Club Penguin Rookie Tracker

Rookie will be making appearances in game on Club Penguin during the February Fair 2014. You’ll be able to find Rookie by using our Club Penguin Rookie Tracker, which is updated automatically whenever Rookie is found.

Join our Club Penguin Tracker Chat to get live updates of Rookie’s locations in the game!

Club Penguin Rookie Tracker

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  1. Blue Flash99


  2. so then how come he was on blizzard 18 days ago i know this tracker is broken

  3. When is Rookie gonna be on?

  4. Janae_Paws (Mineraft Name)

    Can anyone tell me all the times for when he is coming?

    • josiemayhem

      nobody knows, and why do you have your minecraft name on a club penguin site?

    • husain

      hey go no on blizzard rookie there

      • Rookie will be on at 10:45 on Wool Socks and 2:30 on Fog tomorrow Tuesday September 30th
        He will also be on 9:30 on the sever rainbow on October 1st
        Reminder this time is written in PST time

    • bruh just go to friend adder and add the guy lol if you where smart you would have done that boom!

  5. Blue Flash99

    IMPOSSIBLE! MORE THAN 1 DAY? Mike, can you please fix the tracker????!!!!

  6. Spence1001

    Rookie is coming on server Fog at 12:45am PST.

  7. luis ver

    Bad tracker

  8. TAY

    it works I saw him today

  9. Mike does this tracker work at the moment or is it broken?

  10. Naystag

    Mike how does the tracker work?

    • weirdobob

      It uses super fancy high tech bots that scan every room of every server for mascot names.

  11. Naystag

    I am on Sled right now and rookie is coming at 3:30 PST in about 10-15 minutes so please come if you can.

  12. Christopher Kokko

    Rookie’s coming at 3:30 PST Server: Sled

  13. did anyone of u meet the shadow ninja?

  14. skye

    rookie is at pizza parlor

  15. KKEE3



  17. PB3 (Paperback)

    Dude, he was just at the School server Big Foot!

  18. mike yesterday rookie was in server cloudy but ur tracker did not show it

  19. Ava


  20. Bobimic CP

    To Mike:
    You weren’t updating the Rookie Tracker because you had some work to do.

  21. I’m friends with all the mascots so I don’t need to worry about meeting them

  22. Macguire4852

    Gosh, find him yourself for once.

  23. mike your rookie tracker is not on! :(

  24. sometimes this tracker dose not work. when music jam 2014 started after a few days i met cadence but the tracker said that she was in another room and server so NOT ALL TRACKERS can be trusted

  25. Naystag

    For those of you brave enough to be in the same room as him — here are some meetup times:

    Thursday, September 18

    * 11:00am on the server Chinook

    Friday, September 19

    * 1:00pm on the server Fog
    * 3:30pm on the server Mammoth

    Saturday, September 20

    * 11:30am on the server Northern Lights
    * 1:00pm on the server Sherbet

    Sunday, September 21

    * 8:15am on the server Cloudy
    * 4:30pm on the server Frosty

    Monday, September 22

    * 3:30pm on the server Sled

    Tuesday, September 23

    * 9:15am on the server Jack Frost
    * 3:30pm on the server Mammoth

    Wednesday, September 24

    * 10:00am on the server Sherbet
    * 12:45pm on the server Fog

    Remember! The times listed above are in Penguin Standard Time. (If you don’t remember what Penguin Standard Time is, you can check the Clock Tower at the Snow Forts.)

    We’ll be posting more meetup times soon — stay tuned!

    (I copy/ pasted these meet- up times from the CP blog)

  26. Ava

    This is always correct so tomorrow rookie is going to be on at 11:00 A.M on the clock tower at the snow forts.

  27. im sure mike’s rookie tracker will work good umm i think it always works good so thanks mike for a wonderful trackers u made for me right now im crying at my room

  28. PB3 (Paperback)

    Rookie’s coming on September 18th-October 1st! :)

  29. It makes no sense why Sensei is coming online because rookie is suppose to come for the skate park and school party so Sensei has no reason to come unless hes joining us for the party but the party isn’t based around karate its based around school and the awesome new skate park.

    • WildCat

      LOL if you imagine Sensei on a skateboard… makes you laugh. Like, “WHEE! I totally should have invented Card- Jitsu Skateboarding!”

  30. rookie is coming next month for the school & skate party hurry

  31. Mike how do u change ur profile on the left

  32. Skylar-elle

    Ive met rookie,ph,rockhopper,gary,cadence,cece and rocky,penguin band,brady and mckenzie,sensei and herbert.and i have beta hat my penguins yrs old

  33. see one day i was in dimension box then i saw a ORANGE PUFFLE IN THE BOX!!!!!!!!!


    • if anybody is visting its going tot be rockey and cece for the music jam! ps. penguin band and cadence is coming for the music jam

    • the teen beach movie and summer jam are together watch club penguins youtube

    • Girl With Swag

      They didn’t. I think this years music jam was terrible. Apparently Club Penguin only made it to launch sound studio. And they brought back the room from the Teen Beach party so there weren’t even any decorated rooms on the island apart from the dock because it was on the boat.

  35. i think next muppet party cadence is visiting

  36. Mmffrr

    Yes you are able to see CeCe or Rocky or Brady and McKenzie but not anymore

  37. You might see him at the EPF or Party’s

  38. Rookie is a rare mascot to meet. His last visit was during the Fair 2014. He will probley not return.

  39. i found rockhopper and ph not sensei aunt artic rookie herbert gary penguin band cadence

  40. Now I found Kermit ph rockhopper rookie but not Cece rocky cadence sensei Gary aunt arctic Brady and mickenzie

  41. I found kermit but not cadence Gary rockhopper PH aunt arctic sensei Brady Mckenzie rocky and CeCe

  42. You’re the best Mike!

  43. Spence1001

    Will you be making a Kermit the Frog tracker? I heard he will be a mascot for the Muppets World Tour.

  44. OFFICIAL – Muppets in Club Penguin Trailer

  45. Penluke3

    Also, tell me if you know which mascot is coming to the muppets party. my guess is aunt arctic.

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