Hey everyone,

Through the years Penguin Lodge has changed a lot. Back in 2008 we started out as a simple website with just one program, a Club Penguin Money Maker. Afterwards we started bringing more features onto the website, like a blog, forums, and our popular Penguin Lodge Chat.

We’ve gone through a lot of different themes over the years, and today I’m proud to announce we’ve redesigned the website theme once again. This new theme brings a fresh look to the website to fit better with Club Penguin’s new artwork and style. We’ve also redesigned a few other things, such as our chat, Club Penguin Mascot Trackers, and our logo.


Additionally, fans of our cheating programs will be happy to find out that we’ve extended the features of our Club Penguin Item Adder and our Club Penguin Furniture Adder. You can now add up to 50 different types of items with each program at a time, rather than the previous limit of 10.

We plan on adding more features to the website and would love to hear any recommendations you have. Let us know what you think!