Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker

Rockhopper will be roaming Club Penguin Island starting April 10th, 2014. You’ll be able to meet Rockhopper in game using our Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker which tracks where he goes and gives accurate locations.

Join our Club Penguin Tracker Chat to get live updates of Rockhopper’s locations in the game!

Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker

Want to be notified whenever Rockhopper is found?

  1. Olivia Skala

    How do you get to Shipwreck Island?

  2. somehow I got Gary’s stamp but all I did was walk into the school and it was there?

  3. do you saw the YETI?????? :O

  4. Hello guys! How do you think of my new picture?

  5. xD. I cannot connect to no longer!! The Server is down!!!!!

  6. well i have it finally i say rockhoppers stamp mike if you know whose mascot coming to penguin cup update his tracker

  7. Mmffrr

    The red dot is from a party in 2012 called: Rockhopper’s Adventure, which is where they go put a gem in Shipwreck Island

  8. Tinachou28

    what is the red dot in the telescope?

  9. Mike what he means is that he doesn’t know how to refresh the page (F5) and he can’t see the updates on the tracker.

    Thanks, Somebody………..

  10. rockhoppers ship has gone but his tracker is still updated

    • SeaHawk87

      Well there’s a red light in the telescope in the light-house and I think Rockhopper or Herbert is coming…….. My option its going to be Rockhopper’s ship or Herbert taking over …. I don’t know what it is. Please reply if you know anything about it!

  11. Trackbot

    He currently is offline. PH is now waddling.

  12. Vanessa1288

    Rockhopper’s ship is gone so I don’t think that he’s not visiting Club Penguin anymore. Well, he will eventually but you know what I mean.

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