Club Penguin Rookie Tracker

Rookie will be making appearances in game on Club Penguin during the February Fair 2014. You’ll be able to find Rookie by using our Club Penguin Rookie Tracker, which is updated automatically whenever Rookie is found.

Join our Club Penguin Tracker Chat to get live updates of Rookie’s locations in the game!

Club Penguin Rookie Tracker

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  1. I found kermit but not cadence Gary rockhopper PH aunt arctic sensei Brady Mckenzie rocky and CeCe

  2. You’re the best Mike!

  3. Spence1001

    Will you be making a Kermit the Frog tracker? I heard he will be a mascot for the Muppets World Tour.

  4. OFFICIAL – Muppets in Club Penguin Trailer

  5. Penluke3

    Also, tell me if you know which mascot is coming to the muppets party. my guess is aunt arctic.

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