Club Penguin Rookie Tracker

Rookie last made appearances in game on Club Penguin during the Club Penguin Fair 2015. The next time you can meet Rookie, you’ll be able to find Rookie by using our Club Penguin Rookie Tracker, which is updated automatically whenever he is found.

Join our Club Penguin Tracker Chat to get live updates of Rookie’s locations in the game!

Club Penguin Rookie Tracker

Want to be notified whenever Rookie is found?

  1. Penford 2


  2. Penford 2

    Why do you not have jet pack guy as a tracker?

  3. mike please turn on this tracker now he has been on a couple times now!!

  4. raghav

    hey i know when will the rookie will online at Thursday, May 21

    * 3:30pm on the server Northern Lights

    this time listed above are in Penguin Standard Time – you can check out the Clock Tower in the Snow forts for the exact time.

  5. roasted

    MIKE plz on the rookie and aunt arctic tracker plz plz plz

  6. cora

    I heard that Rookie is coming on saturday the 16. On flury at 1 pm pst.

  7. Mike Fan

    Guys! Rookie’s coming to the May Fair! :)

  8. fans of mike

    mike turn all the tracker on because in not party the star connect to club

  9. why is this tracker on?

    • Mike Fan

      Well, he will be waddling in August maybe, but that’s like 4 months away.

  10. 171 days again!??!!??!?!!??!!?!? O_O

  11. sara


  12. is rookie coming for the star wars party?

  13. is rookie coming to the fair on feb

  14. realy awsome place

  15. Me and my sister found Rookie on the box dimension orange puffles place

  16. ruu1

    this is broken

  17. Reece Gibson

    No he’s not he’s on a top secret mission!

  18. plz tell me when everyone is on plz i want a mascot freind

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