Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker

Rockhopper is a pirate mascot on Club Penguin who is known for sailing the seas around Club Penguin Island and occasionally returning to the island with rare treasure. We’ve developed a Rockhopper Tracker that searches for him in the game and lets you know when and where you can find him.

Rockhopper is currently roaming Club Penguin in celebration of the ongoing party!

The tracker below will update throughout the day whenever we pinpoint Rockhopper's location in the game.

Rockhopper Tracker

Room: The Dock

Server: Zero Grau

Language: Portuguese

Last Seen: 342 days ago

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Tips for finding Rockhopper in the game

Here are some tips that will be sure to help you find Rockhopper in the game.

  1. When searching for Rockhopper, keep in mind that he is a red penguin with a black beard and pirate hat.
  2. Rockhopper usually visits popular servers during popular times of the day, and quiet servers during quiet times of the day.
  3. Rockhopper usually spends 10-15 minutes on each server he logs into.
  4. Be sure to check other languages of Club Penguin, and not just English.
  5. When you meet Rockhopper, add him as a buddy. This way, you can keep track of when he’s online or not.
  6. Refresh this page often to get the latest location of Rockhopper.
  7. Join our Club Penguin Tracker Chat, where live updates of his in game location are posted by our tracking bot.
  8. Follow @PenguinLodge on Twitter to receive automatic tweets when our trackers have located Rockhopper in the game.


  1. Eu vi o rockhpper no deu branco em portuguese no dia 24/09/16

  2. Go to roblox its MUCH more fun

    • no it s boring

    • No.

    • no club penguin is funner

      • club pengun is so cool but boring

  3. Where is he on Northern Lights??

  4. Arrrrr you yo-ho-hoping to meet Rockhopper? Then you’re in luck. Our pirate pal will be visiting at the following times:

    Wednesday, December 23

    * 10:00am on the server Jack Frost
    * 3:00pm on the server Mammoth

    Thursday, December 24

    * 9:00am on the server Iceland
    * 2:00pm on the server Chinook

    Saturday, December 26

    * 10:00am on the server Wool Socks
    * 3:00pm on the server Cloudy

    Sunday, December 27

    * 10:00am on the server Rainbow
    * 3:00pm on the server Cozy

    Monday, December 28

    * 10:00am on the server Sherbet
    * 3:00pm on the server Crystal

    Tuesday, December 29

    * 10:00am on the server Sled
    * 3:00pm on the server Fog

    Wednesday, December 30

    * 10:00am on the server Northern Lights
    * 3:00pm on the server Frosty

    Thursday, December 31

    * 10:00am on the server Mittens
    * 3:00pm on the server Jack Frost

    Saturday, January 2

    * 10:00am on the server Mammoth
    * 3:00pm on the server Iceland

    Sunday, January 3

    * 10:00am on the server Chinook
    * 3:00pm on the server Wool Socks

    Monday, January 4

    * 10:00am on the server Cloudy
    * 3:00pm on the server Rainbow

    Tuesday, January 5

    * 10:00am on the server Cozy
    * 3:00pm on the server Sherbet

    Remember! The times listed above are in Penguin Standard Time (PST). You can check the Clock Tower in the Snow Forts for the correct time.

    Waddle on,

    -Beta Hacker

    • i think u have the wrong times when i went on at five it was three on club penguin and i went on the server cozy and he was not there beta hacker

      • All times are in Penguin Standard Time. Penguin Standard Time is 3 hours behind EST.

    • Can you put this for all the mascots Beta Hacker? The only mascot I’ve ever met has been Herbert, once!

      • Those are meetup times which Club Penguin schedule for every mascot. Whenever a mascot is currently visiting the island, Penguin Lodge will be sure to give you meetup times in every server language.

        • Thank you, but Rockhopper was on at the right time yesterday. But not on the scheduled server?

          • Also he wasn’t on at the right time today… I’m confused…..

          • He might have been on both servers at the same time.

    • Your wrong

  5. i never met rockhopper in my life when i go on the tracker it never updates its so stupid

    • Follow us on Twitter to get notified when he comes online.

    • Thats because you need to constantly re-fresh the page for the tracker to update

    • this tracker is not stupid and it works to

  6. YAY!
    Thanks, now I have met rockhopper 28 times now and i’m not even joking!
    Yeah it’s pretty wierd i guess…

    • Yes and I also met garry 15 times cadence 17 herbert 23 rookie 18 sensei 12 ph 16 and aunt artica 25

      • That is fake unless you use this tracker. These trackers are awsome keep it going mike!

  7. i met rockhopper twice thank u

  8. We apologize for issues with our tracker image not updating. We’ve fixed this bug and you should now be able to get Rockhopper’s locations.

    • Does rockhopper have a red puffle????

      • Yup. His puffle’s name is Yarr.

  9. Can you PLEASE update the tracker


  11. Can you please reactivate it for Talk Like A Pirate Day


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