Recently a Club Penguin cheat that allows you to add almost every clothing item was publicly leaked. Since then, some cheating programs have emerged that use this method of item adding.

We’ve upgraded our Club Penguin Item Adder so it now uses this new cheating method as well. The program now lists almost every single item ever released in Club Penguin including rare items like the Party Hat. The program also now runs much faster, so you’ll be able to add more items than ever before.

Despite these improvements, the program is now much more risky. This means that if you use the program, you have a higher chance of getting your penguin banned. This is especially true if you add extremely rare items to your account and then wear those items on public servers. Risky items include a special warning when you select them so you can decide whether you want to add the item or not.

As always, we are not responsible if your penguin gets banned by using this program. We highly recommend you do not use this program on accounts you care about. Be sure to read the program risks page to get a full understanding of the risks involved in using cheating programs.

Here’s some tips to keep your account safe if you decide to add items.

  • Do not use the program on your main penguin or penguins tied to your main penguin through email
  • Do not add extremely rare items to your penguin
  • Do not wear extremely rare items in public places in the game

Finally, it is unlikely this cheat will be available for long. Club Penguin is probably working on a solution to patch this cheat. If and when the cheat is patched, the Item Adder will be restored to its original functionality. Enjoy the improvements while they last!