Free Club Penguin Membership Contest

Every week Penguin Lodge has a contest where you can answer a Club Penguin related trivia question for a chance at winning a free one week Club Penguin Membership code. Entering the contest is very simple, here’s how you can play.

  1. Create a Twitter account if you don’t have one already.
  2. Follow @PenguinLodge on Twitter.
  3. Register for the Penguin Lodge Contest. You only need to do this once.
  4. Answer the question at the bottom of this post by tweeting “@PenguinLodge answer
  5. Wait until the end of the contest to see if you’ve won and to get the question for the next contest.

The winner will be chosen randomly out of participants who correctly answer the question, and will be notified via Twitter and email of their victory. Winners are announced every weekend. Good luck!

The current question is:

What was Rockhopper’s first free item giveaway?

  1. Kaapo1ok


  2. the mustache. wait no the elf hat. wait no the rubber ducky. wait no the…
    I have no idea

  3. Timmyremus1

    Eye patch.

  4. I hope there is a igloo contest

  5. Is there going to be a new contest?

  6. sugar10242(cp user)

    Rookie accepted my Buddy request because i was alone while everyone rushed to him…

  7. When will the winner be announced?


  9. club penguin is a very good game for kids I will let them type we love CPit its very fun I like Rockhopper haha

  10. Monkey87153

    Hey Mike sorry if I am annoying you but what are you currently working on next? Follow bot? Size modifier? Idk but I can’t wait!

  11. Lolipop

    Mike is it possible I can email you my answer or something because I can’t create a twitter account.

  12. HufflePuffX2

    When does this contest end anyway it has been more than 2 weeks already?…


    Why do we have to have a twitter account?
    Because some don’t have an account and their parents won’t let them have one!

  14. You rock Penguinlodge

    Answer is Rockhopper Bacground ID 959


  15. When will you choose the Winner?

  16. there isnt any cool igloos 4 non members

  17. HufflePuffX2

    Without a doubt I am sure it is the Black Eyepatch (DATE: October 2006, November 2008)

  18. Goku15963

    HEY should put igloos for no-members please

  19. red puffles aren’t dumb orange b they ROCK in oldcp they were RARE puffles :D I even had 7 of them oldcp used to haave acces to puffles in 2006 (idk the date) rockhopper came to cp he made a quest called “QUEST FOR A RED PUFFLE” red puffles were rare before now they aren’t cuz you cant quest for it anymore its on petshop and they made it for nonmemebrs I wished they made it for members though it was rare in oldcp :(

    • Penguin Bot

      DUDE nonmembers will have only a blue puffle unfair

      • Popstarsun34

        I think that Club Penguin should make the blue puffle for non members and make a new puffle ESPECIALLY for non members

        • Girl With Swag

          When they bring another member puffle to CP and you have to quest for it they should have another puffle that’s for non-members and non-members get to quest for it.

  20. Rue Carrots

    Is it the eyepatch or friendship braclet

  21. Jonathan

    Sea monster background

  22. i know everything about cp even rockhopper

  23. hey mike is there a furniture adder on this site plz tell me.

    • Sskylar1

      not yet but he’s working on it. I can’t wait either!

      Hey whats your clubpenguin account name? i would like to add you mines Sskylar1:)

    • The Puppy Lover


  24. Hey mike when will this contes end

  25. YummiePie

    Mike when I try to go in the clubpenguin chat it comes up just as a blue box please help me

    • You might be banned.

    • Abiss428

      Ur in ultimate safe chat mode

        • WildCat

          Oh, no… The same thing happens to me, and I had a reason to be banned… This guy called me a LOT of VERY rude, innapropriate, and hurtful names. So I said one word that isn’t even a curse, and now I’m banned! Mike, can you tell me if I’m banned forever? My username is WildCat.

    • loopylime321

      it just means that you are in an ultimate safe chat server, go onto a server without a little speech bubble next to the name of it and you can chat again

  26. Sarah Nawar

    i love this site thanks mike for all you have done for us <3

  27. KitttyBabyGIRL111

    doesn’t &Zippy help with this site too? if he does tell him I love him sooo much

  28. Love this website.I love you mike!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. marco


  30. Shayaan Hussain

    Its a very cool site. Money maker and item giving is awssowme

  31. hmmmmmm i think i want a membership

  32. i saw rockhopper in iceberg

  33. Hkhkhk123

    Did you know that Rockhoppers puffle is called yarr?

  34. mike this website is the best

  35. hes backgrown

  36. Alex

    Hey I am from iphone 4s

  37. luis ver

    when i register it says page not found :|

  38. love66

    it’s true

  39. love66

    did u know red puffles were the first know puffle?

  40. luis ver

    is the contest still on?

  41. Orange B

    red puffle it sounds dumb but they came from rockhopper island

    • Milly

      I don’t agree with the Red Puffle statment but it’s true that they came from Rockhopper island. Read more about it Rockhopper’s journal.

  42. Dudeyboo1

    I don’t know but i haven’t been on club penguin when it first opened but i think it was the igloo

  43. dog365

    idk uh a Santa Hat

    • that’s the latest I thing this contest is over I think lol mike best site ever now I’m famous all the thanks to u. no viruses or bugs or anything yet just fam B)

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