mike.

  6. Cece

    Did not

  7. mike no es justo que los demás tengan los muebles de fruta y nosotros no no pueden inbentar hac de muebles pero que los muebles sean gratis para todos GRACIAS 😀

  8. Doggydoggyd1

    Please Fix The Fruit Item Adder!!!!!

  9. Laks2601

    Well! your programs are really the best. When can we hope to use them again.

  10. Penguin who asks so many questions

    When are the programs coming back?

  11. Just wondering

    Hey Mike

    Why did you take the fruit item adder down? I don’t mind that it cost’s 150,000 coins. Then I looked and found out all the adders are gone. The money adder and the Pineapple igloo adder are down for repair. Anyway I wanted to ask how come your adders are always down for repair? I am not trying to be mean or dis-grateful I really like all your adders. You the best! Thanks

    • They are not always down for repair. This is the first time they’ve all been put down for repair, with the only exception being when Club Penguin made the fruit furniture item adder take away coins. We are currently in the process of upgrading our server so in the meantime these programs are disabled.

  12. flippers623

    Did you ever find out how to get the fruit clothing items? (:

  13. jeb

    NOT COOL. i want these soooo bad is there any way you could increase the money maker to like, 150,000 coins?

  14. vitor

    because charged and 150,000 coins?

  15. lol i got ban for 72 hours cuz i got that igloo the pineapple one xD

  16. nakajima2

    a moderator banned of doing this :(

    • If you publicize the fact that you’re cheating to get these items and a moderator sees you doing that, then it’s likely they’ll take action. I’ve gotten the fruit items on plenty of penguins, and there have been thousands of other users who now have the fruit items thanks to Penguin Lodge. Very few accounts have been banned as a result of using our program. If you want to stay safe, I suggest keeping the items in your inventory until the hype dies down or just don’t throw huge parties on servers that are heavily moderated.

  17. Buti

    wow 150,000 is a lot !! please do something mike because cp will ban me if i try to get more and more coins !!

    • Yes it’s a lot of coins, but Club Penguin isn’t likely to ban you for having a lot of coins.

  18. Turtleboy

    Hey Mike, can you make the value of these 0 coins or make the money maker go up to 150,000?

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